Porcelain Sink Chip Repair

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Porcelain Sink Chip Repair
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TraidIt Quick: This is just a paint, it will fade and scratch again. You better off paying a bit extra and use special 2pack filler which dries white. No sanding, no mess. Just fill in the chip, smooth it out and job done. You can get it of ebay, just look for Bath repair kit!

Sergio Mucino: Looks like porc-a-fix

Marisol Davila: What is the product you use to do this?

TimBrownSenorCafe: Will this work on teeth?? I don't want to waste my Fed Reserve Notes on a dentist. I'm a painter, so am good with cutting in and taping off. Using a dremel on my own teeth may be a stretch ! Got any quick dry enamel? cuz the drool will be tough to keep out after the cotton ball saturates.....

moosolinisaki: What about a chip in a toilet bowl? It is below the water line so allowing time to dry isn't an option. Any way to fix it?

Mike Klimek: A bottle of it costs $20-$25

shortbuiltguy: i used some of that on a chip in my bath tub, what i want to know is how to make it look like part of the tub, i can see the chip polish, now i need to make it look as natural as possable... any good ideas?

auntshea04: would this work on scratches on the bottom of the sink?

chevymtrsport: Mike, I'm not sure if you will see this in time as I am on vacation and during a toilet repair I nicked the inside of the tub. I believe the tub is from the fiberglass family of tubs. Will this product work well with a fiberglass tub? I have read some negative feedback from the Homax White Porcelain Chip fix. The common response is the product wears off quickly.

spunky Xee: Will this work on a bath tub too? I have a small chip on mine.

shortbuiltguy: the chip is by the drain so i fixed it, now i need to figure how to make it blend into the bath so my room mate doesnt knotice it....

Mike Klimek: I wouldn't think it would work on scratches. The product is intended for chips that you can fill in. A scratch, unless very deep, probably wouldn't hold it.

Mike Klimek: It will work on a bath tub also, but I wouldn't rely on it for a large repair. If you have a chip on a flat surface you should be fine, but I would be reluctant if the damage was on a curved surface, such as where the side wall meets the floor of the tub.

RondaRai: What is the name of the product???

Mike Klimek: To jesika1984: If you try it on a larger sized chip, I would use very thin layers of the liquid. You will probably have to use many thin layers, and then try to follow the contour of the surface. Make it level so it blends in!

spunky Xee: @prohandymanlv Thanks :D

Mike Klimek: They sell bottles in a variety of colors including off-white (I think they refer to the color as "bone").

Kenton Daniels: May need to flush out the bowl and turn the water off to the toilet for a while. Dry it out with a rag or something and allow it to sit.

Mike Klimek: You can buy these porcelain repair kits at most home centers. This particular one is called "Porc-a-fix" and can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes, although other hardware stores have similar products and come in a variety of colors.

robert justus: how much does it cost

janice dobbins: how do you match the color. I have an off white tub.

Mike Klimek: To TracyG531...I used a product called Porc-a-fix, but they will all work the same. The Homax product that jesika talked about is fine too.

Mike Klimek: Blending it in is the most challenging part....its a matter of sanding with fine sandpaper (most kits include it in the package) until the area is level with the surrounding area, then buff it to a shine to match the sink or tub. It's best to use several thin layers rather than a thick coat.

RainbowCupcake420: I got something called Porcelain Chip Fix by HOMAX that I got at Lowes!

RainbowCupcake420: Would this be okay on a bigger chip the size of a nickel if not a bit larger?

Mike Smith: What is the name of the product and where can you buy it? At least show a picture of the bottle, ugh! :(
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Porcelain Sink Chip Repair