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Are there side effects after the Implanon is removed? How long will it take to get pregnant?
Are there side effects after the Implanon is removed? How long will it take to get pregnant?
I've been off Implanon for 3 months. have pregnancy signs. but negative tests. What should I do?
I've been off Implanon for 3 months. have pregnancy signs. but negative tests. What should I do?

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Griselda Pina: do they sleep ur arm before taking it out ?

Rosie Roo: where did you go to get it removed?

brianna labit: Got the nexplanon inserted into my left arm on the 14th of July.. ever since then my stomach constantly hurts, always feeling nauseated, loss of appetite, migraines all the time and I just don't feel the same anymore!!! I hate this birth control! I'm calling tomorrow to get it removed as soon as I can... all I know is that I didn't start having any of the problems till I got it inserted, then I just went downhill. At first I went to the hospital with severe stomach pain and they tried saying either GERD or gallbladder and to come back if it persists.. so I did about a week or 2 later but there was different doctor working that night, I drank something to numb my stomach and he told me to just go home.. so about a week or 2 later again I went to a different hospital called St. Michaels, they checked my gallbladder and didn't find anything but said I had an stomach ulcer and prescribed me sucralfate... well here it is 6 weeks later, I done finished the sucralfate prescription and the dexilant my Doctor prescribed me and I still feel the exact same as before. I found out that you can't see a stomach ulcer via ultrasound and never had a camera down my throat so who knows.. I might not have had a ulcer.. anyways point is, I didn't start feeling like sh*t till I got the nexplanon. 😣 I'd rather have a period than to feel like this anymore.. once I get this removed, I'm just going to stay with them good Ole condoms and some spermicide. I bled for a month on the pills, gained a lot of weight on the depo shot and I feel sick constantly with this thing in my arm so no more birth control for me 😤 I'm sure me and my partner are safe enough and also it helps when he's on the truck most of the time.

Yohanna Andujar: had mine inserted on Thursday. Today is Saturday. I need this to be removed. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone, specially if you are breastfeeding.

Beth Noneofyourbusiness: I had mine removed 2 days ago it took like 40mins to remove it but I had it the full 3yrs gained 45lbs while on it so hopefully I can lose the weight soon! Other than that if I ever need birth control again I would get Nexplanon again

Wendy Davies: Had mine changed today, have to say my doctor changed it in half the time.

Leih Whalen: this scares me cuz I have this in my arm and I never knew how they took it out til I seen this. I had mine for a year and a half but I'm thinking of getting mine removed

daisy sky: horrible choice of birth control I am removing mine

Laura G. Cannon: I've had the implant for 2 years and 3 months. I'm having it removed soon. I can't take it anymore. the moonswings, the depression, the feeling of being pregnant all the time, the very large cysts I've been getting one after another for 2 years now... I'm afraid I'll be infertil if I keep this damn thing. I DESPISE THIS BC. It's horrible. most people I know that have gotten it, get it removed before they even hit 6 months. I do wish other ladies luck... just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into

JordanKuenster: why did mine hurt so bad to get removed

Inez M: does the removal hurt????

Alexis Cordero: How long after getting it implanted can you get it removed? I've only had it for 3 days and I've had extreme headaches, back pain, pelvic pain and chest pain plus a heavy feeling. Does the obgyn doctor recommend to wait or can I demand to get it out right away

Verona Zora: getting mine removed today and I honestly can say this made me feel loads better about it.

Jessica Rodriguez: thankfully i got mine removed today i had it for 2years made me gain 30lbs. hopefully it will come off now

Kayla Lanay: Can someone tell me how long the removal procedure is ?

Destiny Perez: I'm terrified of getting mines removed! Do they do any numbing? Because all I see are slits! Please give me comfort

Destiney Caudill: I'm supposed to get mine removed in a few days... I hated getting it put in.. I'm scared to get it taken out....

Veronica Valle: i gain 39 pounds since i got the implanon, thanks God today it was remove, its going to take me forever to get to my normal weight :(

Macy Edmonds: Just got mine out today ughhh

sarah roggenbuck: why does this not look professional at all? the doctor was so fast. I had mine out today and the doctor was not anything like this.
Implanon removal 5 out of 5

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Implanon removal