Savage Arms Model 10 Precision Carbine Review

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Ricovali: Is that not an accu-trigger? The pull is adjustable.

JSJT OUTDOORS: do you think a 4.5x14x42 would have clearance on the barrel?

Fire4EffectActual: I have the same rifle in .308, it really is amazing I've shot 5 shot groups at 100 yards you could cover with a quarter.  I'm not sure what the twist is on your rifle since Savage doesn't have it listed on their website, but if you can find it try something in a heavier bullet and see how it groups.  I have a feeling a 62 gr or even 77 gr MatchKing will really group well from that gun.

Randimal762: Very nice rifle!  I want one!  Do you happen to know the model # of your gun?  I've searched online for the same rifle, but everyone only seems to be selling the one with the threaded barrel.  I would much rather have the non-threaded, target crown like yours.  Thanks for the review!

guerrierodelgiaguaro: Hullo to everybody,
please, the proper pronunciation for the Italian surname (and related products) "Fiocchi" is "Fiokki".
Best regards form Italy

3006USMC: I just ordered mine LH in .243, will be here (MO) Thursday, cant wait. Great review!

tripplewhipper: Totally looking to get this sucker is 243 for coyotes and larger game

tripplewhipper: And Greta review btw

lazydragonslayer: complex2034 its plastic.... least my 111 and 10 both have plastic trigger guard.

NSpire Page: i dont know if i want this or the remington 700 aac-sd :(

complex2034: is the trigger guard plastic or metal ?

Shue Boks: Did you have to do alignment and lapping of the scope rings? Nice rig.

Cameron Trowsdale: Very nice rifle, I shot it today very almost no kick to it!

Cody McMillan: yes it does have an accustock, VERY nice rifle for the price point and deadly accurate. i just picked one up with a threaded barrel

biz4two: Nice video! So...does this rifle have the AccuStock?? Thanks!

Jordan Huff: I just recently purchased this gun and I love it so I've been watching reviews to see if I got luck with mine. Although this is my first savage arms rifle so

Tyler Rogowski: Does this come with the scope?

EverythingisFire: I think my first .308 will be this or their model 10 FP-SR. 2" barrel difference between the two but I don't think I will be shooting past 600 with this. The FP-SR is cheaper which is always nice.

daniel leech: where can i get a digital stock like that

Circadin: Fiocchi is pronounced fee-oh-khee.
Savage Arms Model 10 Precision Carbine Review 5 out of 5

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Savage Arms Model 10 Precision Carbine Review