MRI Of Lumbar Spine L4 L5 S1 Disc Bulge

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MRI of lumbar spine L4 L5 S1 disc bulge
MRI of lumbar spine L4 L5 S1 disc bulge
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Mohit Gupta: I am having mild slip dics of L5 and S1 due to which it constantly paining in my lower back and things are getting worsed by increase in time. what does slip dics actually means any help please

ezequieles: Ben did you have disk desiccation and loss of disk height at any of the problem levels?

Ben Davis: asides from a little odd sensation in my left foot my back is at long last pain free. ☺ I really thought I was going to be in constant pain for the rest of my life. I'm very thankful indeed!

accounting aat: i have severe painfull sciatica plus burning lower back pain. Been refused mri saying u have got sciatica only...50 days on all sort of medications. None helped.Eventually i had mri scan tomorrow results. 2013 again only sciatica , injection givven in buttock in the emergency.This year been in Chelsea and another emergency centre -they save money and no injections!!!
My summer is a nightmare only in bed . Body deviated on one side, back muscle above sciatica leg is swallen all the way to neck, get shorter 3 cm, leg also shortened..
Cant wait to see a spine specialist but NHS is worsening

Misba uddin: Anton where you got the scan .ask for it there. I paid £10 do mine. they will give you a cd

Lika Enukidze: can somebody explain to me what is a different between MRI and LAMBER MRI
thanks in advance 

Anton Hartfree: i was wondering how you got your scan results i am in the uk  just paid a lot of cash to get my medical records none of the xrays or mri scan included

Evie 72: Am ten days post of l45s1plus ryzolisis five hr surgery full directory had fifteen yrs of meds four nerve block injections my two discs prolapse herniated went through my thecal sac was leaking spinal fluid discs calcified and petrified first time I'm buttock and leg pain free cross fingers I meant discectomy lol I feel for anyone with this pain

Zach Harris: When I was 10 I hade to get a tumor removed from in-between my l4 and l5 also in that surgery I had to get the fusion with the l4 and s1

Tony Rodgers: hopefully I am getting mine done .I got rushed in had 2 bottle of gas and air 2injection of marvine and blood pressure was 130 over 180 the pain was out of this world

Rafiq Malik: also in your backbone and sometimes it also compresses the nerve root and give similar symptoms , but by giving rocephin it works to cure the infection caused by Cyst and infections in joints and nerve roots are swollen ,,,, i just wanted to know that is this answer by doctor is correct pleease any one help me

Rafiq Malik: Hi To all , I have herniated disk L5 ,S1 issue I had a very very bad pain of Sciatica before 10 days....I was given , Diclofenac Sodium, ibuprofen , , injections & tablets that didnt work , after many days usage of high dosage of pain killers , i decided to change the doctor , I explained the new doctor all above , he gave me an injection of Rocephin i got improvement i was surpised that its a antibiotic how does it effects on herniated disk issue? so he explained to me that there is a cyst

Misba uddin: Has anyone tried disc compression therapy

Rajiv Singh: l4l5s1 dic bulge right leg left leg pain

Ben Davis: Yeah I know what you mean! I feel older and more frail than the Pope!

Ben Davis: Hi, my surgeon suggested a double level fusion at L4/L5 to stabilise the area but success rates for that op weren't great and it's a very expensive op to have... I doubt the NHS would be willing to fund it. It's also got a very long recovery time.

Ben Davis: Hi, my back felt fixed for about 6 wks until I tweaked it during physio. Still have a lot of back pain now... seems to be flared up more often than not. With regard to meds I find Diclofenac is pretty effective at calming it down but no sooner do I stop taking it, it flares up again. Tried Codeine but that gave me horrendous pain in the liver area! Apparently not meant to take Codeine if you've had your gallbladder removed!

lee eardley: im going through this at the minute , i have got the bulge on l4-l5 disc, first did it 14 years ago and been having problems with back since dec last year, now straight to the doctors when i developed and having my mri 9th January , have been told that i am having an operation with in the next 2 weeks......Im abit nervous about the op and if there is going to be any after problems....

Tywin Lannister: It's basically a result of me having terrible posture from working very long hours at computers and the dominating factor of bad heredity. My dad has the same problem, just much worse, and my grandfather is actually missing two discs in his back with pretty jacked up sciatic ya, that probably had something to do with it. I've seen the MRI, but honestly I can't make much of it other than the bulge and the displacement. Thanks for responding, appreciate the advice on the issue.

welmond: dude, i have the same issue as well. how did you injure your disc? did you get to see your mri? i'm curious what it looks like as i'm trying to make sense out of mines. if possible you might want to avoid the meds or take a look of the side effects. i was given pain meds and it did a great deal of damage to my body. With enough time, the body will absorb the herniation which is basically causing your pain... assuming the herniation doesn't ravel down the spinal canal
MRI of lumbar spine L4 L5 S1 disc bulge 5 out of 5

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MRI of lumbar spine L4 L5 S1 disc bulge