IMac 7.1(2008) Hard Drive Replace/install/upgrade, Open Case PT.2

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iMac 7.1(2008) hard drive replace/install/upgrade. open case PT.1
iMac 7.1(2008) hard drive replace/install/upgrade. open case PT.1
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20-Inch iMac (2007-2008) Hard Drive Installation Video
Replacing a 2008 iMac Hard Drive
Replacing a 2008 iMac Hard Drive
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How To: Intel iMac Hard Drive Replacement
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2007/08 iMac Disassembly. Hard Drive Replacement

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Max Shahmoradi: any hard drive can run linux or any other OS's on them and also partitions.

Charlysnoox Ro.: Thank you for the video. I have not gotten the courage to do it myself because once i took the two layers off i doubted if i would remember the way the wires where connected. With this i have more confidence to do so. I am looking to replace my CD drive because it has a CD stuck inside and i have tried every shortcut , every tool to stick inside to pull the CD out and still stuck, any feedback for my upcoming project would Greatly! be appreciated.

Anthony Massey: I just replaced our Mac's hard drive with a Barracuda 1TB drive. I'm not sure where i should put the thermometer... The drives are a little different...

Martin Magaña: yea, just make sure it's the same size as a regular hd or it won't fit in the brackets. you can probably find a harness or something to make it the right size.

Martin Magaña: yuuuuuuuuup! :3

Matthew Park: Are Western Digital hard drives able to run Linux partitions?

fbithejames: So, any internal hard drives are compatible?

Haiku Automation: very well done video, you can thank your camera man many times over.

Melvin Garcia: Can 16TB Hard Drive or limit?

Rick Longhi: Excellent video / Manual. Good job presenting exactly what must be done.

dugost: Thanks for posting this video! You really helped me out with the walk-through and saved me a ton of time and hassle by doing it myself instead of getting a tech to do it for me. My screen connectors were different, though, possibly because my screen was replaced with a different type under warranty. Otherwise my hard drive replacement was a snap thanks to your video. Cheers.

Martin Magaña: I knew it was something like that!

Ronnie LeBaron: m of the computer, down by the cooling fan, which, when the case went in all the way, was causing it to ground out. Touchy!

Ronnie LeBaron: Hey man, thanks for all your help. Got the case issue figured out. There was an obscure little wire that was being pinched at the botto

Martin Magana: @ronlebaron Well that's a new one! I would make sure that all holes receiving screws are completely clear. Sometime a wire will partially block it, and still let the screw enter, but destroy the wire at the same time. Also, make sure the monitor cable it WELL ATTACHED and secured with tape to the back of the monitor. Check the hard drive thermometer. Try attaching it with the computer running, notice at what point the computer goes out. Reply and we'll try to help more. Hope that helps a little.

Ronnie LeBaron: Hi, I've just completed this process in an Intel imac 20" , and for some reason, when I put the Silver casing on, it shorts the thing out and it won't boot. When I take it off, it runs just fine. What gives?

Daniel Janca: @ralteredstates Of course. Usually SSDs are 2.5 sizes, so you'll need an something like an extra bracket or enclosure so that it would fit firmly. Other World Computing has a nice solution, google it.

ralteredstates: Will a SSD work in the iMac 7,1?

Martin Magaña: @cain772 The most reliable hard drives include a five year manufacturer warranty. Why? I use Western Digital because they have a great warranty policy. I don't think I have any 2TB drives on my blog, but there are examples of hard drives with 5 year warranties. If your data is extremely important, though, I would just use an external HD and Time Machine backup. Then the warranty isn't as important because the chances of two hard drives going out at the same time is slim.

isaac flores: OK seeing your how to makes me want to do this upgrade myself. I have an iMac 24" 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with a 698.64 GB OEM hard drive. I want to upgrade it to a 2 terabyte hard drive. What is the most reliable hard drive to replace it with in your opinion?
iMac 7.1(2008) hard drive replace/install/upgrade, open case PT.2 5 out of 5

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iMac 7.1(2008) hard drive replace/install/upgrade, open case PT.2