Female Mitre Worktop Cut With Router And Jig

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female mitre worktop cut with router and jig
female mitre worktop cut with router and jig
Tommy's Trade Secrets - How to Mitre a Worktop using a Router & Jig
Tommy's Trade Secrets - How to Mitre a Worktop using a Router & Jig
male mitre on a worktop with a jig and router
male mitre on a worktop with a jig and router
Cut a worktop joint
Cut a worktop joint
Trend KWJ700 700mm Professional Worktop Jig | Screwfix
Trend KWJ700 700mm Professional Worktop Jig | Screwfix

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Denny Bh: Thanks for the video!

simon stannard: Thanks but doesnt the guy doing the cut on the video go left to right? Are you saying that as long as you cut into the "bull noise" of the kitchen counter it wont ping the formica. Thanks for you help.good vid

simon stannard: i recently done a female cut with a router and jig but it chipped the Formica any ideas why this happened?

mfcman2k7: I thaught if you use g clamps on the face side it will damage them

chipped11: hi mate thanks for the comment. you can buy these jigs all over the net, look at ebay for some good deals. i just got a new one from there and it was a fraction of the price it usually sells for due to a small manufacturer fault on it :)

Karl Knight: So this jig will do both female and male joins,we call it a mason mitre,and where can i get one of these jigs??? im in New Zealand, am a contract kitchen installer and often make the bench tops on site using the blanks,,,my jigs are made using custom board and have to refresh them often.The joining toggles i use are only 65mm long... Great video, Cheers...

pod5131: thanks man for the vid and i think using the screws to hold the bolts at the end is just genius. from a matchbox maker

chipped11: yes mate lots :) thanks

stephen docherty: top notch vid pal. cud do that wae ur eyes shut. al take it u do a lot of pricework? lol

steven keyes: Top vid mate have basic router skills. but with your vids feel confident about jointing my worktops thanks ;)

javabb1: I am sure your joints are good and credit to you to post this videos, and they would have been 10/10 if you were to tell when worktop is face up or down, the direction of the cut. Nice videos once again.

chipped11: lots of fitters have there own way of doing things. i have seen lots of strange, time consuming, and some times dangerous ways to cut worktops. In these two instructional videos on lam worktops is the exact way i cut and fit them, and always have a good joint. i am not saying your wrong and i am right. This is just the way i do things and have done for many years.

javabb1: Hi, good video, but you should have said to those who don't know, that you keep the router at your nearest side all the way through the cuts and push it to the further side for the final trim cut, as lots of people who follow just the instructions given will end up with joints that won't perfectly match. You said on the male video always to go back and clean your cut, but lots of people won't know that you mean pushing against the further side of the jig. Also facing of worktop when up or down.

chipped11: Hi mate, thanks for the comment. the problem with 1/4 inch routers is there power and cutting bits.I dont have enough space here to explain the problems you 'may' come across. If your buying the router for this job only i would leave it and hire a 1/2 inch one and make a professional job...worktops are not cheap!

liddlecraig1: Great video- thanks for uploading - im looking to buy a bosch 1400 router to do my worktops but ive read somewhere that 1/4 inch are no good for cutting worktops? you need a 1/2 inch. it has a 55 ml plunge depth

chipped11: As long as the screw part of the clamp is on the jig then its no bother at all.i have used these style of clamps for 10+ years and never damaged any worktop :)

MrBigstef: Very nice instructions but dont those clamps damage the worktop ?

Michael Clark: Fantastic video. Thankyou so much!

chipped11: @DUDEBOY68 generally, breakfast bar worktop will have a female cut on it. you can cut it down to size at the end that goes to the wall.thats if its pre edged.

chipped11: @DUDEBOY68 i use only trend bits for kitchen worktops.i can usually cut about 6/7 worktops before i start to think about changing the bit.they are generaly good quality so dont why your haven the burning issue?
female mitre worktop cut with router and jig 5 out of 5

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female mitre worktop cut with router and jig