How To Fix The Humming/buzzing Noise With ANY Headset/mic/EXTERNAL Recording Device

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How to fix the  humming/buzzing noise with ANY headset/mic/EXTERNAL recording device
How to fix the humming/buzzing noise with ANY headset/mic/EXTERNAL recording device
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HOW TO FIX STATIC ON MIC/HEADSET (ALC898 Realtek) (Mechanical Way)
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Buzzing Problem w/Logitech G930 Wireless Headset

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TMBlackCat: WHAT THE freak IS POWER CORD??? WHEREEEE I CLICK?? Edit: googled it! But what the freak dude, i have desktop computer! How am i supposed to unplug this if my computer will not start?!!??! WTF Is this video only for laptops??

Felix santos: actually worked ! thanks

Maria de Lurdes Melo: Thank you! Your explanation was very useful!

Steven Z: Very nice, although it didn't help me at all haha, I did a test in Audacity, while talking I unplugged my laptop and the sound actually got worse. I guess I have a bigger problem on my hands.

Vartic: This works, I tested it, when I unplug my laptop the buzzing stops. Might not be everyones problem but it was mine, thanks a lot! I've been killing my self over this all afternoon.

Riley Gillespie: this aint the freakin solution my mic has full green bars on the part where u can see if sound is being recived like the buzzing is internel and the power plug has nun to do with it cause the buzzin is still der when i unplugg it and it drowns out my voice with buzzing and u demb ass nigga u still go the buzzin in da vid

Andrew Pleter: k dude listen i have a problem where somehow i can here a radio station in the backround when i pulug the pink cord for speaking in wtf???

FlawZii: My friends hear a buzzing noise in parties im in with them, how do I remove this

OMGUGMR: I almost lost my mind with that sound and now you saved mee THANK YOUUU! :D

AlGetzGaming: Oh thank you this helped a lot!

Alex Beckers: The humming noise that some people get is not due to the computer not being grounded. Some PCI soundcards are not shielded and some Motherboards in particular Gigabyte ones tend to interfere with headsets. For example I can hear my computer working and the mouse moving when I have my headset on. The humming is nearly the same except it occasionally has higher noises in it aswell.

Stephen smoove: Its PC what about Xbox 360

Evan Villaflor: I love you

xXJustin2kXx: thanks!!!

iemand123456789: Thank you, verry helpful :)

Gamin Gurl: Thank you SOOOO much this helped me a lot with my channel :]


andorei14: A freakING GENIUS!!!!!!!

Cj Gregory: Wish I knew this 10 years ago. Holy freak thank you

GAM3INGL0RD: i can hear like a really anoying sound in thebackgroud ( sounds a bit like morse code ) whenever i am playing minecraft or when i am sorting out files or anything like that, its a turtle beach it is a usb 3 and i have no idea what is wrong, i have looked every where on the internet and i cant find any thing, can any one help ?

Divine Tunes: Thanx man your amazing!

ThePsych0Snip3R0: GODDAMNED INTEGRATED AUDIO CARD :(((((((((((((

UKKorby: Oh man, you're a lifesaver!

Degan Kettles: Thank you so much, simple thing, lots of saved frustration.

TheHappyAlready: I can't do that crap, I have not a laptop, but a PC.

WintyGamer: The laptop charging thing

Marianne Moggridge: That was very useful thank you

paul co: this guy had just saved my headset thank you this really works

Blazinhbkm: That's the problem: it's already plugged into one :/

trancetasy: this solution only works for laptop, for desktop there are industrial usb isolator that runs around $200

Keisuke Tomizawa: this type is usually caused by having a mic and headphone combo. a mic only solution can fix the problem

Patrick Arguello: You sir are awesome. Thanks to you I fixed my speaker humming which was driving me crazy. Nobody knew how to fix it. Thanks so much!

SpudsCouch: Thank you. It is now fixed!

hackerpro558: what if you use a web cam for mic

Pat Productions: HOLY freakING crap dude i just returned my headset got a new one and even talked to multiple supports and this FINALLY FIXED it! i love you! FAVED

EATALLGINGERS44: it doesnt work

OLD Shahar DynaZor Alon: When I pull my power chord out, the whole workstation... well... shutdown....

su27fighter: Here is what you need to do for desktop computer!Use metal wire!ONE END OF IT ATTACH TO METAL PART OF YOUR COMPUTER (AT THE METAL COVER OF USB PORTS ON THE BACK OF COMUTER) AND THE OTHER SIDE TO SOMETHING METAL IN YOUR ROOM! works for me! :D p.s. you can use usb cable: Plug it into port and the other side attach to something metal in your room! Just make those two connections!Hope it works!Pozdrav!

SuperBackie ODJ: tyvm

3rdDeminsion: Awesome!! Thanks. What I don't get is it started doing it when I plugged the power cord into a strip or surge protector which I figured was good.?.? Now it's back in the wall and no noise, but no surge protection.

TheKidTrio: You sir, are my hero, forever

ReWildUniversity: You rock! Perfect fix. Thanks!

LibyanWolf: thank you, i thought the problem was because of the crappy headset i have, but i was wrong, once i unplugged my laptop the buzz stopped :) thank you .. May Allah Bless u.

Sonicmon007: Thanks man. You earned yourself a sub.

karaokeku: Does using a stabilizer work?

Keve Teller: I have the same problem. If you find a way to fix it please tell me how. (:

Sha Money: You really just saved me fam....

zongivila: What should I do?I don't understand

zirquera28: that's not the point. you need to have a different kind of plug.

Rahn: Wow! Thanks man!
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How to fix the  humming/buzzing noise with ANY headset/mic/EXTERNAL recording device