How To Make A Foam Shield!

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TheHuskyRiot Gaming: How would you put like a sigil on this?

01Lagiacrus901: "You can see the back side is still messy. But, who cares!?"

Spooky Ghost: Could this take a full on run to a shoulder or something and still stay together?

Marika Howell: is this larp legal?

MizBizL: Can you spray Paint on it?

Sun Praiser: Made one. I didn't really believe it, but I tried it in a LARP, and, oh god, it worked really well. It was light, lighter than any wooden shield, and really though. I took heavy hits, fell on it, fell in the mud, it was raining for a few hours, I had no problems at all.

I recommand it, to anyone searching for a good and cheap shield. Made mine for less than $10.

Million Ways to Play: why make a foam shield that`ll brake much quicker than a wooden one? Sure, wood is heavy, but it`ll last longer.

James Tello Jr. (Reviews): try foamcore posterboard- more durability

Ultima Haxor: this sheild looks real legit but how much did it cost (plz answer)

neal justus: i like what you do with the fome stuff can you do the same thing but with wood instead of cardboard 

gatheringthemagic98: What on earth is gutter strapping? Id really like to find some. Btw not sure if you know...the link to your site is broken

spacecadet35: Good tutorial. We use "fluteboard" or "coreflute" (like they use for real estate signs) instead of cardboard.  But the principle is the same.

MasterQueb222: The tape is incredibly ugly

Mysticolored: I live in hawaii, so I don't have pipe insulator, what else can i use?

Yin Chu: Thanks for the tutorial!

James McDonald:  ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 

T3chnoNerd: how can i make it look good other side?:)

the rusting star: the one he made or the one you made?

EpicWinNoob: Okay Let's see yours.

tshawnjohnson: please PLEASE use a dust mask when you are spraying spray glue. It is *the* *worst* things to inadvertently get into your lungs - trust me. Otherwise GREAT tutorial - thank you!
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How to Make a Foam Shield!