Don't Get Scammed! Pet Marmoset Monkeys

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Don't Get Scammed! Pet Marmoset Monkeys
Don't Get Scammed! Pet Marmoset Monkeys
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Marmoset Baby eating. My pet monkey. marmosets as pets
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Alex Roberts: Just disgusting.

Jonathan Owens: Is there a such thing as a finger monkey? Ones tht stay the size of your finger?

Max Ambush: These animals should be in the trees and have loads of stimulation.. don't sell them to people who want a cute toy who will have them cooped up inside! This is insane!

chris kolb: Anyone buying a monkey for a pet deserves to get burned. So stupid.


dudelivestrong: I'd get so many women with a monkey

Lauren Merchant: Taking these social species out of their environmental context in which they evolved for and away from members of their own species when they are not domesticated is CRUEL!! Do not engage in illegal or exotic pet trade! It hurts conservation efforts and is just more human individualism, selfishness and arrogance! ESPECIALLY when you are not an expert in the species and its behavior!!!! PLEASE REMOVE THIS VIDEO AND ALL VIDEOS LIKE IT!

THEdelkaimek: Anyone who buys exotic animals to have as a pet are MONSTERS. 

Ethan Neathery: I live in Washington is it legal to own this certain monkey here and if it is were do I get my permit

shortayyy_kinna: I want one!!

Katie Roberts: How much are the monkeys

Angelina K: It looks like a chinchilla 

JMan: Why are monkeys so much money 

Chris Paterson: If you're thinking of buying a marmoset as a pet... don't. They live in social groups of six to fifteen or so, and it's incredibly cruel to keep one on its own.

David Ashby: Hi I'm a 17 year old boy and I always wanted a pet monkey since I was 16. I don't abuse them and always feed them, let them be outside and care for them. The only problem is I don't know we're to get one...... I also don't wanna be scamed for it. Which leads me to my main point how do I get a baby monkey?

MpowerdAPE: What kind of ASSHOLE would buy a wild animal, much less a monkey...? MICHAEL POGGI.... what an asshole.

Lucailey: That monkey is adorible. Really, I see it and I want one too. I do I don't lie. However, monkies are not domesticated animals. Monkies belong in the wild and do not make good pets. I would say the only way one should own a monkey is if they are an experianced monkey trainer. I hate to be a downer about this but, monkies are ment to live free in the wild.

lola: PRIMATES SHOULD NEVER BE KEPT AS PETS ! Humans would never be happy living only with primates.

Nele Bean: no one should be breeding, selling, buying any kind of wild animal period !!!! your an ass!!! leave them in the wild where they belong and then stop tearing down their homes to make stupid human products we don't need !!!

R.E. Rourke: THERE ARE NO REPUTABLE BREEDERS, Monkey mills are profiteers selling monkeys they have zero right to own, keep or breed..If you must abuse a monkey by purchasing one and committing to using it and abusing it until it gets too old, diabetic and costly or it bites you and your kids so you further abuse it by having dental work done at no small price and what is horribly cruel as when you give the monkey up ( and that day will cone if you hand raise it from infancy into the aggressive juvenile and adult not-as-cute furniture and home destroying member of "your family") it cannot be released back into the wild -after years of costly rehabilitation by sanctuaries and animal rescue organisations- ever as you have removed its defences and will make it a target , that is if a wild family accepts it...and some human infected monkeys NEVER get accepted by wild or even sanctuary schooled primates...There IS NO SUCH Thing as a REPUTABLE BREEDER, their cages and "habitats" are upscale versions of the horrid thai and indonesian backstreets and markets where the animals live in cages unable to defend themselves or live with dignity...Don't put money in this guy or ANY BREEDERS POCKETS- if you love monkeys send the JANE GOODALL INSTITUTS YOUR MONEY FOR MONKEY RESCUE AND CARE .

Deuce Duffield: 4000 sobscriber!

Carlo Eskef: But please answers dose thos Bitte

betterthanacid: ...guys, that's why he said a BREEDER. Not taking monkeys out of their habitat. If they're bred in captivity, it;s the exact same as a dog or a cat. It's domesticated. Now, it's not that it's exotic because it's taken straight out of the jungle, it's more like it's exotic because it's prohibitively expensive for most people so few people have them.

Ethel Pepper: So how much are they

Snow Kitty: omg oooo so cute i want one :3

Stacer Vaughn: Definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely.... I wonder if he knows any other words? Maybe if we give him some more crackers he'll pick some up. Parrots and other exotic animals can be so fickle. 

olfursson kyllian: or just don't buy freaking monkeys and let them live in their natural habitat and don't listen to this freaking low life money obsessed cunt who doesn't give a freak about monkeys or any form of life and just cares about money , no matter the cost for the monkeys. for each monkey sold tens died in the process . this man is the reject of human kind, i wouldn't care going to jail or to the electric chair if he lived in my neighbourhood i would freaking put a bullet in his brain 

NadiaBKat167: Here's a better idea, why don't we stop ripping exotic animals out of their natural habitat so we can trap them in a house for our enjoyment?

jenjen daily log: this is cool of the monkeys and the other animals that he has got. I think that this is not right because even though they are bred in captivity like in the zoos, the zoo keepers do not take the young away from the mothers only in certain situations if the babies are at risk. It is not right that people keep monkey's as pets. I am sorry Michael and your friend who does this with you, but this is how l feel. One more thing the black leopard is my favourite animaland can you promise everyone who loves the black leopard that you will breed her. Thank you for listening to me.

david mitchell: The little noise it makes is so cute

ben thomson: Totally doesn't repeat himself


saxcanale: hello i am not a scammer or anything of the sort i have 2 marmoset monkeys both 18 month and they are a breeding pair well will be" i am selling both of them with huge cage for £1900 they have there own bedroom and cage is left open all the time so no haters please i am in aberdeen scotland and will not deliver you will have to come here for them £1800 if gone bye friday, friday 18th of april please who ever is intrested phone or text me on 07716692696

Staliiin1997 Stalin: Is it me or does he look lik he hates monkey's n Is all tweaked out on cocaine

Kayomarz Shroff: LOL. I just browsed for a marmoset monkey and get an adoption mail. That is why I wanted to google a bit. This video is very helpful. Im sure this one is a scam too 

Nick Montes: Thank you for the advise!

KWEEZY-ZEE: i bought a baby marmoset 2 of them they were 3000$ each and its been 2 years since i have ordered them and still i dont have them i spent 6000$ makes me mad so to who ever may be reading this look around don't just go to the first site. 

Cristian Guzman: Does it stay tiny or it gets big? 

Royal Clown: $3000 for that little guy? Take a 0 off please.

Heahter Wood: thank you for the info and I must say that little guy on your finger is way to cute!!!! looks very sweet tooo I wish I could afford one.

Mazie Nolan: are they good with kids

Cristian Guzman: Does it stay tiny or it gets big? 

benjamin nkunzimana: Where can I get a monkey

Alexis Hamelin: Doses any one know if you get one from some one or a breeder if you can ask for ther licening number to know if there breeder not scamers

Maha Khaled: omg it's so cuteeeeeee

Katharine Erskine: how about saying don't buy them at all, this is cruel, especially keeping one alone.

mike johnson: I swear the host is such a tweaker.

Gavin Haley: There so cute

floridian40: Do you have to have an exotic animal license are they exspensive

Sarath Varma: i want pocket monkey i wil pay money my number this 08985678737
Don't Get Scammed! Pet Marmoset Monkeys 4.8 out of 5

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Don't Get Scammed! Pet Marmoset Monkeys