How To Dip Copenhagen Snuff

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How to dip Copenhagen Snuff
How to dip Copenhagen Snuff
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Copenhagen Snuff Review
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Chewing Tobacco Alternative ENERGY Dip Snuff Snus Chew QUIT Copenhagen STOP Skoal Grizzly
Chewing Tobacco Alternative ENERGY Dip Snuff Snus Chew QUIT Copenhagen STOP Skoal Grizzly
How To Dip Copenhagen Snuff
How To Dip Copenhagen Snuff

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Timothymark88: Your hat is freaked up 

LightfingersKlepto: May have been a small pinch but he already had one going remember

24paintballman: For all you people who are saying "Put in a bigger dip!" He already had a dip in. He was just demonstrating on how to put a dip it. He actually has a decent size pinch.

drew arvary: dude you are outside why the hell are you spitting in a bottle? 

ima dipper: Your a sisy I'm 11 and I get giant penchs 

breen sauce: lol i live in mississauga and its 5 bucks at my convience store.

Dippin Bandits: I hear ya man. Love copenhagen and WV

Tim Simons: First of all, dude, your an idiot. Second, your hat is bent and looks ignant. Third, you dip Copenhagen, you do not chew it. Last but not least, your outside dude, why are you spitting into a bottle?

ncseagles07: so does talking crap put people do that all the time

breen sauce: LOOL

MrNewyork1966: Copenhagen straight and wintergreen any others ?????

rednex76: were i live skoal is $4.00 its not cheap

redbullsurfer: yall iam a dum redneck .freak your stupid accent.

Alex Vujicic: In my province of Ontario, Canada, it's $17 per tin after tax.....

Alex Vujicic: WTF I only live one city over in Oakville. freak that crap

Anthony Bowman: Skoal is made by the same company that makes Copenhagen hahahahaha.

michael mitchell: Nigga you have to get a bigger pinch I ain't gonna give you crap but don't be a kitty

travis durr: its $1.60 up here in PA

Letzbang363: Dude you pack like a little bitch

icychillgrill3: @FutureTexasRanger who cares

lasse liten: I see Rednecks use snus in the lower lip is not surprising that they may spit in a cage when all the time, actually quite disgusting like Swedish snus users. Copenhagen snuff can not even buy here and it is of a completely different nature than the Swedish snus the real deal !

Tristan Raborn: I like grizzly and red seal wintergreen

Sam Wells: tht was a little pinch...

TannenJ1: My only question is if you got that damn hole dug yet Kyle!

Ryan Hay: Good vid, man

Blaine Kyer: that was a little ass dip

lasse liten: Copenhage is absolut not the real deal , Additionally, you rednecks also got it all wrong how to use snus.

Andy edwards: i hear ya man canada ns brutal prices

ebright123: grizzly wintergreen is way better, and you spit way too much

MILITARYMAN005: Copenhagen is 4.00$ a can I can get skoal for 2.50$ a can. So that's why skoal is cheaper than Copenhagen.

alpfaable: going to freak your sister afterwards?

Preston Williams: me and you are the only people that pack like that

rebeldipper6: yup but it went up a lil bit now lol o well still cheap nd good

hillbillydipper93: smallist pinch i aint never seen

NazismTooOP: Longhorn is pretty good

Alaskanassass1n: Sweet tea? Really?

coolreps: Fag you swallow

James Doughten: FOUR BUCKS A CAN?! Good lord. I pay 2.60 a can.

Robert Bryant: Chill vid. A lot of haters for a bunch of dudes who searched "how to chew cope snuff"

rebeldipper6: mine cost $2.00

mellowjoe3: All I chew is Cope snuff. A can in Seattle is 7 bucks. I am a addict, but I love the stuff

jadger1871: freak! You are dumb! look up what snuff is! you are supposed to inhale it through your nose, not put it in your lip. Dumbass.

RainerWarrior666: Since when is Skoal cheaper than Copenhagen?

icychillgrill3: @GunPerson45 longcut

hillbillydipper93: man guys calm down stop ragging him, he said he already has a dip in, so leave it alone he pretty much putting a filler in.

Tolsma Ron: You are a moron for dipping that crap (I did for 39 years) and a huge kitty for spitting. Stupid ass kid.

dippingteen: y spit in a bottle when ur out side?

tapoutkid19: how long does it take to get mouth cancer or w.e happens, your gums still clean bro?

Channing Watson: Where I live it is 1.86 a can

Mewil Kalin: is this fine cut or long cut? i always get grizz long cut and they were out so i got cope and it was fine cut. also grizz is way better than cope more kick and flavor. plus cope cost less than grizz where im from so its known as the cheap crap here
How to dip Copenhagen Snuff 3.9 out of 5

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How to dip Copenhagen Snuff