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Worst Battlefield Game Ever Made? - Battlefield Play4Free
Worst Battlefield Game Ever Made? - Battlefield Play4Free
Daily Draw 4
Daily Draw 4
[Vidéo détente #1] sur Need For Speed World & Battlefield Play4Free
[Vidéo détente #1] sur Need For Speed World & Battlefield Play4Free
Xcf animation#2
Xcf animation#2

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Fedias Trela: i thing the famas have the Good Damage and L85A2 low when i have test this guns

xXtherealchaosXx: Do m4 and m16 comparison or changing one with m416.

Andres Alejandro: Attachments In Famas?

שי זדה: you have mistake the famas have 24 bullets.. but thx on the vidio

Shanye Eastwest: Hey what attachments do you have on the L85 Prof

PFC. Chang: I like the video but I think the l8 is way to op.

Bart van Amersfoort: Mp7 vs M5k

Branko Vanhooren: Thanks so much dude, I now buyed the l85a2 and I love it thank you so much!!!!!!

Official StepzZ: Witch Attatchments on L85A2?

professorkiller prof: Yo prof why dont u do AEK-971 VS SCAR-L and the loadout on both guns will be viper mages, red dot, precision barrel and nemisis stock!!!

Bruno: What attachments?

Jaksa Foretic: That man cant kill hacker :D

Iris Geerlink: omg your F*cking good!

Daan Dericks: hej prof. what is your preference? I am rank 27 now and I still dont know which I should buy forever. L85A2 or FAMAS DILEMMA. 
I'd like a shotout too

Emanuel Ivan Barisic: Hey you rock i like it but i dont have any of good guns :( does any have some account with one good gun and clothes i need

Vithuran Rajasiva: G3A4 vs SCAR-L

Ricardo Freitas: hi professor i like your videos so much but can you give me a shoutout please and one more thing i heard your thinks but can you tell whats the best weapon the l85a2 or the famas and i want to buy one of those two.can you give a shoutout because my birthday is on 19th of january

Erik Steinmeyer: very *

Erik Steinmeyer: bery good 👍

jet prime: Wat attachments do u use on your l85 cause I can't control the recoil but u can control it so well
BFP4F VERSUS - L85A2 vs FAMAS 5 out of 5

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