ZTE Score Master Reset Metro PCS

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Brenda Garcia: Easy, easy, easy 

Hunni Kushh: do you know how to un freeze it when it goes on metro it stops

Bianca Castellanos: Thank you!!!!!

Rigoberto Rivas: thanks

Adree Recinos: Mines stuck on the metro pcs and the ZTE screens ,it just goes back and forth. It doesn't let me actually use my phone and enter it. Is resetting it my only option ?

Susan Valenzuela: Thank u

gabriel gomez: ty!

Marilyn Rodriguez: OMG YOU SAVED ME lol I was soo stressed out thank you soo omuch i can now use my phone !!! i luv it

kirayne22: thank u so quick n easy!!

Anju Marker: Thank you so much. I have been trying to get back into my phone for months now, this really helped.

Nancy Desrosiers: thanx

MurphysCellRepair: thanks lol


brian bergeron: AWESOME!!

Jenniffer Rodriguez: my phone shows a thing that says "FTM" and yea doesn't reset

nick devin: Life saver this man is I tell you

Joan Widmann: Thank you soooo much now I don't have to buy a new phone!!!

junior rios: thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! man this helps alot (:

MurphysCellRepair: Did you try resetting again and what was wrong with the phone in the first place?

Taylor stapel: thank you so much, watched other vid it didnt help at all :)

Breon Alston: Wow It Really Works! Thankz Bro

nick devin: Thanks


MurphysCellRepair: Does the phone have any water damage or physical damage

Shun Shinimaru: Oh hey MurphysCellRepair I didn't know it was you. I replied to you on a different video. Lol i'm acting like I know you, lol, but hey.

pokemonmasterblue: the power button and the what other button??

MurphysCellRepair: What ru trying to do?

Francisco Penuelas: DO YOU KNOW HOW TO RESET THE ZTE V768?

Godspeed onethousand: I Lov You Man You Are Awsome!!!

Steve McCoy: watched 3 vids not 1 helped...thanks bro u rock!

Aidee Barbie minaj: What happens is that I download an application and told me to reboot the phone and I did, and just stayed in the zte logo., After that I did the hard reset I thought it would work, but did not stay same zte logo screen! please help me if you can :)

Austin Jones: Thanks!

theburleys5: OMG thank yu lik i watchd other videos nd they didnt work

Dillon Boodoo: Thank you my friend

GossipGurl807: omfg I freaking love you, you are like sent from heaven. I lost all my contacts but that's ok they werent many to begin with

Kayla Williams: thanksss

Paul Applegate: im stuck at the triangle with andriod icon cant press home button what should i do

Aidee Barbie minaj: no is new :/

Cuinasia Washington: Thanks mann

luis garza: "aidee barbie minaj" try it with out your phone battery but have your charger connected it will work trust me

hulkbomb99: Needed help now I don't

Jasmine Carpenter: Okay so this really heped my freind then she was like yaaa I did it -_-

Aidee Barbie minaj: Hi I have a problem with my phone zte x500 score, I did the hard reset, follow all the steps and just starts in zte logo screen and just stays there, Help me please :(

Cynthia Garcia: Thanks!! :) All the other videos suck A**.

Aidee Barbie minaj: I did it again and again and nothing?????'

felix zapata: thank brod

Messi Taw: It work

miamihomez: Thank You Sooo Much!!! <3

christian felice: THANK YOU

MurphysCellRepair: nope just a hard reset.
ZTE Score Master Reset Metro PCS 4.5 out of 5

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ZTE Score Master Reset Metro PCS