How To Dip Copenhagen Snuff

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First dip review in over a year!
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TitsMcgee: You look like you need your ass kicked and I’m not sure why

Dip Master: hell I pay 4.98 a can for snuff and I dip grizzly wintergreen witch cost 2.08

Timothy Butterworth: this video really helped me thanks outlaw

Timothymark88: Your hat is freaked up

LightfingersKlepto: May have been a small pinch but he already had one going remember

24paintballman: For all you people who are saying "Put in a bigger dip!" He already had a dip in. He was just demonstrating on how to put a dip it. He actually has a decent size pinch.

drew arvary: dude you are outside why the hell are you spitting in a bottle? 

Sync visual: Your a sisy I'm 11 and I get giant penchs

Dustin Comorski: $1.68 in PA.

redbullsurfer: yall iam a dum redneck .freak your stupid accent.

gino ventura: skoal and cope are made by the same company !

Robert Bryant: And for the record just cuz your local store charges more for skoal don't mean that craps not made cheaper

Robert Bryant: Chill vid. A lot of haters for a bunch of dudes who searched "how to chew cope snuff"

alpfaable: going to freak your sister afterwards?

lasse liten: Copenhage is absolut not the real deal , Additionally, you rednecks also got it all wrong how to use snus.

OurFearlessLeader: Bottles are for babies dude...

Tolsma Ron: You are a moron for dipping that crap (I did for 39 years) and a huge kitty for spitting. Stupid ass kid.

T0bud: cope or nope

christian ramirez: Nigga gonna have no jaw in a few years.

Wade Johnson: ima copenhagen guy but grizzley is the same
How to dip Copenhagen Snuff 5 out of 5

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How to dip Copenhagen Snuff