How To Diagnose A Bad Starter, Ignition, Neutral Safety Switch!

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How to diagnose a bad starter. ignition. neutral safety switch!
How to diagnose a bad starter. ignition. neutral safety switch!
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Brooklyn Cotton: I have a 2005 Chrysler 300 won't start will click when I turn it over had a guy beat on the starter it worked came on but cut it off now nothing I'm so stressed....

bob brawley: I haven'tread many of the comments but had my kudos to your list of admirers  Thanks for pulling the starter so I can see the three post and where you applied the test light

jimsondanet: I'm actually here to try and fix my 92 corolla ironically.
My corolla wouldn't start the other day (no wined at all) but after multiple attempts she just randomly kicked into life and was good for the rest of the day.
next day tho nothing. I know bugger all about cars but I assume its either starter or distributor cap. if I could afford a mechanic I prob wouldn't be driving a 23 year old corolla haha, so if your not sick of helping random internet people yet I could use some advice.

Sarthak Gulati: Mine is a toyota corolla 2005 and for the past couple of days my car makes a really high pitched loud screech when i turn the ignition and it wont start, or I rather not start it because of that horrible noise.  But 5-6 attempts later the engine finally starts up at once without the noise. I just got it back from the workshop, I had sent it for normal servicing and oil changes and it just sat for a couple of days after i got it back. What could be causing this ?? :/

Jasmine Hernandez: i have a 2003 ford explorer when i start the ignition it makes a loud screeching noise than it shut off today but we waited then turned it on and had a hard time starting up again but the screexh is their when statting up ???

April Stroub: Does this apply to a 2003 Buick Rendezvous I am having issues with it not starting and I put a new battery in it

Millard Mauldin: Car starts great sometime then only a click, no start, (2006 Chevrolet impala ). What to is the problem? 

Chad Gardee: Don't ever stab it gonna spread the female terminal and it will not make contact to the male terminal jus touch it on there to do the test

Jeffrey Nichols: Ive been having big time problems with my car all week. It all started when I tried to start my car and the starter motor kept turning while the car was running! I tried to start it two times before it finally stopped! And once it did my car lights would dim radio would shut off and trunk would pop all when I hit the breaks. Bought a tester light today put it on the hotwire on the starter and a good ground and turned the key car had no problem and light came on everything worked fine! Tried it one more time light didn't come on and all the electrical problems came back. Could this be a bad hotwire?

mark long: could of been the silinoid washer

Reco Akins: Question? I was just looking at the video. I had a bad starter then I replaced it with new starter. When I put the new one on my truck didn't start but all the lights comes on. Do u think I bought a bad starter. The power and s wire are connected to the starter. Some reason it's not trying to start. 88 Silverado c1500 

Debra Matthew: Earlier I had an intake gasket replaced.  This happened in late summer, and the mechanic at Gateway let me know that I did have a bad cell in the battery which the battery is probably four years old.  I had some surgery done last week so the Tahoe has been sitting in the garage.  It would not start, so I assumed it was they battery, because of the dead cell.  The battery was replaced on Thursday night.  Upon starting the truck on Friday, it was missing really bad.  So I took it back to Gateway to let them check the alternator (They said Alternator was fine), and do an oil change while I was there.  I did errands for half the day, and the missing when away.  I  didn't try to start the truck until today Sunday.  It was completely dead.  

Matt Dunstan: I have to find a positive wire on my 98 Dodge Dakota that is only hot when the ignition is on, any ideas? 

Francisco Cruz jr: My 1999 Dakota did not start. This video was very helpful. I was able to replace the started and the starter relay. Thanks for this clip.   

BackOff3210: +ImRamro and you sir are absolutely awesome! you saved me a bunch of money with your very useful tips. Thanks! 

Tyler Schmidt: if u go check my videos it shows how to change the ignition switch relay

david simmons: hey everybody signal means power, no signal no power

Chad Steitzer: Have had a starting problem as well on my 1997 Oldmobile Achieva. I accidently had the power wire hit hit engine as i was changing the alternator, causing a spark at wire and down below I presume around my starter(solenoid) with bit of smoke and smell.. All fuses have been checked and are fine, Wires looked ok around starter(solenoid) area. I noticed car will start if signal lights work when i move ignition to on position. But if signal lights arent wont start? When car is running also check Battery light Stay's on!! Note: Bout 5 month's ago also had problem with ignition switch...light stay's on in dash when i take key out ..have to remove fuse or battery and chimes will cause a dead battery so ..everytime i start car up just put fuse back in....So sorta stumped I know signal switch must be gone ..because of dash light's,etc but never had battery light stay on or starting problems with fuse was put back not sure if I made problem worse with Alternator spark or added to the problem? ..thanks for reading...

Vânia Rosado: Delighted to have had a response.  You are very helpful.  Thank you, Cindy, thank you, ImRamro.  Bless you. 
How to diagnose a bad starter, ignition, neutral safety switch! 5 out of 5

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How to diagnose a bad starter, ignition, neutral safety switch!