Off Grid Cabin - Composting Sawdust Toilet

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samantha nicholson: its about 4500 for spetic and permits, not counting water...if you have well water to flush where we live no well water,composting sounds like the plan for now. how would one empty the 55 gallon bucket? isnt it costly as well?

Black Squirrel Bushcraft: About how long does it take you to fill a bucket? And, not to sound gross but do you have any problem with staining on the side of the bucket?

Richard Cole: I cant and will not because of license issues however some people use two plastic 55 gallon drums for septic tanks,, its not 6000 dollars,,  maybe 200

DivaBClub: If you don't mind me asking; Why did you change your mind about the composting indoor toilet?  What problems were you having or experiencing?  Thanks in advance for your honesty.

Aynjill: What state is your cabin in-if I may ask?

Celestial0326: Ive seen people use fireplace ashes as well. What works better? Also, why is sawdust the best choice? Any particular type of sawdust best? Thanks, LIKED!

ouivalerie: Why do you need a toilet when you can just squat over a hole in the ground or even in the woods there?

buffcleb: We have an artesian well in town that I get water from... my long term plan to to harvest and filter rain water... good luck...

champagne5552000: I'm going off the grid next month. How do you get water?

yummydeliciousmagic: nice.

Linda Cap: Ladies like to have a area with wipes or alcohol hand disinfectant. I did this at my brothers waterless cabin.

AnnBearForFreedom: I have much the same setup, but mine is on standby duty for emergencies.. Mine isn't as pretty as yours, cuz I used my old hospital-styled bedside commode (I'm disabled), but it works just as well. I feel better knowing I have something in place for earthquakes (I'm in Calif), or any other extended disaster. Thanks!

buffcleb: as long as you keep thing covered there should be no odors... anything organic can be used as a covering... I use sawdust because there are lots of sawmills in my area... uncovered it would smell...

Bonita Wilson: Yes,$10,000 is too much.If you have access to a long hose or 2,on you tube is a guy who in a weekend drilled his own well with some simple pvc pipe fittings.He show you how.Then put in 5 to 6 - plastic 55 gallon drums connected for the septic.When the 1st gets full,it goes into the 2nd,and so on.With the last one with holes everywhere to drain.That would last 10 yrs.Or out here some dig a bury a bathtub or whatever underground to pipe the waste into.These idea don't cost much using used stuff.

buffcleb: thanks. things I would change. putting a lid on it would be advisable as I find mice in the bucket. Also when I built it the box that contains the orange deposit bucket I lined that up with the front of the toilet seat opening I would have inched that a bit forward... little girls tend to inch to the front and I had to staple a little tin splash guard to keep it in the bucket... I need to build a new one for my guest cabin. maybe over the winter I can do a video update...

girlwalkswithgoats: *.* i am in love with your toilet! handsome handywork! i really love the bin on the back for sawdust too! if you put a wooden lid on that as well it would look like a nicely built around regular toilet IMO. i'm hopin to get my own sawdust set up soon. though i will probably be the only one to use mine. do you have anything you would do differently if you were to do it again? things you really did or didnt like about it? :D loved this video!

TheRebel1974: Great video and idea. I am building a hunt cabin at th top of our mountain for use during hunting season. I plan on spending the night up there so I can have an advantage for the next morning hunt and needed a way to g to the bathroom without ruining our hunt with ourunwanted odors.

whitewaterider: One person doesn't like seeing poop... ;) I think this is great! Thanks!

buffcleb: yeah... I could do something like that... but I think the addition will get done in a year or two... I might just put it on the back so I have storage space and access to the bathroom without taking my boots off... only draw back is I would have to remove a couple more trees... give me year and we will see :)

empie45: How 'bout just building a breezway from the house to the shed ? I wouldn't mind bad weather then. :} I'm an old broad.
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Off Grid Cabin - Composting sawdust toilet