Techone Yak 3D Acrobatic EPP Plane

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Techone Yak 3D Acrobatic EPP Plane
Techone Yak 3D Acrobatic EPP Plane
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HBparkflyers: when is this gonna be in stock ever again?

2215369: With reference to my two previous posts, I removed the 6 oz of lead from the nose and mounted an eFlite 480 and used a 3 cell 2200mah battery. The extra weight of the motor and battery solved the CG problem and provides enough power that I can fly the plane as it was supposedly designed to fly.

Al Beland: I like mine. This one always comes with me, out of about the 10 planes I own.
I put a orange 3 axis gyro from HK on this one too. Works great!

2215369: Flew the plane with the 6 oz lead in the nose. The balance issue was solved. But an already underpowered airplane is now really underpowered. As one would expect. Will have to go back to the drawing board and increase size of motor. Probably go to a 3 cell 2200 battery also. It's irritating to spend my hard earned money for something then have to go thru the hassles of redoing the entire thing. Not a good first experience with Tech One product. NitroPlane needs to demand better quality control from their manufacturer.

2215369: An easy build, as I expected. When I checked the CG at the 114 mm point the plane's tail dropped down with a thud. That's how badly out of balance it is. Flew it twice anyway and as expected the nose would pitch up at lower speeds. At altitude that's ok. I've added weight to the nose. It takes 6 oz for the plane to balance properly. All of this assumes the manufacturer has the cg correctly located. Have not flown it yet because of bad weather but should be interesting. More to follow.

Mauro Escribano: I would like to know how does the plane in Argentine pesos, thank you very much

Rabindranath Ramsaroop: Are you purposefully flying this and other problematic planes (eg P51 mustang , also corsair in on of your other videos)  in heavy wind to give the illusion that these planes fly well ? 
This yak 54 1100mm by techone comes overweight when bulit up and underpowered due to the wrong motor.
The heavy wind will give you extra lift helping to compensate for the over heavy and under powered plane.

Jacob Hogan: Showoff! Great video, Thanks!

nigarcia1: I enjoyed this video, i am about to buy this model and after watching Your demonstrarion i have not doubt that it is a good choice. Thanks for sharing

TheJahful: Please cud u or someone who knows, tell me which one of the techone models is the best flyer. I need one to fly outside in 10-15 mile winds like this one. Many txs in advance. Ohhh i fly 3D, lots of hovering and crap.

LatvianRC: ...... I have this plane but its not TECHONE in Pilotage I think only look is difrent lol

Joe Mathew: what is the CG for this model.

mayantribe bx: @yz426clint ? did u have to run a servo extension from elevator to the reciver. ive been told that the servo wires were a tad bit short

cliterfish: i put a e-flight 480 and a 3 cell 2200 and now it rips. the plane its self is heavy. inverted flight is un stable. but a fun plane now.

mayantribe bx: what kind of esc u have. is ur battery fully chaged on all cells.

Avery Kucan: What is the discharge and voltage on the battery? It should be 11.2 volts, or about that. Also, it must be 25C.

cliterfish: i got a 30 amp eflight esc and 1300mah. power is weak. kinda lame. what could i do to fix that?

nitroplanes: You will need to get a servo extension for the wire to reach the RX.

cliterfish: are the servo wires gonna reach the rx?.(rudder elivato)
Techone Yak 3D Acrobatic EPP Plane 5 out of 5

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Techone Yak 3D Acrobatic EPP Plane