DIY Alcohol Jet Stove

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Ray Townson: I used a hiking water bottle to make mine, ( thicker Alum ) works really well.

Ray Townson: I made one of these last year, if you want the output better you need to drill the 16 holes a little bit higher up, not much higher, but I noticed yours are a bit too low, also if you only put 2 half holes in the bottom with a small half round file you will get a far better burn, I boiled 2 cups of water in about 3 to 4 minutes, hope the constructed critesitium (advice) helps. the rivets are to stop it seperating under pressure.

tectonicD: why can't anyone talk in these D.I.Y. campstove uploads? I would prefer an explanation to go along with the demo rather than a copyright infringed jazz tune.

angel santos: what kind of alcohol ?

tjzx3432: 2nd class out of 20th. 1st being the best.

Edward Smith: Awesome video!! Thanks for sharing!! 5/5 ED

Ken Agsaway: denatured alcohol..?

aokspage: A great instructional video. Good job. Nice stove

JoelThedude4u: Oh and one more thing: it seems you would be very good friends with a Dremmel. ver smoother cutting and more capabilities, but you sure know how to use tools.

Patrick Dyer: Side burners work terribly in wind

saarah sadaf: very nice video with measurements

Kwan Pang Leung: how long does this last?

tony tran: i really don't understand how the flames get oxygen after the pot has been placed on top. someone please explain.

gotobansky: is anyone know if it can work with unleaded (car) gaz?

ColKorn1965: 1/16

katiefan: Nice project! This is a design I have not yet tried. Anxious to get started now!

OrbitaL-S2D: and pliers is not plural. just like pants. but he said plier lol

SgtBegood: 5/5 greath job!! wanted to get the vargo titanium stove,i think i will built one like your's in stead!THX!!!

captainpegs07: anyone know what size drill bit for the jets?

Delta8559272: what lighter are you using?

Tony Lou: This is very interesting job. Thank you for sharing. I have an idea that I should make one for brewing my coffee with mocha pot at outdoor. Fun !

alonelygirl15: that is so freaking cool!

ShoeManShoe68: Best I have seen! Thank you and keep it up

Andy Thompson: Here's one just like it reviewed by Tinny over two years ago that did come from a manufacturer. It's polished, too. watch?v=BYjn8Urk7YA

Dabnabbit1991: Some get that man a de-buring tool for his birthday.

fergzzag: wow your master de alcohol stove

Hungerth: perfect how-to thank you :)

mdf072: @thenofxer use epoxy like JB weld

katiefan: I am thinking about using a fuel filter body to make my next one.

TheHaalex: I actually have one of those sitting on the desk in front of me right now : )

Justin DiPlacido: audioswap needs better music! other than that its great

jeffatsigmaplastics: nice!

chinnmusic: very nice production How much of that inverted top section can you hammer in before it will split the bottom section? About 1/8th or a 1/4 inch?

pannierrack: Nice, but....where is the air rintake?? I mean when you put the stove immediately on the top, you kind of stop the air intake from above....?? When I put a pan on my Trangia, it blocks the airintake... Thanks,

bk119957: @DJDailey These cans, as well as budlight bottle-cans are made of considerably thicker aluminum than standard beer or soda cans. Venom energy drinks are made with even thicker aluminum walls than the can in the video, but that's overkill... you could stand on one of these with no problem.

aaron willis: Very nice vid- really well explained and i liked the diagrams --- are the rivets really needed? i see a lot without them

Ginny Vicente-Cuevas: Amazing!!

DesertFernweh: Great Job!!, do you have to use rivets?

thenofxer: By far the best vid i have seen on this project. Every one else ramble with out script. bla bla bla just make the damn thig all ready... My main problem is no rivet gun or any tools really haha. Keep up the awesome!!

JoelThedude4u: @dragoninfire123 comes in a box of 6 at the gas station not sold individually

David Lee: go search the website from google and then enter it from google, you can't access the website by typing in the url cuz prob you live in united states or something

Tyson Nightingale: Haha, fancy video for a ghetto object! The burner was cool though, I respect how resourceful it is.

Jose Linayo: This alcohol jet stove is the best I've seen is the number one

coolkid14432: it will work if u want it 2 blow up

H2OValdez: Thank you!!! :)

JMEBF: It's cool,.. I'll try it !!!

PowerCat0: When the alcohol boils, it emits alcohol vapours. Educated guess would say that the already lit fire coming out of the hole keeps the vapour warm and firey, therefore just keeping alit.

angel santos: can u use gasoline on it???

Chris Lee: Excellent video, just made myself one of these from an old alloy canteen. Took about 30 minutes and works a treat. Heated a tin of beans to piping hot in about a minute and a half and heated 2 mugs of water in about 2 minutes. Many thanks for this most excellent tutorial.

nolobede: Miles Davis... Made me watch the whole thing.
DIY alcohol jet stove 4.8 out of 5

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DIY alcohol jet stove