How To Plumb An Aquaponics System: Sump Tanks

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Marcos Torres: what kind of water heating system do you use?

Laura Hackett: Is there a way to calculate how big you want your sump tank to be?

Ch Chh: do you have any type of circulation inside the ibc?

Patricia Callen: sharing the info is great but seeing what you are talking about would be great. your cute but the video isn't about you. more of a visual would be great.

Rick Garnett: 1) Would you recommend an inline pump outside the sump over a submersible pump inside the sump? If so, why? Just so you don't get wet?

2) It doesn't look like you have a swirl filter. I was thinking of adding a swirl filter between the fish tank and the sump made out of a 55gal drum. Why did you decide against the swirl filter? Doesn't a lack of a mechanical filter lead to heavier biosolid build up in your lines and media beds?

Kaltwasser45: Do you have to use hdpe food grade plastics to get organically certified? Or can plants even process the chemicals in PVC. I'm debating this on my setup, if it's not even an issue, then I will just use PVC. Great videos.

David Stone: What kind of material are the walls of the well made of?

David Stone: Why do you use bulkhead fittings as opposed to hooking up plumbing to the valve the ibc tote comes with?

justme228: Is there any way you can have a to little sump tank? Or dose it matter on size?

D: I love your knowledge and information... however I do not like any of your video editing because I have yet to see one of your videos that shows what you're talking about. Might help to pick up the camera and show us :)

jack black: I idk if am just oblivious to the answer but am interested in starting an NFT aquaponics system i understand the importance of a sump tank but were would it go because the filtration will be done before it gets to the plant roots an i see in many systems it goes after the plant tubes...should it be just after the fish tank then go into the filters,then to the plants?

Bright Agrotech: Thanks, Ronald! Thanks for the kind words.

Ronald Warner: I really enjoy your videos. You are very informative and a natural teacher. Keep up the good work.

Bright Agrotech: Vishal is correct. Instead of lining everything up and having each element below the previous one, or using two pumps, we run a single pump system which means that the water is split. This means that some dirty water is returned to the fish, but the math works out. If we split our water 50-50 and cycle the entire volume once per hour and the end of 1 hour we're 50% filtered at 2h 75%, at 3h 87.5%, etc. Not exact but close.

Bright Agrotech: Hi Sonny, Swirl filters are great, but we don't use them because our towers do all of our filtration for us.

Bright Agrotech: Cool, if we can afford to we'll probably implement some of these things down the road.

Bright Agrotech: Yep, it all gravity feeds. There's enough volume and incline to get it moving!

Vishal Patel: My guess is that this allows them to maintain water levels in the fish-tank, as well as make sure that all lines from the growbeds flow into a single sump... but I'd like their answer to this as well!

Bright Agrotech: Wouldn't recommend it..
How to Plumb an Aquaponics System: Sump Tanks 5 out of 5

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How to Plumb an Aquaponics System: Sump Tanks