Experimental CZ 10mm

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EABOY2600: What's the mag capacity? I want 2

going4broke1981: dudes hands made this huge gun look like a pocket pistol, for a second there i thought it was an sp01. i was like why is he shooting an sp01 in a 97 video.

vmaxerrrr: Looks like CZ has decided to go the EXPENSIVE Dan Wesson route for the 10mm, the new 6.03 inch barrel 10mm Bruin selling for around 2K ouch !

Crazy Aces: NO NO NO lol you ain't gonna leave me with a minute of a 10mm CZ and not say anything. How where and when can I get this ???

eljohn3: Oh my God, this is beautiful.

14gt86: Shut up and take my money

Douglas Fulmer: Big hands. Hehe

vmaxerrrr: NICE ! If CZ offers a 10mm I'm there ! I've recently jumped ships from GLOCK to CZ and miss my GLOCK G20 10mm

Christopher Sumpter: Seems legit

akompsupport: Those must be some light recoiling loads. So basically .40 SW with a longer and unused case. :P

-Tq-: This is up there among the most attractive firearms I've ever seen.
I would buy one someday if it were for sale.

Brandon Bowers: Y'all make it I'll buy it.  :)

Kito66j1: I must of have watch this video probably over two dozen times and the more I want one the more convince I become that if this model comes into production the chances of me getting one will be near impossible. I would love to see CZ improve their production speed (without sacrificing quality) first. I'm not a Glock fan but they have been producing 10mm guns for some time successfully and those guns are both fairly price and available. Thank you for the tease and increasing my stress level! 

B Miller: I go to be at night dreaming of a 97b in 10mm.  Are you listening, CZ?  

EABOY2600: What's the capacity on this pistol? 

EABOY2600: Actually some have shot 10mm over 800+ftlbs a true home defense gun! 

EABOY2600: How would you compare this gun to a Bren Ten since the Bren Ten is closely based off of the Cz's design? also compared to the Glock 20? Sig Sauer is making a p220 10mm the 10mm market is making a big come back! 

EABOY2600: I want a 10mm it's the perfect round it's better than 9mm, .40, .45 & hold here's the pain .357 magnum! 10mm has closely about if not 800 FTLB

FNG223: Now that Sig is making a 10mm 220, is CZ gonna rethink this? I am SO on board.
I'm getting the SIG. If CZ makes this, we will come. No really.

PlanetRigo: CZ-USA & CZ Custom take note.... WE WANT A 10mm!
Experimental CZ 10mm 5 out of 5

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Experimental CZ 10mm