Vogelzang Barrel Stove.

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Building a Wood Burning Stove for Under $75 - Vogelzang Barrel Stove Kit
Building a Wood Burning Stove for Under $75 - Vogelzang Barrel Stove Kit
Vogelzang barrel stove.
Vogelzang barrel stove.
Inside the Vogelzang Barrel Stove
Inside the Vogelzang Barrel Stove
Vogelzang Barrel Stove after a winter.
Vogelzang Barrel Stove after a winter.
Assembling a Vogelzang Barrel Stove Part I
Assembling a Vogelzang Barrel Stove Part I

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H.J.D: I have knottiest that when most people build their 55 gallon wood burning stoves that they use the bung whole as an air inlet. Why would people take the heated air from the room and use it as combustion air why wouldn’t they put the bung in the back of the stove and pipe the cool air from outside for the combustion air and regulate the amount by using a gate valve? Any comments would be welcomed.  

Fireman Jim: What's the link to purchase the barrel stove kit via the states?

Peter van Kampen: Chur bro mean, I want to bring one of these in, wish someone already imported them

Chevy Levy: they go good and very hot untill the oil drum rusts out [being left outside] Cast Iron parts will outlive me. But easy to get anada empty oil drum from local Garage, motor service stations for free. only take 1/2hour to cut out and then bolt in cast iron gear. cheers

MrBrentles: How do they work? Pretty well?

Chevy Levy: hi thanks for the tip. cheers

kak8chak: The leg are to short for a wood floor and you need bricks under the legs

Chevy Levy: hey far-out thats cool. thanks

Jonas van de voorde: did you know that "vogelzang" dutch is for "bird singing"

Chevy Levy: Kia Ora Dan. they available from ebay.com.au put in the search [barrel stove kit] they $48USD and the freight is astronomical at $155USD shipped to NZ. I only bought it coz i was loaded. not no more lol. way too expensive because of the shipping.I still have it but oil drum is rusted out and now is a glorified junkmail burner. cast iron is as good as new, just need new 44gl oil drum which are plentiful. cheers

KaeptnErdnuss: Hi, I'm in Dunedin and also thought about building one of these. Unfortunately the kits are not available in NZ. Where did you buy yours (you wrote you imported it from the US) and what did they charge for shipping? I also thought about a wet back system to heat a hot tub. Cheers, Dan

VicAus-Prepper: Thanks bloke, I will check out a few plumbing suppliers here in Melbourne, sorry bro I don't follow the rugby, good game but I am more a round ball person. HI5

Chevy Levy: yeh brutha. the 6" to 4" adaptors can be sourced at any big Plumbing supply Merchant. or just a disused/old flu kit. Go the Melbourne Storm!

VicAus-Prepper: Nice job Bro! I am going to guilt one with a 30 gallon drum, bit more compact so I can use it inside my tent, next thing is to source some stove pipe and reducer.

Chevy Levy: great tip. cheers

theinfedel: you need the second barrel on top to work good other wise your heat goes out the roof

Bryce Xavier: firebrick and the right pipe for venting will go a long way.

Chevy Levy: Hi great tip thanks. it only sits in backyard now rusting away. great thing about cast iron it is good for 20odd years regardless. i'll mount it on a new oil drum then fabricate the fitting ur talking about. cheers

elhigh: Hi, I notice when your boy dropped the stovepipe on, it slipped down over the outside of the reducer. To prevent creosote leaking down the outside of the pipe, you should get a fitting that drops into the top of the reducer. It won't leak smoke, and it won't seep gunk that way either.

Chevy Levy: grat feedback. must try a Sotz kit
Vogelzang barrel stove. 5 out of 5

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Vogelzang barrel stove.