Motorcycle Skills Test - Course Layout And Score-Sheet Explanation

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William Vanderpool: out standing good to know thanks for the video

Eveolution: did i just miss it... but how many points are you allowed totale? seems pretty important not to mention it man.

Bret Tkacs: As an FYI Washington state no longer used the ALT MOST test however the rest of the information is good... and I agree with taking a class

Mally & Me Vlog: Great vid! Very helpful and a great confidence builder! I'm taking the skills test tomorrow morning!

Shavon McCown: That was awesome.  Very informative! This is exactly what I was looking for!

TerryFrenchy: Thank you for putting this together. That helps to demystify the grading.

Roy Scown: I laid out my own practice course on a school playground where I can practice all of the skill tests. You gave us some good info here so that I can score myself now each time I try one of these runs.

John Henckel: Thank you for doing this video!  exactly what I needed!

Mark Slovak: Hawaii supposedly uses the Alternate MOST test but I noticed on the cone
weave the last two cones are nearly two feet closer than the previous spacing
of the cones. This is non-standard and decidedly unfair. On the day I took the
test, only 1 out of 5 riders passed. Hawaii DOT does not allow practice on its
course and if more than 10 points are lost at any point of the test, the rider is
not allowed to finish the course but is sent off the course. A score of 90 is required to pass (not 80).

I call Hawaii's test the ALMOST MOST test. Very unprofessional and in 
bad need of review by MSF/DOT.

Whitey: Great video.. thanks a bunch for posting it up. It's exactly what I was looking for.

kennym4: I've had been riding for a while before I took mine, let my permit expire a couple times. The mental part of being tested is the hardest part. Good video !!

Mike Corcoran: This is not as easy as this guy says, The instructors are out to make more money for their company so they will fail you without mercy. Learn your stuff this is a no bullcrap course.

travis horton: great vid man thanks

notoriousDEB: hmmmm the DOL video says you will immediately disqualified for putting a foot down during the first section (cone weave), and that's what happened to me the first time. This video claims several times that you can't fail by failing one test; that doesn't seem to be true. Otherwise very helpful information, thanks!

DamnYouSalazar: Great video, they should put this video on the Riding Test section of the WA State DOL website. I'm taking the test tomorrow morning, understanding the scoring has had a calming effect and has made me less nervous about it. Thanks for making this video.
Motorcycle Skills Test - Course Layout and Score-Sheet Explanation 5 out of 5

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Motorcycle Skills Test - Course Layout and Score-Sheet Explanation