How To Replace Screen On Kindle 3g

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How to replace screen on Kindle 3g
How to replace screen on Kindle 3g
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Catirina Bonet: Thank you so much!!  I was able to combine parts from my two Kindle DX's with your instructions and make one, fully functioning piece with the tools in my kitchen drawer!!  I replaced a broken screen and a keyboard by doing exactly what you said!  SAVED MY DAY!  THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!

Trina Portner: i have a kindle touch my screen is cracked i would to put in a new screen i don't no where to go get one and the tools to can you help

Shauntel Jenkins: Easiest instructions! Thanks

jokeman099: anyone else relieved that they listen to heavy metal in croatia?

Юрий Нестеренко: many many thanks, friend. I fixed problem with my broken screen according your video. Огромное спасибо!

Or Maoz: Hey, maybe you can answer my question: I broke my kindle 3 (wifi) screen and I've just ordered a new one online (this model name: ED060SC7) all I have to do is whats' instructed in the video? or since I'm dealing with a wifi model it's different? Thanks!

Djudovi: you can them

Ana Paula Brito: aliexpress . com/item/amazon-kindle-E-ink-6-diagonal-display-ED060SC7-100-Genuine/423994304 . html

Ana Paula Brito: I bought it at aliexpress . com. It worked fine! I recommend

shtml54: YOU'RE a STAR....Thanks.

AjvarD: They gave me 10$ or 15$ credit (discount) too. Even though warranty was out of date. Vide is GOOD. Music is crap. How can anyone learn or repair smth with it?

Djudovi: there is replacment on but i do not know how good they are in selling..they are something like ebay

Wyatt Lewis: did you ever find where to get a cheap replacement?

vinniev01: Thanks! This was the most straightforward of all videos to replace the screen.

Elizabeth Nesbitt: I can't see it clearly but I'm trying to understand the e-ink...Is it part of a special screen or it is something behind the glass? I'm tempted to pull mine apart & have a look at it but I can still make out some of the ebook (and my Kindle DX is voice enable so I don't need to see what it reads to me). I was thinking about having a bit of glass cut for me from the local glassier but if the ink is part of the glass then that's not going to work. Not really sure what to do with it.

eydaimon: Where did you get the screen? I need to replace mine?

Zach Zzach: Thank you for the video... The song though, why? ugh.

hasturo: ty, repaired my screen in 20 minutes!

GrassCreekShakkas: Yeah.Where can I get a replacement screen for a decent price?

fuck off google i dont want to use my real name: Where did you get the replacement screen from?
How to replace screen on Kindle 3g 5 out of 5

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How to replace screen on Kindle 3g