Well L96 Upgrade

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SIMPLYBEAST1231: Lol $180. For a trigger. Ha ha. I just got a metal upgrade on for $10. And don't use tweezers to take that apart use needle nose pliers like a normal person. And you don't have to take the trigger box off to take the bolt out. Thats what that quick release firing pin is for.

jelle michiels: thanks dude, you really helped me taking apart my l96 for cleaning and opened a world for me cuz now i'm ready to start upgrading her ;)

Jacob Mclain: You can get a utg trigger box for 30 bucks on some airsoft sites

drev1: You dont need to take the upper part off off the stock for taking out the bolt. Why do ppl make everything so hard.

neonbluen851: Nice Victorias Secret magazine, wonder what you were doing prior to this.....

Drippin Sauce: I use an angel sp170 and my stock trigger is still going almost 2 years now. I bought a 40$ sear set in case it broke a year ago and it still hasn't, I play all the time..

Ryan Strong: Lol dat magazine in the back!!

2312 Gaming: Look at ASPUK, google it. Then L96 section

Josh King: I bought a metal trigger box for $50 bucks at evike

rotweilerdc: no

ps3lego95: how much you buy all l96 kit?

xTheMythTheLegendx: victoria secret i think

ps3lego95: is that playboy magazine?

xTheMythTheLegendx: yess, this video was when i was a rookie haha. 2 years later, i can take apart this baby with no problem. and explain things better as well. i need to make an update video soon

cup_of_jo21: Maybe the Well L96 is different but I know on my TSD and on the UTG all you have to do to get the bolt out is pull out that first trigger pin. No criticism just trying to make things simpler.

Erkan Kastan: freakİNG BİRD

th3g4m3rL1248: ok my original hop up completely shattered and i was wondering if you could do a video on how to install bc i cant seem to find any, it would be much apppreciated thanks

xTheMythTheLegendx: yes i got a pdi, best investment on my gun.

th3g4m3rL1248: lmao, but do you have the pdi hop up unit? bc i also have an l96 and i shattered the hop up unit and i need a new one

xTheMythTheLegendx: believe*
well l96 upgrade 5 out of 5

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well l96 upgrade