Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Freeze

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Phoenix Loiselle: Hi I have same problem -Screen frozen unable to do anything -even 3 button reboot of Down volume button start button and power on button at same time.I removed back -removed battery waited 15 secs re-inserted battery and all went back to normal Galaxy S 4 

زياد العراقي: hi 2 all ..same to my gs4 but it happened after i replace lcd screen ..i think it hardware problem ..the phone work well when i thump on uper left of screen and when i heat the phone on hot air it become best .but not solve problem .ihope find solution .for that ...sorry if my english not good .

whatzupdudes7: freak S4 same here cant even get through my lock screen

norky ravino: same with my friend.

fizfixer: same here

raxi fauzan: sometime

James youarn: Same 

dusan sandor: Haloo,, ihave same problem,, what to do...?

Tom Nagata: same problem :(

Martin G: ????????????????????????????????????????????

Karar Karar: I am having the same problem since the first day, it freeze on the dial pad screen, contact screen and text messages. when it happen the phone temperature's goes to 58c. then battery drain faster.

Тамерлан Тешев: хахаааааааааааахаххахахахахахахахахахахаххаххаххаххахахахаххаахахахахахахахаххахаахахаххахххааххахахахахахахахахахах

Zepu Ma: It is not a common problem to S4, I hope your S4 won.t have this problem

Zepu Ma: really not sure abt the quality, after the repair, everything seems fine and work pretty good

Zepu Ma: Hi Raj. After rapired, the phone doesn't have the problem any more

Zepu Ma: No, I did not put any screen protector. I just came back from samsung service centre, the techinician told me it is a hardware issue

Zepu Ma: seems this problem happens to a lot of users

Janalek15: It has happened to me 3 times

Zepu Ma: LED screen problem, after replaced with a new screen everthing goes fine

Zepu Ma: I hope I did, and please advise me how to unlock...

Chee Kai Ang: Press the power button for 7 sec and after restarting see if its ok

Rajendra Ithal: Hi guys... I faced same problem....but I tried to factory rest by menu options. ..its not worked, later I tried with clear cash n factory reset by recover mode.. Its worked well :-)...... later one more thing do not install all u r apps at a time........ install one by one so u find which app creating problem....I hope this helps to some guys.... ;-)

Eldridge Limen: Really ? so what's the problem ? LED screen ? please rply me, thank you.

Zepu Ma: Snapdragon 600....

praveen raj: hey zepu ma, does u r phone now have problem after repaired please reply me,thanks in advance

Zepu Ma: my phone has been repaired after changed a new LED screen.

15groberts: i just bought the samsung g s4 hope this doesn't happen to me :(

Hendrick Ndlondlolozi: it just happend to me and i am so fustrated i am from a blackberry backroud that freezes a lot switching to S4 i thought i was avoiding the problem only to find that i am experiencing worse

davidcpresley89: Every time I went to unlock my screen, the phone would freeze. That's why I got rid of my s4, because they sent me two replacements, and they all did the same thing. Sad, because it's such a beautiful phone.

Gašper Oman: I think you have locked the screen to look it bad

chickenjoe888: hello today i got the same problem on my s4, first i think it was a water problem, because, i tried to put a screen protector on my phone with water and sope. suddently after that, my phone was dead. i disassembly and assembly again and everything works fine again. now i think it was a connector problem.

Krystyna Valicenti: Ah my phone just recently did the same thing only i tried everything possible even doing a hard reset and nothing seemed to work. kinda sucks cause i only had the phone for a month but i do hear that alot of people are having the same problems

Dee Roelofsz: Having exactly the same problem but very intermittent, fine for a few days then happens but unfreeze after a few minutes! Extremely frustrating to say the least & I am loathe to take it in as that means I am without a phone for a week or more.

jeremy shenett: Same to me only when I'm on the internet

Zepu Ma: It is not a common problem to S4, I hope your S4 won.t have this problem

Zlatko Yonchev: NOt nice at all!! What version is this Exynos Octa or the snapdragon 600??

therockt11: I have the same problem my s4 hangs once or twice in a day...

quikscopefreak13: same to me, my s4 is frozen since this midday how can i fix this problem?

carlos escobar: I'm actually having all of these issues. Bought my phone Sunday night. Coming from s flawless older iPhone 4s I would think my Android experience would be better with s quad core 2g of ram device. I'm really disappointed. Thinking about exchanging for the htc one. Came across this video hoping it's an isolated issue and get a better one. From all the reviews I read I notice every one mention a lag and freezing. Not cool.

David Johnson: It happens to mine as well, I was kinda hoping this video would be a fix it video.

Spion Kop185: Hay sonic blue you haven't a clue have you... GS4 is the greatest phone on the market... Go and take your iPhone fan boy boner else where.. Thanks

Daniel Nascimento: Is Samsung giving you any assistance about this problem? I hope this doesn't happen to my phone. D:
Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Freeze 3.1 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Freeze