Savage Arms Model 10 Precision Carbine Review

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Savage Arms Model 10 Precision Carbine Review
Savage Arms Model 10 Precision Carbine Review
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Savage Model 10 Precision Carbine .308 WIN Bolt Action
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Savage Arms Model 10 Precision Carbine Unboxing
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Savage 10 PC .223 Remington - Initial Accuracy Test
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Savage Model 10: The 1000 dollar 1000 yard rifle
Big C shooting savage pc in 308 550 yds
Big C shooting savage pc in 308 550 yds
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400 Yd Accuracy Test--223--243--308--Savage 10-110 & Remington 700 SPS
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Savage Model 10 FCP LE .308 Win by Patriot Prepper
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Savage 10 precision carbine .308
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Savage 10 FCP-K .308 Review
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Savage Accuracy Model 10 FCP .308 Winchester
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Savage Model 10 BAS-K on American Guardian - Gun Locker

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Randimal762: Very nice rifle! I want one! Do you happen to know the model # of your gun? I've searched online for the same rifle, but everyone only seems to be selling the one with the threaded barrel. I would much rather have the non-threaded, target crown like yours. Thanks for the review!´╗┐

guerrierodelgiaguaro: Hullo to everybody, please, the proper pronunciation for the Italian surname (and related products) "Fiocchi" is "Fiokki". Best regards form Italy´╗┐

markyskulls: Thanks to that great review you did on the savage 10 carbine, I just purchased 1:)

Vito Monopoli: Me again...I paid $759 for mine. The only time my gun gives me extracting problems is when I used, and I don't anymore, the steel cased ammo with the lacquer coating. The lacquer acts like glue if you do not extract the empty right away.

SlimySquirrel: All the way down in New Zealand... ;-)

Shue Boks: Did you have to do alignment and lapping of the scope rings? Nice rig.

wbwhite22: Nice rifle and review. I've been eyeballing a 111 FNCS for a little while now. Instead of 223 I was thinking about 300 Win Mag though.

complex2034: is the trigger guard plastic or metal ?

MtMedic31: That's an excellent rifle and a nice review. Have a lot of experience with the Savage Heavy Varmint HS, which is very similar, but heavier barrel. The accutrigger has multiple safety mechs built in. The blade you touched on. When you pull the trigger without the blade, that's the Sear block that drops down. If you were to lighten the trigger much more, then any heavy jarring will drop that sear block, which is actually really smart.

SlimySquirrel: All the way down in New Zealand... Makes for Better hunting as you don't scare as much game and you don't have to fumble for ear plugs or muffs!

Robert Howard: im looking at getting this in .308 im just wondering what your thoughts are on this 10 precision carbine and the remington 700 sps all info welcome (with exception of trolls) thanks

Cody McMillan: yes it does have an accustock, VERY nice rifle for the price point and deadly accurate. i just picked one up with a threaded barrel

rescue1912: @FogCityTactical: Thanks for this nice review. I'm thinking about buying one in .308 for hunting. Can you tell me about the shaft material: is it handy like hard plastic or more soft touch? Thanks for your answer!

pirates6633: I shot a .8" 3 shot group with a stock stevens 200 with PMC ammo, gotta love the cheap stuff!!

MEXICUTIONER1985: I'm sure you meant 6-18x40

FogCityTactical: @wbwhite22 Wow, 300 WM is a big round. Ain't it like two bucks a round?

tripplewhipper: Totally looking to get this sucker is 243 for coyotes and larger game

ChromeArty: :) had to... not enough good folk here on the Tube. I have to upload to YouTube again! I have lost 30lbs+ and have a lot more toys :) Latest a Savage 10 FCP-K in .223 ... hence how I ended up here :) Talk to you soon man,

NSpire Page: i dont know if i want this or the remington 700 aac-sd :(

EverythingisFire: Very cool. I also like the model 10 that has a 10 round detachable box mag but man is it expensive. The magazines are too! At least $70.

Rich Zore: You should try reloading. If you take the powder weight down to 1/2 grain increments after zeroing in on a specific range of powder weights you can get much better accuracy. I did this with my AR and at 100 yards I shot 10 shot groups the size of my palm and got that down to groups the size of my thumb nail, 100 yards. EXCELLENT review, good coverage on subjects.

Vito Monopoli: I have had the Russian, steel cased ammo cause extracting problems. If I didn't open the bolt right away, the lacquer that they put on the ammo to keep it from rusting, turns to glue with the heat of firing, and the bolt won't open.

clarkespearo: All the time. My Savage PC in .223 will do 5 shot clover leafs at 100m with factory Norma, Hornady, Remington and Federal ammo. This rifle is amazing and i cant wait too see what kind of groups i will get with 75gr A-max handloads at longer ranges.

wbwhite22: @FogCityTactical 300 WM is currently somewhere between $0.90 and $2.50 per round depending. However, it will certainly go the distance with plenty of power and is about the largest round that the sporting goods store carries (i.e. it still has a lot of bang for the buck).

clarkespearo: Finally got mine in .223 after much waiting and im very pleased ! It is quite heavy but shouldnt be a problem for a bench/varmint gun. I took mine apart and gave it a top coat using krylon fusion clear as i was having a lot of trouble find the Krylon fusion clear satin finish. Using a piece of 2000-4000 grit wet and dry and slightly scuff the sheen off. hope that helps anyone thats thing of using a clear !

Bevin Chu: I'm really glad the later groups tightened up noticeably. Savages are supposed to get sub minute of angle groups right out of the box. In fact, usually 3/4 or even 1/2 moa groups. If the early groups were as good as could be gotten, that would have reflected really badly on Savage.

clarkespearo: Well i just went to my local and they can order a few in .223 for quite cheap so very intrested, just another quick question how do you find the digital camo stock ? Ive read a few peoples reviews saying the stock is quite porous and is near impossible to clean when dirty. Ive also read that that the camo can chip off ?

ChromeArty: Really like your approach ... can tell you are a good crap :) figure I am gonna like and sub .... which is something I almost never do!

FogCityTactical: I never shot a rem 700. I'd say find a friend who has one and try it out. I can say that ther trigger won't be as nice as the Savage's trigger out the box.

FogCityTactical: I've only shot out to 300 yards but i've seen other channels showing 1000 yard hit on steel plates.

Vito Monopoli: I have another question: Does anybody out there make five shot clover leaves with this rifle? I have make three shot in one hole a lot. I've made four in one hole twice, but never five in one hole. That is my goal, but I have that over heating problem that I mentioned in an earlier question.

Vito Monopoli: I do handload for this gun. It has only seen two boxes of factory ammo. Every thing else has been my handloads. Do you know where I can get better loading data for a 1:9 twist bolt action rifle? Everything that I find, that is not for a 1:12 twist, is for AR's.

Bevin Chu: Sniper Central said it weighed 8 pounds even though the Savage catalog listed the weight as 7 pounds. The 7 pound number sounded awfully low. After all, that's how much the Savage Scout Rifle weighs with a lightweight barrel. Still, 8 pounds is light compared to an M1 Garand at 10 pounds!

Vito Monopoli: Well my problem is that the barrel gets very hot really fast. I have to wait a half hour between five shot groups. This barrel is not working the way the barrel on the Savage FCP-K used to work. I was able to shoot two or three five shot groups with that gun, and they stayed tight. I wish that I had kept that gun.

Bevin Chu: In the meantime be sure to save ALL your brass. The brass is the most expensive component of your ammo. You will be glad you hung on to it when the time comes. Also, even if you don't reload, you can always sell your used brass to others. I've been living overseas for many years. Private gun ownership is forbidden here. So I haven't been shooting for quite some time. But when I was, reloading really cut the cost of shooting.

Vito Monopoli: Does anybody have a problem with the barrel heating up to where you can't touch it? If I try to shoot groups of five, the first group will be OK, but the second group will be bad, with the shots going up and to the left. The third group will be really bad, with shots going to the next target. I have to leave 1 minute between shots, and a half hour between groups. I have it sighted in with two different scopes, and get the exact results with both.

FogCityTactical: Thanks for watching. I thought about doing hand loads but the intial cost is too high for me right now. I will someday.

Sagebrush: take the savage. for accuracy..cant beat it.quality..flawless. and shootability..unequaled. the trigger is aftermarket quality. was a remington rid of my rems and now own 3 savages.

bryanng66: Is the bolt release located in the front of trigger guard? Thanks

GoBO207: @FogCityTactical I got one of these 6 months ago here in Aus, exact same setup bar the scope. I think its an amazing rifle (I also have it in .223) but I was wondering if you have any issues with feeding rounds from the mag? I find sometimes the rounds aren't seated 'perfectly' in the mag and the bolt just slides straight over the top. Have you experienced this? Also, mine gets surface rust VERY easy out in the field, I plan on doing some form of rust protection, any ideas? Cheers!

FogCityTactical: no, i haven't had any extraction issues at all. I'd try some differant ammo and if it still doesn't pull the spent cartridge out, contact you dealer or Savage directly. Hope you figure it out because it's a great gun.

biz4two: Nice video! So...does this rifle have the AccuStock?? Thanks!

FogCityTactical: you won't regret it. thanks for watching.

FogCityTactical: @clarkespearo with the rifle on the bi-pod, I can still slid a piece of paper in between the stock and barrel so I don't think it makes any differance. The accustock I think is a beefed up stock to keep it from flexing. Hope you can get your hands on a .223

Therocketman321: 1000 yards with a .223??? Idk about that. Thanks for the video though, Im looking into geting this rifle in .308 so I can reach out and touch things. The next thing to do is research a good piece of glass. Btw, the bi-pod on your rifle, how is it mounted? Did you have to drill into the stock? And last question is, I know the model 10 PC has the accu stock, but is the barrel free floated??

superassassin47: about what is the range on this rifle im looking into getting one?

Matt Denton: Great review, I love how you showed some targets and what ammo it shoots the best.

Tyler Rogowski: Does this come with the scope?

John Vestman: Try the Hornady 55gr. H.P. Steel Case Match. I have the model 10 Predator, and it'll shoot 1/2" groups typically. Very economical, too. American made, function flawlessly. Polymer coated, I believe, not lacquer.

Awaken877: Ow much did you spend on that rifle?
Savage Arms Model 10 Precision Carbine Review 4.9 out of 5

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