Implanon Removal

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implanon birth control implantation procedure quick and simple
implanon birth control implantation procedure quick and simple
Implanon. the Birth Control Implant. as a Form of Birth Control - Planned Parenthood
Implanon. the Birth Control Implant. as a Form of Birth Control - Planned Parenthood
I've had the Implanon for 2 years. I've been very tired for a long time. Is that a side effect?
I've had the Implanon for 2 years. I've been very tired for a long time. Is that a side effect?
Birth Control: NuvaRing Review
Birth Control: NuvaRing Review

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Rob Kitchen: My wife going for hers out tomorrow, if they can find it! Unfortunately it means a trip for the snip for me! Seriously, she's not been happy with it... weight gain (her words not mine!), moods etc.

Tiffiany: That seems like allot of damn cutting with the scalpel. I was going to try to remove it myself but I guess that is a no go.

Camrey Asberry: Did it hurt to get removed cause I'm suppose next year??

Sian Powell: Im really scared too have mine removed and replaced can someone tell me if it hurts please.

Naturally.Beautiful28*: I just had this removed after 6 months cycle was all over the place. Im just wondering how it should look as it's healing or while its healing how long should it take...but no pain just feel the needle

Kaitlin Brown: Getting this implant was one of the worst decisions I have ever made in my life. No weight gain or acne for me, but my periods are so damn long I don't even really remember what it is like not to be on it! Months at a time I bleed and I am just over it. I'm trying to schedule to have mine taken out ASAP. I've had it for 2 years thinking it would get better but if anything it's gotten worse. I hate this birth control and DO NOT recommend it to anyone that actually wants to have sex while on birth control.

katnoodle: I'm having my Nexplanon out as I'm ready to try for a baby soon. Had an Implanon before that, so in total I'll have had an implant for nearly 5 years. Everyone is different but my experience has been awesome, no periods at all for this whole time. The only side effect has been issues with my breast tissue - it's thick and sore and had a couple of fibroadenomas investigated. This might be exacerbated by the implant, or because I'm a teacher - could well be stress hormones! Getting the first implant replaced was tricky because they had to put the new one slightly further down the arm so a lot of anaesthetic injections were needed. Pretty sore!

Alisha Marie: I have the implant aswell but I'm scared of having it out cause I'm petrified of neadels😨

Angelica Cano: i didnt think about getting it out when i got this :/ but now seeing it hopefully with the anesthetic it wont be so bad. lemme tell you my experience with this ... -.- NOT GOOD! i was psycho for like half a year emotional as F&^% broke out all over my arms iM TALKING ALL OVER MY DAMN ARMS disgusting i dont break out hardly EVER and now my face is starting to break out now that ive almost had it for a year. in addition i went to the ER cause i had a cyst rupture. im thankful my ovary is okay my friend got the iud totes diff i know but her ovary busted :/. she only has one working ovary. i also have cysts now. no ruptures after the initial rupture and randomly i am starting the monthly after a whole year. i dono whats going on but im going to research other alternatives. im way to scared of the iud :/ what were your experiences with it? i cant wait to get rid of this :/ 

Olivia Seabrook: I want mine out so bad

loveyrae84: I am not one for gratuitous cursing, however, nothing but obscenities come to my mind when I think about Nexplanon. I gained a massive amount of weight and I had the worst possible acne breakout . I dealt with the weight gain, but the sudden onset of severe cystic acne is just too much to deal with. I think the real mechanism behind this contraception is to make you so horrible to look at that no one will want to sleep with you. P.S. it took my 1 and a half years to gain the weight and I broke out 2 years and 3 months after having the implants inserted, so don't think that you are in the clear after the first 3 months without a reaction.

sumalee downing: I've has mine for a year and a half, I have had rapid weight gain despite sports , period is very messed , longest I have been on is 4 and a half months, I don't recommend getting it 

vanez918: Can anyone tell me weather it hurts to put it in then remove it I'm a bit scared but I want to get the implant

Zelb Plumos: Cant wait to remove this!!!!!

Krystal Simmons: Got mine out today didn't feel a thing but I did feel it going in different doctor did it and I felt everything 

Laine Smith: Next month

Brittany Dial: Do they sedate you r knock you out numb it anything

Tammi Smith: Im having mine out starting to want to try for baby does it hurt thats all I'm scared for 👎

Taniesha Truesdale: If they ever find mines I will be getting it taken out. its been lost for three years. ive had it since 2009

Connar Sutherland: So ready for this! 5 month "period"...yeah screw it I'm done...if you haven't had a period with this you are sooo lucky, I haven't gained weight but I have 0 appetite and my acne is worse than ever 
Implanon removal 5 out of 5

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