Maverick 12g Bullpup Shotgun

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Maverick 12g Bullpup Shotgun
Maverick 12g Bullpup Shotgun
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MadMetalManiac74: Bull pups need the elevated sight. It's not for aiming through a gun port. It's because you head is moved about 12" forward and the sight picture needs to be raised to accommodate the new head position. All bullpup a have this elevated sight.

cityhunterhf: 95-2 lol

MadMetalManiac74: Just got me one today. Can't wait to shoot it.

Buddymack917: Nice video! I agree not the most refined design but it looks interesting the suit case handle would have to go to me that looks hideous, almost hi pointish lol. ,

ere828: Had a chance to buy one a few months back, now Im glad I didnt .Im left handed.

Kazakh Zilla: @legofreak7432 more like L85

ChromeFreak123: I have seen one of them some where, lol. Great video.

WildBillGT19s: I had one, you may be suprised to find out it is just a simple conversion from a standard Mossberg shotgun, a couple bolts, comes apart in two sections, you will find a standard mossberg shotgun minus a rear and fore stock (original safety is still there, there is a slide bar that connects the conversion trigger to the shotguns actual trigger. Glock and roni conversion, same principle.

GunWebsites: by many decades, lol

Harrison Boyd: ksg is cooler

MrZerostr: If they make a lefty version i'll buy it.

Jurocket: or like the ksg shotgun

Jobe Kenney: The famas of the shotguns

MMBNM: @Cesarissatan I'd like to see that happen....

koffeekage: if only the engineers made it eject the shells straight down like the P90.

C172Pilotdude: They shouldn't have stopped production of the Mossberg bullpup

Frank Villarreal: I love my bullpup and I am killer with this ! I had mine for about 15 + years .... I seen alot of good times with this !

Obora watabinost: perfect for slugs?

ZeaMoore4: Lol. " Get it in where you fit it in..." You hear that girls. LMAO. just kidding

Donnie M: Isnt there a guy that makes bullpup kits not that look like this design?

jsaranczak: lol he must have been dropped on his head as a child. messed up his ability to keep things in chronological order ;D

flashnflaky: @J2HxMODZ You have probably never seen the new Keltec shot gun if you think this one is cool

fattywithafirearm: Iv got one of these shotguns. It is awkward to handle.

CombatRZero: with the popularity of the KSG and the UTS-15 I can see Mossberg revisiting the bullpup 500 as a possible low cost alternative for those looking for a compact shotgun.

Jesse Sisolack: I remember these. Any Maverick, 500, or 590 will fit in them. Just to make your shotgun, umm, different. No real pratical use other then to have something a little odd. I would not mind one in my collection, but I doubt I will have it up front in the grab if you need a weapon for combat location.

Womble Dewd: lol what a freaking idiot you are. The maverick was made in like 1985; the KSG wasn't even announced until 2011.

alajeff: Damn, where can I get one? They are no longer produced by mossberg anymore...

bbo40: I did just that about 8 years ago. Was at a gun shop and saw one of these in the rack. The store owner said he had it sitting in the back for about 5 years; new in the box. He had just 'found' it and set it out that morning. I held it for about 10 seconds and bought it on the spot!

Raven Takeshi: It's not bad from my point of view.

GunWebsites: @alajeff sorry, it's not around anymore.. next time we see one we'll see what we can do

FLSHBK1: @alajeff You don't want one of these. I have fired many of them, and the AD (Accidental Discharge) rate was unacceptably high. It was just a Mossberg 500A or B shotgun with the stock removed, enclosed in a "clamshell". The trigger motion was transferred by a long, complicated bar, which caused the problems. An AD with a 12ga will change your life and spoil your day. Altho I wouldn't turn anything down in a gunfight, this would not be on my preferred list as I headed for the OK Corral.

Frank West: such close range good for cover shots

dylbyl1234: idk why but im right handed and i shoot left handed because i aim better with my right hand

Elysian Aegis: Seems to me like having a pump on a bull-pup design would be somewhat awkward, semi-auto would make it better I think.

bfcf623: I'm left handed and never had a problem operating one.

Nate Witham: MY EYES!!!!!

jonasldg: yay the old reviewer is back :D

MrPrivatetv1: it weighs 11 pounds

Derail07: Nice. A little more innovation would make that more practical. Like the top handle folding down (or remove completely) or use as additional shell holder. I would take one as is regardless.

blakenzy: I was told that this particular model was developed specifically for use by armored car personnel, to be handled and fired through the small gun ports of such vehicles. Hence the two flat square "bumper" tabs in front of the forward grip, and the elevated sights which allowed the user to aim through the small window above the gun port.

blobbios: i like the overall look, but the carying handle/ sights ruin the look for me, i would slap a smoother looking rail on it and put magpul mbus sights on it :)

daviechouse: @dylbyl1234 Same here, ppl think its awkard but hey im more accurate that way.

glock10mm: I had one of those and had it break twice on me

doughesson: I like my 500 the way I have it now.Two barrels one for hunting,one for home defense,a Tac Star sidesaddle for 4 reloads and an ATI adjustable stock and forearm for when it's used by someone with shorter arms or I am wearing heavy clothing.

sweeeeeeeett: ninja bullpup shotgun :)

Obora watabinost: on the left side of the original maverick bullpup it says "shoot from right shoulder only, store gun and ammunition separretly, patent pending"

karinosai: @flashnflaky I personally think this looks better than the Kel Tec shotgun, it's really more of personal taste.

Iggy Hazard: @thedoubledeus Correct! The only thing the Neostead has over the KSG is that it automatically alternates to the other tube whereas the KSG's tube selector is manual only.

usframe: thanks for the view!

scottishbadboytracks: @FatalDeathSG45 check out the new Keltec bullpup shotgun ;-D
Maverick 12g Bullpup Shotgun 4.8 out of 5

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Maverick 12g Bullpup Shotgun