Sarah, MTF Transgender 1yr HRT

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carlos martinez: Why one woman barefoot is so sexy and beautiful and cute.... Marry me please!!!! Kisses million of kisses Sarah. 

jljames1988: Hrt Related: Am i suppose to take the spironolactone pills every day

cincausa: oh dear.......

Jade Bouchard: You are a very brave and beautiful person.

sarah jordan: You will gain some weight but the hardest part is maintaining the workout and diet schedule you had pre -HRT. I have lost the battle and really been off, waaay off my diet and exercise routine. The estrogen makes you feel hungry ALL the time! However for anout a year i was able to maintain my weight but now that I've put on about 20lbs I've noticed a more feminine appearance.

Buck Johnston: Damn your sexy, love your accent.

Flydragme: Hi Saraha! You are a very swewt lady and so honest,i love that you are veey helpful on our lifestyle please always be who you are and don't ever change anything sweetheart! Love you! Flydrag!

sarah jordan: lol..Yes Ma'am I'm form South Carolina!

subtel1: Hun, you look absolutely fantastic ! I only started HRT about 2 months ago, so fingers crossed :-)

sarah jordan: @subtel1 good luck! I'm sure it will all turn out well!! Just stay strong and remember you are beautiful!...thnx for the compliment!

sarah jordan: for the hair, I had a little issue but thanks to the finestaride it's all cleared up..

Angel Paris-Jordan: sorry but what has being gay got to do with gender?? its completely different. im intersexed and I wish people like me and people who have changed gender didnt have to be tipped with the 'gay and lesbian' brush. being born in the wrong body is different to being a guy who wants to have sex with other men and very different from being an effeminite man

veronicats100: How could anyone not love you. You have it all going on. Some day soon you are going to find your Prince Charming and get married and live happily ever after.

Melissa Lynne: I'm so happy for you, I can totally relate, MtF HRT for 8 months. Never dreamed I could feel so happy, I'm so grateful for my life now,

sarah jordan: @stacyevans Thnx!! It really makes me feel great to hear such kindness=) I don't mean to go on and on about weight loss and transitioning, but I can't seem to talk about anything else when the camera is on!! lol.. Thnx for the support!

sarah jordan: Gender -v- Sexuality.People who don't understand assume that TG women are gay men dressing in drag all the time for their man, whom is also gay.I am a WOMAN! I never asked to born "male" I never felt like one and hated having to pretend for the world that I was, so I stopped acting! I love my LGB friends, they love me and let me be me; however I always feel awkward with them b/c I don't relate, I'm straight! Gender -v- Sexual Identity 2 unrelated and separate issues! We get it the world doesn't!

sarah jordan: =) oh that's it! It's over between us forever!! lol..I can't deal with your "fat fingers"j/k

sarah jordan: lol..great to get a GG's (genetic girl) opinion, "soft and curvy" I probably would not have used those words to describe myself..It is a combo of hormones and lack of workout and diet; double edge sword!! I have to be careful not to let myself get back to being too soft and curvy;-)

sarah jordan: @uncledonny1000 =) thnk u

Achila Senerchia: I am subscribing righ now.

sarah jordan: @wanitalilly awww tht's sweet thnx!

sarah jordan: @Missjenniferryantg Hugs =) thnx

sarah jordan: @ThePublicToiletShow muaw! thnx

vjamb: Hi Sarah you look great and made the right decision to go for the change, this is the real you and it is working out great for you, I am glad. Jim

sarah jordan: @W45Jasper NO =( I'm still stuck in HELL!! lol with my job, but my lease is up in July sooo I'm getting out and moving on!

sarah jordan: @vjamb Totally the right decision! Thank you Jim., for the support=)

anl81168: Keep up the great work. I need your diet and workout schedule to help me!!! Love the Look.

78mharie: I only just ran into your two postings , You are very lucky to look this great ! I an a cd/tg ? Have fought this M / F all my life ! ! ! Rather Tall though bu i am 5 10 . Love to liston to you , it is good advise .

sarah jordan: lol.thnx ;)

2Kaynine100: Hey Sarah, you look great!!!! I am going to see a Sex Therapist very soon as I too have always wanted to be a Woman all my life! You're so right that you should just accept yourself and be yourself and to hell with what other people think! You're an inspiration!! I wanted to know if you did Laser Hair removal or Electrolysis? I have heard that Laser is so much better!

Nicole Siliven: Still wishing you luck on finding a terrific new job. Hope you are well. I dont know how you find the time to answer everyones questions. I was just checking to see if you have posted anything new, hang in there like always , and good luck.

sarah jordan: ugh I wish i could I seem to be putting it back on as fast as I lost it!! ahhhh..I have been on the "paleo diet" plus work out with Jilian Micheals 30 day shred and stairwell runs! It takes a lot of work and discipline, and anyone can do it!

sarah jordan: =) Thanks!

sarah jordan: Congratulations! It's a major step=) I know it can be a difficult one but it is the right choice to accept yourself and begin your transition!! I know how the hormones can effect you mentally..transition is as much mental is it is physical, maybe more so.. I wish the best on your journey! Feel free to message me anytime, especially if you get that feeling that you are loosing your mind! lol..=)

sarah jordan: @W45Jasper lol..Hyper?!! hahaha I get excited when I get to talk about my favorite! lol j/k.. I had been planning this out for a while and was really getting into what I was saying.. I am very passionate about living in the moment and 2012 is my moment to shine!

kjchicago1: You're beautiful(and excellent)just the way you are!

Willssoni: As a super straight man i tell you !You are an amazingly beautiful woman !!, i can so easily see my self falling for you any time !,:)

sarah jordan: @2Kaynine100 I'm soo happy for you!! I have heard that laser is less effective than electrolysis.. I have had neither yet

sarah jordan: @TheGriffin57 lol..I'm totally huggable! thnx for the kind comment=)

sarah jordan: WOW! Thank you!! I've worked hard to get to where I am. I'm an intelligent,proud woman and want to give back with supportive positive affirmation to others in this situation. I will find a great employer or if things work out right I will be my own employer, my preference! Thanks for the evaluation of my video. I'm glad you enjoyed it=)

sarah jordan: Hi, Thanks for the support! I feel better than ever!! Amazing!! Cheesy to say but I was once told "the style is to always be yourself" I never knew what those words truly meant until I began this journey!

Rickie Muth: You are sweeter :)

sarah jordan: Thankyou soo much! I really appreciate the kindness=)!

sarah jordan: =) thankyou!

sarah jordan: @apoxalex Heck I wish!!

entony russo: love, what it means xoxoxo

jomovesa: I wanna be your friend baby

78mharie: Thank you for the reply ! I guess 5 10 is not to tall after all I have in this M_ F thing my whole life ! I do cd alot but i dont like the sex seen that most cd s seem to be into ! ! I like to dress and have started to go out ! so for only bad time in five times out ! ! I guess that look ok !! Who am I _ _

dklyde: Great inspiring story. You look and sound great. Best of luck to you.

hospitalbedpan1: You need to gain about 15 to 20 pounds.
Sarah, MTF Transgender 1yr HRT 4.8 out of 5

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Sarah, MTF Transgender 1yr HRT