Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate - Basic Editing Tutorial

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Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate - Basic Editing Tutorial
Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate - Basic Editing Tutorial
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TheOnceandFutureGeek: First, thanks a lot for these videos, they're really helpful! Second, I was hoping you could help me? I've been trying to export a video a few times now, but every time I do the same problem shows up: about halfway through, my video starts "glitching" and the glitching gets progressively worse (here's a screenshot of what it looks like: 

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the source files, they play fine.The video is about 22 minutes long, and the glitching shows up around 11 to 12 minutes in. It does NOT show up in the editor, only AFTER it's been exported into a new file. Neither the editor preview nor the little still images when exporting show any sign of this problem. I've tried saving it as multiple file types (.mov, .mp4, and .avi). I've tried re-editing the entire project. I tried re-importing the source file but for some reason the re-imported file wouldn't even play in the editor, though the original import still acts fine. I tried exporting just the half of the video where the glitches start to see if it was specific to that part of the video, but it exported just fine-- no glitches. It's like the program gets bored halfway through exporting and stops paying attention to what it's doing.

I've googled every combo of words I can think of to try and find a solution but I can't really find anything specific to this program for this problem. In case it's relevant, I was having issues with audio desyncing before on the same video but no glitch problems on exporting-- I used Handbreak to convert it to a constant FPS instead of variable. That fixed my audio desyncing problem but now there's this graphical glitch one. Help would be greatly appreciated, I've spent the better part of almost three days trying to figure this out.

Running Windows 7 on an AMD FX 6300 six-core processor. 64-bit OS, 8GB of RAM, dedicated SSD. No non-essential background programs running while exporting.


Robert Vos: Question: I just started to use 18.5. In 17 when I imported files it created a new collection and showed it immediately so that I did not have to hunt for it. In 18.5 it doesn't do that and I am having one heck of a time finding my imported video and pics. Is there a way to set up 18.5 so that the imported files show after import? I can't even find the files in Organizer...ugh. Thanks.

Its Weasel: Can this program deal with 4k footage?

AmericanIsraeliJew: This software is ideal for making videos for Youtube and a computer, but even using the Wondershare Converter (that you have to pay extra for) it won't make a DVD that you can play from a DVD player to your TV.  They lead you to believe this software will make a DVD disc and it does make a DVD disc in all kinds of formats all on which I've tried.  So I looked at one of my purchased DVD movies and the files ext are *.vob.  So I went to the help and search the manual for vob, that didn't help because there was only on reference to vob.  So I scrolled down a bit in the pdf help file and clicked a link for further help then searched avi to vob converter and it gave me the Wondershare converter and sure enough there was a function to convert avi to vob but it only converts a 1/3 of the video and you have to buy the program to get it to convert the full video from avi to vob.  So I tried it and same ole same ole it wouldn't work in my DVD play that plays on the TV.  Get this though.  I have a Nikon Video Camera.  Any movie I make is so simple.  I make the movie copy the file (any video file will work and the camera produces several) to my DVD then  burn it and the DVD disc plays correctly in all my DVD players that play through the TV and also on my PC. I solved the problem.  I bought AVS4YOU video converter for $59.00 and made a perfect DVD that plays from my DVD Player to my HDTV.

Tarie Williams: i sure hope you can help, I love your tutorials.  have learned ALOT.  I have been a fabulous final cut 35 minute movie.   Looks great, except for one small problems.  When I put the pic on the timeline, it looks great, when I run a preview of the movie, most of the color is gone.  it is not completely black and white.  I think I thought I was adding an effect to one picture and inside it went into the entire movie.  Is there a way to reverse this without losing the whole movie, any help greatly appreciated

AmericanIsraeliJew: Thanks for taking the time to make this video.  I might need to watch it a few more times but it definitely helps me understand this software,

Vicloves: Please help me! I downloaded pinnacle but I don't know where or how I have to open it. And to you have to create an account or something before you can start with Pinnacle?

crixus DNA: How can i make a video or insert i am using bandicam will it work??

Steve G: Hi my friend what program can i use to capture my screen and after edit the video with Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate without problems?

Michael Gordon: Hi, Love your tutorial. I have taken video of a wedding using two cameras and I need to keep the two tracks in sync. Is there a way on Pinnacle studio 17 that I can lock the two tracks together so when I add a clip or take away a section the two (and third sound) stay in sync?

Pure Noble: How do I take off the black boarders? In my video clips there boarders on top and bottom but when i upload it there also boarders on the sides. So now my has a thick black square boarder and the picture looks smaller. how can I fix this?

Resarez: What is best setting for upload on youtube?
I have export it with MP4 1080p,, it's fine on my computer, but when I upload on youtube the quality is decreasing..
When I stream on HD 1080p, the quality is suck, but not really bad.. but when I stream on 420p, the quality is really really crap.

Jamie Albee: how do you cut and paste files from one track and put them on another, right now i have 3 tracks i want to
consolidate into one.

VISHAL KANJIYA: plese how to download this softwere help me...

Scumbag Eve: Thanks, this really helped me out!

DaDevilish UndaGroundMuzic: this soft ain't nothing but a sony "WANNA BE"!!  haha.just a different name.

Kim Leap: Dear PinnacleStudioPro, how can I edit ultra video with pinnacle studio 17 Ultimate? I really need your help. Thanks.

Frimpeezzy: Thanks

Frimpeezzy: Can u make a masking video. I want to cover a name or face of a person in video. How will that work.

Ron Bath: Pinnacle Studio Pro,
 HELP!! In pinnacle 14, you could import a long stretch of video, and it would cut it up into different clips by way of scene detection. This made editing home movies a breeze. I cant find that option in pinnacle 17, what gives?
Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate - Basic Editing Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate - Basic Editing Tutorial