Experimental CZ 10mm

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Shawn Matthews: I've been talking to custom barrel mfg's about making me a P09 barrel in 10mm.

Micah Blomgren: This video is always here, taunting me.

James Franco: You pickle! You didn't even say anything!

RiflemanReviews: So when/where can I buy one? Is that 15 rounds on the table, meaning 15 round capacity? Awesome, just add a light rail, deroosterer, checkering on the frame, and night sights

ammohead73: PLZZZZZZ CZ make this gun!!!

Micah Blomgren: please make this real

MrJumbolegz: CZ, give us a P07 in 10mm!

Antoua B: If CZ ever made all steel 10mm pistol I would probably buy two right off the bat. I wonder what's taking them so long to get on the wagon with it. Sig did it and they can't keep them on the shelves long enough. 10mm is the one do all cartridge to rule them all :)

Bart Cox: Yes! and Please!!!

H.T.V. Blu: So, how did you complete the conversion? Has it run faultlessly since? It gives the appearance of fairly stout recoil. Is it any better or worse than other 10mm?

I'm so pleased you made this video but there is a lot of information I wish you'd included.

Micah Blomgren: want

Erik Mitchell: Please CZ make a 10mm I don't wanna glock and I'd like a little bit of mag capacity

Lonicus Maximus: Where can I sign the petition?

ZFlyingVLover: Sorry but this is just cruel. When is CZ going to make THIS version of a high cap 10mm instead of offering the way expensive Dan Wesson 1911 verision?

I'd buy this gun in a heartbeat if it was available. Justa a thing of beauty. And if rated for buffalo bore 220gr hardcast 10mm then what more could you want???!!!

Make the damn gun CZ@!

Renma: CZ, please if you do decide to produce this... get rid of those god damn wooden grips. They've marred my enjoyment of the 97B

John Wilkerson: That bore axis. Thing of beauty.

Kevin Graham: Come on CZ, this is the 97B I've been waiting for! All us die-hard 10mm fans are just itching to buy this gun!

Sergio Acosta: I will order two!!

jurama25: I have the 75B, SP-01 Phantom and the 97... I need the 10mm for hunting ! Do I really have to give my money to Glock or EAA..?!

Dee-Bee Kooper: I WANT THIS PISTOL!!!! Come on CZ, make a "P-10" to take on the Glock G20. I'd LOVE to have a 10mm Big Brother for my P07, 09 and soon to arrive SP-01 Tactical TB. Just please make sure it's rated for "real", full-house 10mm. I'd hate to see it explode trying to digest anything but average commercial ".40 Long and expensive".
Experimental CZ 10mm 5 out of 5

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Experimental CZ 10mm