Home Made, Two Wheel Tractor, Walk Behind Tractor

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Home made. Two wheel tractor. Walk behind Tractor
Home made. Two wheel tractor. Walk behind Tractor
Homemade walk behind tractor.  Plowing
Homemade walk behind tractor. Plowing
Homemade walk-behind tractor
Homemade walk-behind tractor
Mounting Tracks to walk-behind tractor
Mounting Tracks to walk-behind tractor
farm Implement: Ridger for walking tractor working
farm Implement: Ridger for walking tractor working

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lヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ: Nice 1 :D

Kim Jongsoon: very fun.

Winston's Engines & Remanufacturing: That is fantastic what an engineering feat! Very clever this why I Love mechanics and engineering creating something from nothing.

iDoStuff: Cheers Simon. It does have its limitations for traction fortunately the trailer goes up hill empty and down hill when loaded. It could do with up grading with off road wheels and a stronger axle, I might get around to it. In the meantime it still does the job but I've just bought a garden tractor to try in the woods for more heavy duty work.

iDoStuff: yee haa... now pass me the moonshine

iDoStuff: Oh yes, those where the days. We did similar with my dads 1964 honda c200. 30 odd years on the same bike is in my cellar awaiting restoration.

cleric022684: you have lot of patience :-) I remember I started on motorcycle when I was 10 my brother was 6 it was 3 gears 49cc we had to push it more than we rode it it was exciting when after long push start it just caugt for few seconds and then died...

Samuel Bell: Theres a reson why i dont drive sighnd Samuel

iDoStuff: If you want more details of how I made it, the link in the description (now fixed) take you to my blog posts about it.

iDoStuff: Cheers for the comment. It's been working for a while now pulling the trailer full of logs from the woods. It's ready for the points resetting apart from that it's working well.

alexstevenmc1: that is epic

iDoStuff: Just like a real tractor

DIRTPUNKZ86: loving the exhaust gases spewing into your face

iDoStuff: It certainly is and it does the log collecting job it was built for.

Debra Tyson: looks like loads of fun !

iDoStuff: @KapteinOpel.. That would be a skid steer then. If the breaking is smooth it can certainly work. But make sure the gearing is really low. If your reaction times aren't fast enough adjusting the breaking, things will go pear shaped in a hurry. It sounds like fun.

KapteinOpel: @agbagb123 If I put brakes directly on the driveshafts before the gearing down to the drive wheels I have steering brakes that are more efficient than if they are put in the wheels, and then I can put a set of rear/front wheels and tracks. (seek for "krabat 232 skogsmaskin", you'll see what I mean.) I read about the German WW2 "Kettenkrad", this steering brake arrangement is better as you dont have to give as much gas to make it turn. Also if I use a Subaru box I have PTO for a cardan trailer.

iDoStuff: @KapteinOpel The CB laid down it's former life for the greater good. A car gear box with a diff will help with steering. You'll have to think carefully about the pivot ( I use the towing hitch) and how to resist the tourque (I use a simple pivoted cross member). I'de love to project when it's finished.

KapteinOpel: Poor CB... You should sell it to me for parts instead.... Otherwise cool, im thinking of making one myself.. But a somewhat heavier model out of a gearbox from a front drive longtitudal engined car... Then I'll put in in front of my caravan and build a floor and roof around the drivers position.. And drive around.

firglenchainsaws: I like it! I am building a "tractor" at the moment...hope it works!
Home made, Two wheel tractor, Walk behind Tractor 5 out of 5

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Home made, Two wheel tractor, Walk behind Tractor