Maverick 12g Bullpup Shotgun

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Learn123: Are you James Woods?

Frank Villarreal: I've had mine for about 11 years and I acutally used it on home defense and its a good gun . Its short to clear a room and since I been useing it alot I'm very good with it but now that I have a saige 12 that I am fixxing up to my preferance but I still love my bull pup.

Frank West: such close range good for cover shots

bfcf623: I'm left handed and never had a problem operating one.

Roman Bellic: this is in gta 5 if you pre order :)

fattywithafirearm: Iv got one of these shotguns. It is awkward to handle.

PoohsHusband: I thought the look of thr bull pup for the maverick is sweet! Good to see different designs for this type of shotgun.

MadMetalManiac74: Bull pups need the elevated sight. It's not for aiming through a gun port. It's because you head is moved about 12" forward and the sight picture needs to be raised to accommodate the new head position. All bullpup a have this elevated sight.

MadMetalManiac74: Just got me one today. Can't wait to shoot it.

bbo40: I did just that about 8 years ago. Was at a gun shop and saw one of these in the rack. The store owner said he had it sitting in the back for about 5 years; new in the box. He had just 'found' it and set it out that morning. I held it for about 10 seconds and bought it on the spot!

GunWebsites: Anything is possible, I wouldn't recommend it

STEVE P: could it be used for home defense?

AtomicMushroom: with the popularity of the KSG and the UTS-15 I can see Mossberg revisiting the bullpup 500 as a possible low cost alternative for those looking for a compact shotgun.

GunWebsites: I don't know, these don't go down in price, I would have snatched it up as an investment

ere828: Had a chance to buy one a few months back, now Im glad I didnt .Im left handed.

Zardoz Almighty: i'd buy one just for craps and giggles. if i could find one that is.

Womble Dewd: lol what a freaking idiot you are. The maverick was made in like 1985; the KSG wasn't even announced until 2011.

Raymond Binder: COD fag

GunWebsites: by many decades, lol

jsaranczak: lol he must have been dropped on his head as a child. messed up his ability to keep things in chronological order ;D
Maverick 12g Bullpup Shotgun 5 out of 5

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Maverick 12g Bullpup Shotgun