Deer Blind Building

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MrXanFan: Hell Yeah!!

ss109guy: Nice blind!

giodazip: I also like the paint job, it looks 3 dimensional, and matches the surroundings perfectly. Good job overall, the only thing I would change is the rubber roof. Here in NY it would only last 1 season, better off w/ a metal roof.

nate dawg: Really nice paint job.

comfycanadian: good job, hope you and your Dad had fun and have even more fun hunting together. My son is only five but we'll be doing the same thing in years to come.

jlmw1966: Nice blind thanks for sharing.

Shawn Wilson: thats awsome man kewl paint know what works good for window openers...the hydraulic lift cylinders of a car hood or the back of a van hatch...then they open by them selves and make now noise cause they open slow and smooth...

HuntSports: I've built'em like that years ago but always only lasted a year or two sitting on the ground, plywood door warping etc. etc. Spiders, snakes and rodents made their homes ? BigDaddy

OutdoorEnt: Love the chair! That's a great blind. Even if the hunting is crap you will be dry and warm. Better then we can say at OutdoorEnt!

Hogdude1234: Dang that is a nice blind!!! And that chair!!! You guys got it made in that about a heater? MrHeaterBuddy??? That would top it off...maybe a small stove, built in cooler??? I could go ya'll got all that figured out though!!!! LOL Great vid too!!! 5/5 and Faved!!! Good Luck Hunting!!! -DUDE

Jim Spielman: Hey great job, what a blind! Love the recliner, looks like there is room for another one, I will bring my own! Talk about cumphy and cozy, damn, you guys know how to hunt! Great job, good luck!

Scott Rockholm: That thing is sweet! I loved the Lazy Boy recliner as well. Good luck staying awake! Shoot a big one!

Merryman Outdoors: Nice, building blinds is great fun. Now go shoot a big one!
deer blind building 5 out of 5

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deer blind building