Amtrak Train Empire Builder Roomette/Sleeper Room Tour And Review

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Amtrak Train Empire Builder Roomette/Sleeper room Tour and Review
Amtrak Train Empire Builder Roomette/Sleeper room Tour and Review
Superliner Roomette Tour.wmv
Superliner Roomette Tour.wmv
Amtrak Sleeper Car Tour -
Amtrak Sleeper Car Tour -
Amtrak Roomette / Sleeper Fun On The Train
Amtrak Roomette / Sleeper Fun On The Train
Review and tour of Amtrak Viewliner Roomette -- video tour of compartment
Review and tour of Amtrak Viewliner Roomette -- video tour of compartment

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Carl Lind: I am 6 7". Is the bunk long enough for me? Is a shower available in the bathroom?

Edward Travels: Thanks for sharing.  It's amazing how well designed the Roomettes are, very comfortable to travel in

Ed Lo: Thank you this was very helpful

Gene Prudhon: I've taken the EB round trip from Wisconsin to West Glacier, but ridden coach. Everyone can use the lounge car and sit in the upper obsession area. I'll be taking the train again this year with my wife and we'll use the roomette. It usually runs late in the summer through Montana with all the freight traffic. We arrived four hours late at West Glacier. Not a problem since I had anticipated it.

Alece Walker: Thanks for sharing. This was very helpful to me. 

Lori Shields: Thanks for sharing.  I have enough Amtrak guest rewards to get a freebie trip from Chi to Seattle and was wondering if two of us could manage in a roomette.  It's tiny!  Still, I think it could be fun.  Glad to see it this way, as the Amtrak 3-D animation made it look much bigger.

val91201: Wow, that's really tiny, a cruise ship cabin looks gigantic by comparison.

Thomas Holm: I from nj. & ny where you from

Thomas Holm: Your welcome

Thomas Holm: Hi everybody did you enjoin the video

Mark Carlson: Nice video.  Thanks for sharing.

Cathy Blake: Thank you so much for your thorough tour. It answered every one of my questions!

Heru Ammen: Excellent video presentation.  My Dad was a sleeping car porter from '44 to '72 (28 years) and I was fortunate to be able to ride the train with my Dad all over the country from Oakland and San Francisco.I love the train and ride it with either a roomette or deluxe sleeper to New Orleans from Charlotte, NC.. Unfortunately it's "Viewliner" class which is still cool. I'm planning a trip this summer to Seattle and look forward to riding the big boy train from DC to Chicago and transferring to the Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle. Thanks for sharing!

kinkisharyocoasters: @Scutter Martin The lower level has four roomettes, three communal half-bathrooms, one communal shower with a changing room, luggage racks, a full-width handicapped-accessible room at the end by the lavatories (with its own sink and johnny) and a full-width family bedroom at the opposite end near the roomettes, without any plumbing. The upper level has ten roomettes, five bedrooms (including a suite pair) and one half-bathroom.

Scott Velez: I cant wait, Im going on one in just a few days!!

jarhiker: i'm a big guy, how comfy are the booths in the dining car. planning a trip soon. thx

Alex Minn: We are talking a trip from new york to seattle 72 hours

Shawn Hardy: I can hardly wait for our trip out to Portland in June! We'll be on the Empire Builder, eventually. We're taking Amtrak from East Lansing, MI to Chicago first. Thanks for posting this.

daniel tramp: Fat Old man but video is cool

northwin9: We rode the Empire Builder to West Glacier ( please see EMPIRE BUILDER BLUES at northwin9 in YouTube ) In the roomette across the hall from us, my father-in-law could not bend over with the top bunk lowered, so he sat on the lower bunk with his wife already in it, and my wife reached under the glass door and pulled his pants off his legs for him, so he could sleep in the upper bunk. We laughed, we howled, and then realized it was midnight and others were trying to sleep. The train is fun.
Amtrak Train Empire Builder Roomette/Sleeper room Tour and Review 5 out of 5

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Amtrak Train Empire Builder Roomette/Sleeper room Tour and Review