HOW TO FIX LCD TV REVIEW - Bad Picture Screen

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HOW TO FIX LCD TV REVIEW - Bad Picture Screen
HOW TO FIX LCD TV REVIEW - Bad Picture Screen
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D Kelly,Jr: I hate ALL flat screen TVs!!!! The resolution and sharpness is NOWHERE near as good as on the old box TVs. I still have yet to see even ONE - of any brand - that has the same sharpness. I've seen HD stations on my box TV, and they look way better on it than on the flat screens ,ironically. If there are any, they're probably still way too expensive for my ass.

Carlos Montano: i have a sharp aquose 52 inch and it has green dots all over the screen i tried resetting it and it made it worse any ideas on how to fix it

Brian Frye: this video helped me fix our phillips tv ourselves....YEAh!!!!

Ashley manda: i have an LCD Tv its a Hisense with model number LCD32V68P the screen is too bright as though i had adjusted the color resolution, what could be the problem

j2323j: theres snow look like small white dots whats worng any help

Taysavage 300gang: Can i do that on my vizo 📺

micheál ó meacháir: Maybe bad capacitors on the main circuit board

Alex Scherling: just bought a new TV yesterday, and it was doing something just like this the second time I turned it on. its fixed now, thanks!

Rev. Derek Adams: i have a Sony BRAVIA W-Series KDL-46W4150 46 is acting up will that Technique work for my TV because when i take my hand and put it on top of TV color move around ...

dan martin: my 6637LCT model tries to turn on (the green light blinks twice) then immediately shuts off. do you have a video for this or do you know what i could do to fix that?

Angelina Canales: Do you have a video on how to fix TV with a green screen?

Zoran Mijailovic: I have the same problem with my tablet.Help!

yDanilo Joaquin: you need a tripod to see a good steady picture it make a viewer dizzy and it easy to bomit

Abduljabbar Roghey: I have a LG42LX6900 led tv,it seems to power up and responds to the remote but fails to give out any audio or video .Do you have any suggestions, all capacitors visually check ok. 

timothy thorne: i have a 42'' insignia lcd tv that has black/gray stripes on the left side of the tv. advice please

Red hood: Someone help my tv is make in a weird blurred line when I watch netflix

ryantttt: Hi my is doing the exact same thing after installing new main board before i bought the main board i did not have picture or sound now i have all exept picture is all crazy like in video

Janet McMorrow: I have that exact tv you just worked on. TV goes on then the picture goes out, what do you think the problem could be. thanks

Esther, gudmunds: I have Samsung 32 inch tv lcd my colors are bad I saw you fix it on sylviana tv can you help me thanks

Keith: Hey bro I have a 55 inch insignia flat LCD and the screen has lines going thru with a pinkish color and it goes in and out then it works then it mess up again what should I do bro

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HOW TO FIX LCD TV REVIEW - Bad Picture Screen