Installing Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile

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Installing Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile
Installing Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile
Installing Self Adhesive Floor Tiles
Installing Self Adhesive Floor Tiles
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Shanna Barnes: hi I moving to a new place and the flooring is awful and im not sure how much I will need the total square feet in the whole house is a lil under 700 square feet please help and if I could get your wholesale website that would be great´╗┐

LavNglam: Wow. I just checked your prices and I'm impressed. You mentioned smoothness as a factor in the adhesion of the tiles. Do you guys have any suggestions with respect to levelers to level tile with grout lines. I wouldn't want to get something that would not allow the tiles to stick once the floor is smooth.

mazerwholesale: Thank you for your question. The floor should be close to normal room temperature (60 to 80 degrees) during installation. After the floor is installed and the adhesive has set (24 hours), the temperature is no longer a concern.

DynastyQg9: I'm installing this in a cold rental house will that make a difference...

mazerwholesale: Thanks for your question. The tiles can be removed without too much difficulty. It'll be a bit messy because they're going to leave a sticky residue. You will need to get a can of acetone from the hardware store to dissolve it. If you remove the tile the day after installation it will be easier than removing it a week after installation. The glue will set firmer each day for about a week.

Mead D'Amore: Say if I were trying to spruce up an apartment for filming purposes and needed to get rid of it after the project is completed, how easy is it to remove the self adhesive tiles after they've been laid?

mazerwholesale: Great question! The floor tile is not suitable for application on walls due to the type of adhesive used. It's not made for vertical installation. WALL TILE which is designed specifically for kitchen and bathroom walls! We have 11 great styles and a video. See our website for details and a video.

mazerwholesale: Thank you for your question. The grooves between the ceramic tiles are going to be a problem and will need to be filled. Otherwise the vinyl tile you put on top will sink into the grooves. Sorry, it's not going to work unless you get some floor lever.

followyourbliss101: can you lay this over existing 1 inch square tile floor in a bathroom or will it need to have leveling compound put over the old tile first?

mazerwholesale: In my experience wet mopping is fine but you want to dry after mopping. If the tile is installed properly (no spaces in between), you shouldn't have a problem with our product. Thank you for the question.

mazerwholesale: @SplogMan Thank you for your comment. Just about anyone can install their own self-adhesive floor tile. It's a great feeling of satisfaction to see the finished job. It looks great, it's cheap and lasts a long time.

John Moore: Cool Video. Good advice.

mazerwholesale: Thank you for your comment. I've never needed to use anything to enhance the bond of the self adhesive tile but I've heard great things from one of our repeat customers about Henry's 336 Bond Enhancer. She buys it a Lowe's and raves about it.

lrd9999: I've seen self-stick tiles work well on top of linoleum or vinyl, but they seem to peel up from plywood, at least in wet areas, due to the swelling and contraction of the plywood. Is there a sealer that will prevent this problem?

mazerwholesale: Thanks for your question. If your tile doesn't peel up so easily by hand you may need a stiff putty knife or razor scraper. If it's still really tough, you may need a heat gun or propane torch to warm it up to reactivate the glue. Before trying to remove the old glue residue, I would test a couple pieces of the new tile on the already-sticky surface. Let it stand overnight and check adhesion. If you're not satisfied with the results, you'll need to get acetone to remove the old adhesive.

five8italian: I'm going to be pulling a self-adhesive tile off an existing self-adhesive floor and lay down a new one over it. I have 2 questions. What is the best way to get the old tile up? and what is the best cleaning method to use over the old floor that exists and will have old adhesive residue on it? Thanks.

mazerwholesale: @oducavirus Thank you for your question. This tile is not recommended for walls. We have recently come out with wall tiles. they are designed as back splash tile for around kitchen and bathroom sink. They will soon be displayed on our website.

mazerwholesale: @BlueHen123 I've known many customers to use the tile as shelf liner. I don't see any reason you couldn't use it on a counter top. However, it's not recommended for back splash. The adhesive is not warranteed for use on vertical surfaces.

BlueHen123: can i use this on kitchen counter tops?

Jean Louise Kennedy: Very good video, thanks!
Installing Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile 5 out of 5

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Installing Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile