50cc Scooter Rebuild/upgrade Project 1

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50cc scooter rebuild/upgrade project 1
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paul varkpoes: @ spinellicreations >15BHP from a 72cc ? That's weak. 15BHP from a 1960s 49cc ? Yeah, That's right. 105MPH ? yeah. From a pedal bike ? yeah. From a 200LB bike ? Yeah. 14,000 RPM ? Yeah. Even Puch put out 11BHP mopeds.

FstFormula: I have the exact same scooter. Has a no limit CDI installed by the previous owner. I can get 43mph. Flat ground, tucked and I weigh 155. I use my phones gps as a speedo.

Scootertuner1000: Now this is a fast scooter /watch?v=DNwMcyLNKwU&feature=related

Scootertuner1000: Scooter Attack is the best place to get your tuning parts. Here are some dyno measuerments from a Mallossi (PS is German for HP Pferde Starke) ww w.sc o o ter- a t t a c k . co m / i nd e x 2. p h p Here's a reading for a Piagio Zip with a 72cc Malossi MHR Cylinder kit, with 21mm DellOrto Carb. The different readings are for different carbs with the Malossi cylinder kit and DellOrto carb. ww w .s cooter- atta c k . c o m / i n d e x 2. p hp

labeledsk8r45: rebuild time about 2 days, rebuild cost just at 110 bucks, i had this bike fully running before getting another project and letting it sit again, by no means did i feel like i wasted time or money, its just fun to rebuild for me vs buy

Scootertuner1000: @spinellicreations Actually I spoke about 15 hp 72cc, 40-45hp 250cc and 32hp 125 cc bikes. Not once did I mention 40 horse 50cc. Challenge still stands, actually I will broaden your chances. Find me a 4 stroke 500cc GP bike that produces more HP and more torque than a a 500cc 2 stroke GP bike from the same era 1975 to 2002. You can't there wasn't one. Why do you think that is?

labeledsk8r45: Nice, there still the cheapest way to get around. I had it running then stopped working on it, went to a ninja then sadly lost my license in a crash. I still have the scooter but it has been sitting for over a year un covered and time hasn't been nice to it

fishing1234561: It will probably be cheaper to buy a new one?

spinellicreations: @Scootertuner1000 spin a motor fast enough, and it'll theoretically produce infinite horsepower - that is, when it is spinning at infinite rpm, regardless of torque rating - provided it is at least 0+ as opposed to true 0. A Chrysler slant six, in its early life, produced 70 horsepower. Fiat is building 2L motors today that only build 90 to 100 horse, and you're going to sit there at your keyboard and jabber on about 40 horse 2 stroke 50cc scooters. So what online school did you attend again?

Michael Mac: unless that was an unrestricted and tuned 2 stroke, you'd NEVER get 50 mph out of it, never... more likely the speedo over read...

Scootertuner1000: @spinellicreations 15hp out of a 2 stroke 72cc isn't hard. Go to scooter attack dot com for parts. 15hp on a 72cc 4 stroke is almost impossible.

TB1M1: If it gets 45mph its probably not a 50cc. I weigh 190lb (80kg) and installed the 72cc BBK. With upjet and foam air filter it now has a top speed of 44mph. With a stock 50cc and foam air filter I could only get 35-37mph on a good day. Unfortunately you need to pull it apart and measure the bore and stroke to see what it really is. I agree with you - a slight incline and the mph rockets up.

labeledsk8r45: yes

spinellicreations: @Scootertuner1000 The day you pull 15 horse out of 72cc is the day you win the Nobel Price in Science and Engineering. Why? Because at that point you would be at such a level of combustion efficiency tha it would defy what the scientific community considers constants for petroleum based fuels. A 100cc 2 stroke and a 100cc 4 stroke, within some margin of error and within reason, will produce the same amount of peak horsepower.

thedondanyal1: Made in china ;)

Scootertuner1000: Actually, when I lived in England I was an engineer at Cosworth, ever heard of them?

seth bowman: had 0ne just like urs ran g00d but the wiring was messed up

Aaron Dawe: "cheap ass fun, who freaking cares" i love this video, fair play to ya, hope the project it going well :)

alex wright: 50 mph on a 50cc 4 stroke? how did you get it to go 50?

UnderEternalSkies: Wait, do u still have the side covers? Bc it would be best to make it aesthetically pleasing too.

bob johnson: before spending all of your time and labor on "rebuilding" this junker, you would be better off buying a brand new one for about $600

mark p: its cool man in do time

Joshua Pearce: What is the model name??

Tyler Bahr: i have the exact same moped and im wondering if you know where to buy plastics for it? i need two peices and a the back left blinker cover?

labeledsk8r45: @TheKmk4420 yeah sorry about the delay in vids i have more vids but i had some big life stuff come up, the bikeruns but i blew the CDI in it... i will try to get some more vids soon as i can :/ sorry guys

Erick Prevost: I just got that exact scooter. Same colors and everything. I payed 300 bucks and i get 80mpg. I cruise around town going 30-35, but it can't go faster than 40 (and I really don't want to run the engine at top RPM all the time). Did you already get yours running?

Scootertuner1000: @spinellicreations One more thing before I am finished. 2 strokes always have more power than 4 strokes of the same size. You might know how to bolt a cylinder kit onto 50cc scooter, but you obviously don't know theory behind. E.g. TTR125 (4-stroke) - max. 9.6 hp, 9.8 N-m peak torque YZ125 (2-stroke) - max. 38.0 hp, 26 N-m peak torque or you might like to consider a mini: YZ85 (2-stroke) - max. 28.0 hp, 17.2 N-m peak torque

Scootertuner1000: Make sure you put a bigger carb on it and a no rev limit CDI. You're best off using a slide carb rather than the standard CV Carb. scooter attack dot com is a great place for your parts. You would use Baotian parts for your bike. Also change the final drive gearing to take advantage of the extra hp, otherwise all that will happen is you will get to top speed more quickly but won't have much more top speed. Max revs is max revs, the tuning gives you more hp so you can pull higher gearing.

jwolffortytwo: bought (what appears to be) exact same model from a buddy of mine i plan on upgrading it as well and look forward to seeing your progress

mark p: i want to see this with the big bore kit man get some more vids bro

Scootertuner1000: @spinellicreations A 2 stroke and a 4 stroke of the same capacity and at the same RPM, the 2 stroke will produce more HP and more torque. A CRF250 Honda (4 stroke) makes about 34hp and 21ft lbs of torque. The CR250 Honda (2 stroke) makes about 45hp and 34 ft lbs of torque. The CRF needs to spin all the way to 11,000rpm to produce it's power while the CR only has to rev to 8500rpm to produce its. So not only does the 4 stroke produce less power, but it needs to rev way higher to do it.

Scootertuner1000: @spinellicreations Okay, you don't appear to know what you are talking about, so watch these videos & learn I won't bother responding to any replies you have so don't bother. A Yamaha YZF250 produces 33hp and 20ft lbs of torque (4 stroke) A Yamaha YZ250 produces 44hp and 30ft lbs of torque (2 stroke) Go to scooter attack website and watch these videos. /watch?v=UJiih6sbIjM /watch?v=T6bEDncOvwg /watch?v=DMWoX_eSb-w&feature=related /watch?v=O8PO__jkkNk&feature=related watch?v=W6QTQh7gUsQ

369quinos: HeY BrO wErE u GeT ThOsE FrOnT LiGhTs???

labeledsk8r45: @spinellicreations both my peace sport 50's can get to 45 just fine with me on them (165lbs) and 50 on a slight hill.. im sure the lower sea level im at helps with denser air. correct weighting and higher octain fuel to help with cylinder detination to keep it cooler helps aswell. cool scoot you got though checked out the vids would love to see vids of it running/driveing

Wutzthedeal: You're probably reading the km/h. If not, gps test it. You get maybe 35.

D12caterpillar: how much

Scootertuner1000: @spinellicreations Wow what a spammer. Okay. I have one challenge for you find two 500cc GP race bikes, from the 1980s through to 2002. One of them needs to be a 4 stroke and one of them needs to be a 2 stroke. Find a 4 500cc GP bike from that time period that produces the more (actually you won't be able to do that) so at least as much HP and torque as its 2 stroke competition. If you can't do that then don't bother to reply. Honda tried for years and couldn't do it.

spinellicreations: @Scootertuner1000 unless that 2 stroke is spinning 30,000 rpm, then those numbers are incorrect - regardless of what the manufacturer states, My statement was based upon the two motors spinning roughly the same speed... "within reason" - a 10k rpm 4 stroke and a 10k rpm 2 stroke, same displacement, same compression (9.5 to 1 plus or minus 0.5), etc... so let's make it simpler for you - torque. HP is a function of torque with relation to engine speed. So torque is the true measuring factor.

spinellicreations: A stock 139qmb GY6 with gearing for the American market and stock bore is only going to do around 30 mph at wide open throttle. A very light (125 pound) driver on flat road, can expect 35 mph steady at WOT, maybe one or two mph higher depending on altitude, fuel, and carburetor adjustment. To get a 139qmb GY6 up to 50 mph with an average weight (175 pound - 200 pound) driver is going to cost a small fortune - I know this because I've done it. 102 cc (56mm piston) big block kit and $800.

spinellicreations: @Scootertuner1000 And don't - seriouly don't - bring up 2.4L Formula 1 motors that build 800 HP. Yes, they do, I know - but that is an extremely high precision device - and to hit 1,000 HP they had to bump up to 3.0L motors, which when you break it down they're only about 20% more efficient than a standard high performance automotive engine. Heck, you get 600 out of an LS1 all day long.

D12caterpillar: would you sell this?

christopher renfroe: I have the 2012 model.

ever: People in Miami loves them even girls love them

labeledsk8r45: naaa speed is confirmed via gps and other cars... i dont weight tha tmuch on tp of florida not haveing hills lets it max out at 45 ish, the 150 cc does about 65 max then the ninja tops at 135

uniqueonejd: I have a 50cc. just bought a 80cc bore kit. Can you give me any tips? where to install it on the scooter> what tools I need? any help is appreciated

Erick Prevost: I think I'll upgrade to full size motorcycle when the scooter starts to wear itself out. Until then, 80 mpg will be fast enough for me :P

Scootertuner1000: @spinellicreations They aren't incorrect, believe me. I want whatever is going to produce the most power per CC and that is not a 4 stroke. That is why in motocross for example, 4 strokes are allowed a 100% capacity advantage over the 2 stroke competition. 1 power stroke every revolution vs 1 power stroke every 2 revolutions, of course the 2 stroke is going to produce, not only more hp but also more torque, that a 4 stroke of the same capacity. I can't make it any simpler, you're wrong.

Scootertuner1000: @spinellicreations The easiest way to get the QMB139 up to 50mph is to replace the whole engine with a 72cc engine. I have done it, the gearing is different, it produces more hp and will get you over 50mph quite easily. I've done it a couple of times. Best of all is to get a Minarelli 2 stroke engine. With an Stage 6 72cc pro-race cylinder, Stage 6 exhaust, 21mm Delorto carb and 20%+ gearing will get you to 65mph with 15hp. I have done it many times. See my videos

spinellicreations: @Scootertuner1000 As far as gearing - stock gearset is 3.25:1 ratio. A 2.88:1 ratio gearset, along with high stall clutch springs and a more aggressive torque sheave are all on their way here as we speak. Doing the math on that, I should achieve a 9 mile per hour increase in speed, potentially 2 or 3 more if the clutch setup results in an overall higher possible top engine speed. At that point, it's a '50cc' scooter that can propel a 325 pound rider 54 miles per hour - while looking stock.

Chris Burnside: Good luck on it! And yeah, freak those who say riding around on those are "gay"! Mine keeps me from having to walk!!
50cc scooter rebuild/upgrade project 1 3.9 out of 5

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50cc scooter rebuild/upgrade project 1