Mackerel Run Ep 6 Part 1 ENGLISH SUB [ Lee Min Ho ]

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Stacey Amelia: Chung ah so cute <3

JellyLovesFaith: LEE MIN HOTNESS!

kassandratop31: Awww poor class president

Claudia choi: Awww, I like the class president girl better.

callyma19: The class president is so pitiful but I still prefer lee min ho and moon chae won

Alexander Aitan: i really really really really like the class president

fan.boy: why doesn't lee min ho just date the class president....she's really cute !!!!!

Emiko Tsukui: Sorry I send wrongly again

Rozie Grg: :-)

astrudd jazzmine garcia: me either i like the class president either....

Rehannah Harripaul: you totally broke her heart what if as revenge she makes evr'ything worse 4 u

claymaryelleeminho: ahahahahahah..nice min ho!

salwa elouattab: the class president her face looks like her face is kicked with feets o_o

Emiko Tsukui: @loveannalove

officialkanya: yoon seo is so pwettyy, i prefer min ho with her.

love mariam: yes she is

Tuki Dee: They don't have normal sharpeners in south korea?

marjorieasugas: har!har!har!!.so funny!,this is the best drama remedy ever!!.lol

Vanesa Escamilla: poor class president, ill be sad too... :(

kaif iman: he should date the class president

Khansa Aini: wak wak wak ngakak lahhhh

salwa elouattab: she's so ugly ar u blind :o

jellaines: Aish

Erica Valiente: ahggrr crap..wat to this youtube i cnt watch it....

Nor Hayati: Ok

Sheyenne Ng Sher Win: @kpop5dollsfan01 yes but they call her the director

loveannalovepink: cant resist on praising lee min ho handsome!!

odeza alfin: hahaha this drama make me crazy realy all i can do is laught.

jerritopia: #team class president

akin pa rin ang bukas: he was young and so cute
Mackerel Run ep 6 part 1 ENGLISH SUB [ lee min ho ] 4.9 out of 5

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Mackerel Run ep 6 part 1 ENGLISH SUB [ lee min ho ]