DIY Alcohol Jet Stove

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Adela Tejeda: will it still be a functioning stove if you use the same design except leave the neck of the bottle longer even if that means you will have to use 2 bottles?? so now the stove will look about the same but taller and maybe it will be able to use more fuel??? I've never built one at all so just anybody who has and can answer my question???

CharlieTango 1: I used a hiking water bottle to make mine, ( thicker Alum ) works really well.

CharlieTango 1: I made one of these last year, if you want the output better you need to drill the 16 holes a little bit higher up, not much higher, but I noticed yours are a bit too low, also if you only put 2 half holes in the bottom with a small half round file you will get a far better burn, I boiled 2 cups of water in about 3 to 4 minutes, hope the constructed critesitium (advice) helps. the rivets are to stop it seperating under pressure.

tjzx3432: Ps what measurement for the next cut please someone answer.

tjzx3432: 2nd class out of 20th. 1st being the best.

pannierrack: Nice, but....where is the air rintake?? I mean when you put the stove immediately on the top, you kind of stop the air intake from above....?? When I put a pan on my Trangia, it blocks the airintake... Thanks,

Patrick Dyer: Side burners work terribly in wind

saarah sadaf: very nice video with measurements

fergzzag: wow your master de alcohol stove

Rudi Garcia: esse teu ai ficou top

Doods Dayto: nice work, just a fcw: huge weep hole, a "v" file could have done that put the vent holes too close to middle of the can, this will limit amount of alcohol as the space between those are "expansion area" for the heated alcohol; also you may want to "fujiweld" the seams so you wont have small leaks that can minimize the side flames.Overall its a really nice work , except I don't use fujiweld or rivet, we seal with mini hydraulic press using car jacks. will put you tube vid soon...,

Harvey Hauschildt: Really great demonstration. I wish I had this when I was a Scout Master. Wonderful project for Scouts and Dads too.

jeffatsigmaplastics: nice!

Fatih Toraman: Good work!

ColKorn1965: 1/16

captainpegs07: anyone know what size drill bit for the jets?

Richard Moran: How efficient is this? I'm new to alcohol as I've always used canister type but giving alcohol a true to save weight and cash.

Buzzman Fly: 1st class video

arkledun: Excellent. Thanks.
DIY alcohol jet stove 5 out of 5

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DIY alcohol jet stove