Contraceptive Implant Removal

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Rachel Whelan: FAQs:

- The whole procedure is shown in the video, it took around 2 1/2 mins in total
- It didn't hurt at all due to local anaesthetic
- Afterwards it felt like a bad bruise for a couple of days
- I lost the weight I gained from it pretty quickly after removal
- The scar is barely noticeable and is the same as the one from it going in

Megan Doyle: i gey minr out today im freaking out

Lauren Reid: I'm soo scared I'm getting mines removed today ahhh could cry 😒😭😭

Zombie Man R.S.: I'm so scared! I get mine removed today! (It's 2:33am where I live) Ahhhh! Lol.

Jelimar Santiago: i have this birth control and its driving me nuts my periods come for months and never stop i get a week break from my period and im right back on it . ive gained so much weight i used to be 130 i am now 165 i gained 35 pounds im making an appointment to get this off asap

EllYouSeeWhy: I had this done yesterday and I promise it is completely painless!

Elena Kawaii: Nearly had mine for the maximum 3 years i am getting it out a month early as I am moving.. I am dreading getting it out I have a phobia of needles and I remember having it done i was crying so much T_T

Cerianne Butland: i had mine out last night I didn't feel a thing not even a scratch. in UK they freeze your arm before any needle or anything. in total it took about two mins to remove and replace. no pain or ache today so all good ☺ hope this helps anyone else who's nervous

Angelica Ravenstein: Im scared to get this done on this coming Tuesday....

ashley prewett: I liked having this birth control for I wouldn't have to go back every three months for the depo shot but I'm getting it removed tmrw on Valentine's day lmao but I've gained about 50 pounds and I really am just sick of this weight I put on πŸ™ˆ good bye implant ✌✌

Charlotte Tyler: I'm getting mine removed soon does it hurt I'm petrified of needles

Brooke Argo: is there any advice of getting it taken out at home without parents knowing?

Lluvia Mendoza: ive been on nexplanon for a year and ive gained weight, my anxiety and depression got worse, my periods are super long and painful for the first week. although this all is happening my mom will not take me to get it out because she doesnt want me to end up like the rest of the girls in my school. what do i do ?

Gregory Robertson: rather worthless video. How about a camara angle that shows something..

Lauren Cattle: I'm crapting!! having mine taken out tomorrow morning😩😩 been on for nearly 7 weeks non stop!! even the tablets I was put on made me throw up...but it effects different people thou!! x

Amorette Montoya: I'm scared I have to get mine out soon :(

Kayanna Bullcoming: I'm getting mine out tomorrow does it hurt at all??

MaddyScreamz: I've had this since may and have been bleeding constantly. I got it because of the good rates it had and how long it lasted. I haven't even been able to have sex because I'm bleeding heavily ALL THE TIME. The cramping is bad and the cravings for food are bad too. I finally made my appointment to get it taken out. Definitely looking forward to it.

Griselda Pina: do they sleep ur arm before taking it out ?
Contraceptive Implant Removal 5 out of 5

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Contraceptive Implant Removal