Don't Get Scammed! Pet Marmoset Monkeys

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Don't Get Scammed! Pet Marmoset Monkeys
Don't Get Scammed! Pet Marmoset Monkeys
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betterthanacid: ...guys, that's why he said a BREEDER. Not taking monkeys out of their habitat. If they're bred in captivity, it;s the exact same as a dog or a cat. It's domesticated. Now, it's not that it's exotic because it's taken straight out of the jungle, it's more like it's exotic because it's prohibitively expensive for most people so few people have them.

Kayomarz Shroff: LOL. I just browsed for a marmoset monkey and get an adoption mail. That is why I wanted to google a bit. This video is very helpful. Im sure this one is a scam too 

JMan: Why are monkeys so much money 

Nick Montes: Thank you for the advise!

Darlyn Zimbler: Why are monkeys leagal in the usa?

Maha Khaled: omg it's so cuteeeeeee

lola: PRIMATES SHOULD NEVER BE KEPT AS PETS ! Humans would never be happy living only with primates.

Cristian Guzman: Does it stay tiny or it gets big? 

Mazie Nolan: are they good with kids

Lucailey: That monkey is adorible. Really, I see it and I want one too. I do I don't lie. However, monkies are not domesticated animals. Monkies belong in the wild and do not make good pets. I would say the only way one should own a monkey is if they are an experianced monkey trainer. I hate to be a downer about this but, monkies are ment to live free in the wild.

KWEEZY-ZEE: i bought a baby marmoset 2 of them they were 3000$ each and its been 2 years since i have ordered them and still i dont have them i spent 6000$ makes me mad so to who ever may be reading this look around don't just go to the first site. 

Heahter Wood: thank you for the info and I must say that little guy on your finger is way to cute!!!! looks very sweet tooo I wish I could afford one.

Hollie Grassi: Are monkeys legal in the uk i love monkeys soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much:):):):):););););););)

Royal Clown: $3000 for that little guy? Take a 0 off please.

Sarath Varma: i want pocket monkey i wil pay money my number this 08985678737

mike johnson: I swear the host is such a tweaker.

Gavin Haley: There so cute

floridian40: Do you have to have an exotic animal license are they exspensive

benjamin nkunzimana: Where can I get a monkey

NadiaBKat167: Here's a better idea, why don't we stop ripping exotic animals out of their natural habitat so we can trap them in a house for our enjoyment?

vorkev1: if I want a monkey with papers I will go to the geto and adopt one

ShoeniceDeletedVideosX22: Shoenice is selling monkeys now!

setwithacapitalj: Thank you. These people, I don't care how qualified are, do not and will never make proper pet owners. These wild animals belong in the wild not in someone's home.

Sunny Kim: Thank you for this !

BanFhiosaiche: 2/con' what are now being called 'scamtuaries' a nice little honey pot! What you aren't being told is 75% of the monkeys are from med research labs. Of those who are former pets she's a collector. She has a fantastic opportunity to EDUCATE, to show people what can happen if you buy a monkey they are much different than a cat or a dog & if you really love monkeys you'll learn THEIR needs & raise then the way (or as close to it as possible) as they would've been raised if wild....con't ...

James Hey: what are your thoughts on the monkey that get turned in to animal shelter every year for idiots that think its cool to have these pets !! or for pet that spend most of there times locked up in chages

itzel matias: He looks so Cute!! :3

sparkywatt: Thank you so much there should be more videos like this absolutely fantastic

rellynice71: As adorable as they are and as much as I would love to have one, I'm not that selfish. I would never want to keep an animal like this in a cage. These are social primates that need to be in a group. People could care less about the emotional and physiological well being of these animals. If you were going to keep a family group and dedicate an area that is as close to their natural surroundings as possible I might feel differently but most buy them with no real knowledge of how to care for them.

armpitfuzz: Why would you want a pet monkey, they stink !

SmokinandTrippin: The idea of selling primates as pets being legal makes me deeply sick to my stomach

setwithacapitalj: about we stop making exotic, wild animals ours pets? It's disgusting.

Kassie La: so its legal to own one in the USA? and if it is, can i get a RESCUE? instead of a bred one, because then i feel like its from a puppy-farm sorta deal :(

sugarpuffextrem: Paying that kind of money for an animal is a scam. Breeding is so easy that even an monkey can do it.

mike mills: Great! I just found out what a friggin' marmoset is and now I want one.

Jimi Omeara: monkey is cute

Greg Rankin: HaHaHa rent a monkey, what an awesome idea. I'm pretty sure you would be renting the owner, too, tho, cause I don't think anyone will want to part with their monkey:)

bsandman60: Thx

Humberto Rivera: buenas amigo estoy interesado en un mono de esos, estoy residenciado en venezuela y quiero comprate uno!.. como podemos hacer para la compra venta? translated: good friend I am interested in those overalls, I am residing in Venezuela and I want to buy one! .. how we can make buying and selling?

Temporar[ily]Insane: augh! i LOVE pygmy marmosets! <3

dprivetts: When was the last time a marmoset told you it was happy living in the "wild"? That it enjoyed trying to find food and hide from predators in its ever so decreasing habitat? Do dogs ever escape and look like they are having fun running down the road? Of course they do! So maybe we should all let our dogs free. What? You say dogs are domesticated? Well okay then. Let's use an example. A stray dog gets pregnant while living life on the streets and gives birth to a litter.

chloe mo: Do marmoset monkeys have teeth??????

crackdem: so how much does this little devil cost?

Rae Cramer: It wasn't screaming for it's mother. freaking retard. It wanted his attention, or it was hungry.

amazonparrot975: The monkey has a teddy bear that's like his mother /watch?v=oW_0aRw0g60

chiara castiglioni: they should stay in the wild.nothing else. PRIMATES ARE NOT PETS

Lord Fabulous: depends on country and breed of monkey

Rose roach: I have been trying to find a monkey and believe I've received alot of scammers wanting me to send money then they'll ship me one.I want one so bad but have been havong a hard time finding one here in Ohio

Amanda Winter Anderson: You DO NOT WANT a monkey! Get a Marmoset.

SuWoopSparrow: Whoever said they are?
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Don't Get Scammed! Pet Marmoset Monkeys