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GMC Truck Heater Core Replacement 2000 Sierra Silverado
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gelacio villa: 2001 chevy 3500 diesel change the heater core speedometer. rpm .temperature doesn't work what I did wrong?

Rick C: Id upload a video but an email would be nice to send you some photos. Thanks in advance.

Rick C: lmRamro I have a 2001 Suburban 2500 with a 6.0 liter Vortec. I went under the hood today and located my heater core lines to prepare to do what I believed was going to be an easy core flush but to my surprise, my heater core lines are somewhat different than all of the 300 YouTube videos Ive seen on heater core flushes. Instead of two simple lines going into the firewall, I have a weird "Y" shaped junction plastic connectors right before the GM Quick Connect plastic line connectors that brace the tips of the "in and out" aluminum heater core lines. Any help is greatly appreciated. By the way, this Suburban comes equipped with both front and rear climate controls. Could this be a possible reason for the "Y" shaped junction that leads the same coolant to a different set of two lines going straight to the floor board of my passenger side. Maybe another heater core???

nick diaz: for the love of me i don't understand why car manufactures have to go put a heater core right up on the dash instead of lower where the older models used to be like my silverado 90 man do they ever know how to screw people over & complicate people's lives then you go to a garage &that's where they really screw you twice as much if not more what a freaked up world

John barfneck: the basement guy contest is just for collecting your info so they can then cold call you and try to sell your their services after the contest is over.................

B Wilson: Ugh lol this is gonna be a BEOTCH... steam started pouring from the dash and vents today.. and im not taking the mofo to the shop.. thanks for the video gave me a good idea of what im getting into.. we need to shoot the designer ha

thebubba1: Absolutely No Goddam excuse that in 2015 a heater core/ Ac condenser change is still this big of a pain in the ass........FN car designers need to pull their heads out of their asses and stop making this contraption such a chore to get to.

Allen Lichner: Your video makes this much easier.  Killer job.  Thanks for posting

kenny clower: What a bunch of bullcrap just to change heater core.......piss poor design

Luis S.: Easier than you think just need basic tools and a day or 2

raisinhellracing: Wasn't that bad, I have a 99 1500 Silverado, I was done in less than 4 hrs

Eric Richards: I replaced my heater core today on my 1995 z71 I didn't pull my dash out. you can access the heater core at the bottom of the unit. Just unscrew about 7 9/32 screws and disconnect the heater hoses. its not an easy job but you dont have to take your dash out.

ImRamro: I always sat that the import cars are mad by gremlins because every thing is so hard to get at. I think Gremlins designed this part placement too, lol.

onehit pick: I've replaced head gaskets much more easily than this. Why would one make a common failure point so difficult to access?

phartsdust: I have this problem on a 114k mile truck. Fvuck Chevy. This is absolutely craptie design folks. Maybe when China takes over Government Motors they will make a better one. Wish i had my Nissan Frontier back. Never again,.... will fix and sell this pretty tvrd asap.

ImRamro: It should be the same. I was told that the older Chevy's could be removed by simply removing the lower housing blower box located under the passenger side dash. All I found was a dead end and had to reinstall all the housing bolts. I am pretty sure that this is the only way to remove it. It is not very hard, just intimidating and a lot of bolt organization. Please let me know if you get into it and run into a problem, I will be more than happy to help.

m4hobby: you it be the same for a 95-99 Chevy pick up?

ImRamro: If you document everything you remove with video or photos it makes things easier. It is not hard, just really intimidating and a lot of making sure the bolts get placed in baggies and there is video or photos with notes on where they came from. The most difficult part is actually when the dash is split, the core is a snug fit and must be pulled straight up and out. All I can say is be patient and document where all the bolts and parts go, Good Luck!

chevy383strkr: i havent tried since i dont wanna mess it up and have to replace the whole heating core

ImRamro: I just saw this today, did you get it off?

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