Starting A Fire In A Wood Cookstove

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Starting a Fire in a Wood Cookstove
Starting a Fire in a Wood Cookstove
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The Simple Life Homsteading The Pioneer Way: where did you get the stove it's a nice, i have been looking at the Amish stoves

Kim Clift: I'm going to purchase a wood burning cook stove having a hard time deciding if Heartland oval or Waterford Stanley.   What do you think is the best stove out there.  Thanks

Si Smith: Hi ArtisanAcre.
Have to say I love your videos. Keep up the great work. Love to you all. x

Brumfield: Thank you so much for taking the time to make and post this video. I've eaten many a fine meal prepared with a wood cook stove in my grandmother's kitchen. My dad installed a nice gas stove for her, but she preferred to cook with the wood stove... and we all preferred to eat the food cooked on the wood stove. My wife and I are headed back home to the USA after having been in Mexico the last eight years. We, God willing, will be buying a farm and a wood stove is on the top of our purchase list.

charlie brown: can you burn coal in your cook stove

charlie brown: i once had a wood stove turn cherry red i was burning paper ,junk wood clothing and i did not know the air was wide open

charlie brown: do you filler up with scrap wood kndling let it burn for a 10 minutes than filler up with split logs

N.E.Arkansas Trash Trucks&Lottery: Love your video I love wood burning stoves alot.Someday I mite get me a wood cook stove but in arkansas in the summer its just too too hot here we have months of 100 degree days but fall and winter that extra heat would be nice.I bet food even taste better on that cast iron stove.Thanks

Family Heritage Living: @garyblack191 Gary, thank you for watching our channel and taking time to leave a comment! Sorry you had to get rid of your stove! It would be like getting rid of a member of the family, I say that with a smile but I truly mean it! It was probably a hard adjustment! You ever check Craigslist? They have used wood stoves on there sometimes. Just a thought. God's Blessings: The Winans

Family Heritage Living: @BkAkitas So glad the videos were helpful!!! How exciting when you first start using your wood stove!! What I like to tell anyone using a woodstove at the start: be careful, be cautious and be respectful of it. That's not to scare you it's to give peace of mind. A fire in it's proper place is a beautiful, nurturing thing. Take time to get to know your stove and it "quirks" and you will fall in love with its abilities! Blessings! Ron and Lea Winans

Family Heritage Living: @selfreliantboy Thanks for the comment selfreliantboy! Have a great day!

selfreliantboy: pretty cool video

Family Heritage Living: @Coaljet Thanks for watching and leaving a comment. They are a lot of work and very messy compared to what most people are accustomed to today, i.e. dust, dirt, etc. But you are right, it is an incredible art that is sadly neglected. One of the great things about these stoves is they are multi taskers and in todays "green" world I would think that more people would consider them but again, they are a alot of work and our society's life of convenience gets in the way. Have a blessed day!

Coaljet: Wonderful video. I think that this reliable technology is very real and relevant today. Wood cookstoves can be lifesavers in the event of a protracted power outage, say, in mid-winter--especially if one lives near a source of wood. But in general, and despite all the work (it is clearly an art), I love these stoves. Hope to be able to have one, someday.

Family Heritage Living: @werb1961 I agree, the lighting leaves much to be desired but we light primarily with kerosene lamps so that is one of the draw backs. We are trying to work on it though. Thanks for watching and taking time to leave a comment. Have a blessed day.

werb1961: i love your videos but with your lighting its hard to see.

Family Heritage Living: @quilterinthewoods62 We do heat the back portion of our home with a reg wood stove the cookstove heats our kitchen and over heats our upstairs LOL! We usually have windows open in the dead of winter we live in the north. Our home is only about 900-1000 sq foot.. Certain reg stoves can be cooked on as they do get hot enough. Some have cast iron exteriors over the inside metal and it acts as an insulator so though heats it doesn't get hot enough to cook on I can't even boil water on our reg 1

quilterinthewoods62: Thanks so much for the video. Not sure If I am one that encouraged the video or not, but so glad you made it. We are wanting to get a wood cook stove. This winter I will be cooking on the wood stove, hoping to learn a bit about cooking on a wood stove, and hope that by the next winter we will have a wook cook stove also. Do you also heat with the wood cook stove solely, or do you also heat with a regular woodstove. We have 1700 sq foot to heat. Again, thanks!
Starting a Fire in a Wood Cookstove 5 out of 5

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Starting a Fire in a Wood Cookstove