Haas UMC-750 First Look

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Haas UMC-750 First Look
Haas UMC-750 First Look
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BroncoRossi: from which manufacturer is the second tool?

Darlene Miller: CET Train in as little as 6 months! Machinist Technology/CNC www.cetweb.org

Cory Capps: +Haas Automation, Inc. 5-Axis is Sexy, so very sexy; granted this is not a super crazy part- still lovely to watch. First Look: The Haas UMC-750

smacman68: Hey, you've earned it. I have been there over a year, and there are very few machines I have not put a wrench on, but the Haas machining centers are one of them. We have two large milling jobs that I have only done PM to. I haven't had a downtime ticket yet. That is rare, and worth calling out!

Berhane Gebriel: The best machine.

russtuff: @ChainBreakerHQ2 Uh, for fun of course! Plus, it's way awesomer than my mill :)

Jeff Reilly: I am sure it is very nice. getting a high quality 3 or 4 axis can be a much better move from a productivity standpoint.

JASCOBAR: I am going to be a student at MCC-Business & Technology in Kansas City at I-435 & Front Street. All CNC is HAAS. Is there any simulators online to learn your system and programming? They use at this time MasterCAM x7.....I think. Can I learn on your systems on a online simulator how to use & understand nested commands and such.

DerCNCler: nice machine...

Haas Automation, Inc.: Thank you for the compliment motel29. There are no specific 3+2 or 5-axis features built into the Haas Intuitive Programming System (IPS), our conversational programming system that makes set up and operation easy. In fact, because of this we do not offer IPS on the UMC. Continued >>>

fade621: Fricken beeechin !!!!

Haas Automation, Inc.: You are correct Hombre oso cerdo, we do not have a video showing the 5-axis capabilities nor does our distributor Hi-Tec have a UMC anywhere in Mexico. We will have a UMC at TECMA 2013 in Mexico City, March 5-8. In the meantime, you can send me your information and I will have someone contact you. Or, you can contact someone from the Haas distributor: (01) 5565-9008. Thank you.

TacticalKeychains: I was really happy to get a Tormach, then I watch this... haha :)

Haas Automation, Inc.: Hi thebjgj2. The UMC-750 is a full 5-Axis machine. Thanks for the question.

Jeff Reilly: The biggest mistake that moldmakers can make is to think that adding 5 axis increases capablity. Adding a high accuracy 3 axis machine will increase throuput in a moldshop far more than a 5 axis machine that does not have the volumetric accuracy to cut molds to negative stock models without handwork. Blow Molds are a little different than Plastic injection but be careful in thinking that 5 axis alone will upgrade your abilities for making molds. This adds two more axis of compounded error.

Jester Mclarpet: Good video - Nice machine & Excellent fixturing.

Dave Stone: The machine does not seem bad! But for a machine in 2013, it seems to me a little too slow. The x and y rapids are okay (Although the rapids of the SS machines would be appropriate here) but the rotary axes must be faster in the long term! And what is with a HSK-A63 or a HSK-A50 spindle?? But still, the machine is quite okay!

capnthepeafarmer: Dear Santa,

Haas Automation, Inc.: Hi Jason. You can do the circular and square pockets in the control of the UMC-750. The Haas Intuitive Programming System (IPS) makes eccentric pockets easier to create – user friendly is what defines the Haas control. Thanks for the question. If you would like, send me your info and I will have someone from your local distributor contact you to talk about your needs and the UMC. You can send me your info here: contact@haascnc.com Thanks again Jason.

Andrew Ydna DuBuc: Is the dynamic work offset software available on other machines besides for the UMC series? It would be great to have on a vertical mill with a regular 5axis trunnion...

ktmktmman: This machine is a lot like our DMG DMU 50. I wonder how the control handles the rotations. I have been around haas mills with a trunnion table and you need a new offset every time you rotate it. Does it have something equivalent to a siemens cycle800 call? Basically it knows the machine kinematics and wherever you swivle the tabe the control knows exactaly where the 0, 0 has moved to.

Haas Automation, Inc.: Hi ktmktmman, thank you for the question and comment. The new Haas UMC-750 has new software features called Dynamic Work Offset (DWO) and Tool Center Point Control (TCPC). G234 Tool Center Point Control (TCPC) is a software feature in the Haas CNC control that allows a machine to properly run a contouring 4- or 5-axis program when the workpiece is not located in the exact location in which the program was created in a CAM system.

Haas Automation, Inc.: G254 Dynamic Work Offset (DWO) is very similar to TCPC, except that it is designed for use with 3+1 or 3+2 positioning, not for simultaneous 4- or 5-axis machining. If the program does not make use of the B- and C-axes, there is no need to use DWO. Find more information on online at HaasCNC.com – Manual Updates – Manual Addendums – UMC-750 Operator’s Manual

Haas Automation, Inc.: Thanks for the great compliment smacman68!

MrOneGoodFellow: Can the table spin fast enough to work as a CNC lathe?

meocats: nice showcase, excellent light-duty machine

Miguel Angel Ramirez: is true that the design of this machine is an old design patent expired on Deckel Maho?

Haas Automation, Inc.: Hello TheDIMONART. Thank you for the inquiry, but unfortunately we only sell complete machining centers and not components. Sorry. All the best on your DIY CNC machine.

thebjgj2: Is it full 5 or just positioning?

jpetrov0: I don't suppose there's any possibility of getting one of these donated to my college, is there?

CNCsBest: Hi haasautomation, Is this machine more affordable than a DMG of similar capacity and options? You guys did a great job by the way.

kristianvkt: what about full 5-axis simultaneous machining. will u upload video

AtienzaLouie: I want one! Just have to figure out how.....

Haas Automation, Inc.: Absolutely not Migel. The UMC is completely of our own design and based on the idea of a universal machining center (which is common among many CNC machine manufacturers). Thanks for the question Miguel.

Jason Purvis: Wonder what the software is like, is it user friendly, like circle pocket cycles, square pockets, etc. Can you program excentric parts standing at the machine. I run a fanuc robo drill. We might be getting one of these machines.

Jon Polliard: It is refreshing to see an efficient program used for demonstration purposes. So many machine builders try to show off their machines with very in-efficient programs that make their machine look bad. Kudos to Haas

Haas Automation, Inc.: >>> Continued Tools can be set using standard tool setting sequence, but with the Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS) standard it is best to use the tool setter on the machine for setting tool offsets. The on screen templates help you through tis process. Refer to any of the WIPS videos for details on this. Tools are set the same on the UMC as any other Haas mill. Thanks again motel29, hope this helps. Please let us know if you need anything else.

TheDIMONART: Dear Haas, is it possible to buy control panel and power electronics? Do you sell kits for cnc DIY hobby, like servomotor controllers?

smacman68: I work in a very busy job shop. We have close to 100 CNC machines. Okuma, Fuji, Hyundai, Mazak and Haas. We have perhaps 18 Haas machines. 12 lathes and the rest milling centers. In my shop, the operators are very hard on machines. Wrecks are spectacular. I judge a machine on how easily us maintenance guys can repair it and return it to service. They are all good machines in there own way, but the Haas's are the easiest to repair and get back to making chips. Which makes us money.

Bigman031893: Tormach Is a basement machine. Not bad for working at home or in a small shop, but not even in the same universe as this guy here.

Haas Automation, Inc.: Hello and thank you for the question ydna2. 254 Dynamic Work Offset (DWO) will be added to future machines in the coming year. Thanks again.

Haas Automation, Inc.: Thank you so much for the kind words Aaron. We hope your students enjoy the video. Please let us know if there is every anything we can do for you!

Haas Automation, Inc.: Hi kristianvkt. We are working on a few other things right now, but if we upload a full 5-axis video you will be the first to know (since you subscribe to the Haas channel). Thanks for the interest and the question. Have a happy holidays and great New Year.

Haas Automation, Inc.: A Tormach? There is always next time for a Haas TacticalKeychains. Thanks for the comment and have a great week.

ronnyh411: i got tears in my eyes

Haas Automation, Inc.: Hi CNCsBest. The UMC-750 will be less expensive than a DMG of similar capacity. Thanks for the question and the comment. Have a great day.

russtuff: Very impressive. When I grow up, this is what I'm going to get.

Haas Automation, Inc.: Hello JASCOBAR. I just sent you a direct message here on YouTube. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.

Haas Automation, Inc.: Haas does a lot of entrustments to schools (from high schools to 4-year universities to technical training centers). Just depends on the school’s needs and whether Haas can help. The UMC would be a HUGE gift, but you never know. Thanks for the question jpetrov0.

motel29: Advanced and very productive machine. As usual, Haas is continuing to lead the way in innovation. 2 part question: What are key differences for the operator on the conversational side? And ( please forgive my lack of knowledge), In what sequence are tools touched off? Thx.
Haas UMC-750 First Look 4.9 out of 5

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Haas UMC-750 First Look