Nextbook 8 Inch Tablet Unboxing (Android 4.1 Jelly Bean)

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Nextbook 8 inch Tablet Unboxing (Android 4.1 Jelly bean)
Nextbook 8 inch Tablet Unboxing (Android 4.1 Jelly bean)
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Heather Ann Linder: Got the tablet have an SD card in it...try do download from play store and it says I don't ha e enough internal space. I have down loaded apps but moved them to the SD says I have no internal memeroy to download anything

James Rakestraw: Do Nextbook Tablet 8 have a skype?

pro253: 60 dollars at rural king walmart rip off

Dez “xShizzleDizzlex” Mus: This Tablet Glitches a lot and it clicks on apps when you don't even touch it, You have to charge a certain way because something in the Tablet is messed up and iv'e used many Chargers so i know it is the Tablet itself, The screen is perfect size but you have to hold it in certain positions to see the Screen, And the Sound Quality is Horrible if you turn it all the way up you can still barely hear the sound and iv'e only had my Nextbook for a year, (PEOPLE WHO ARE THINKING ABOUT BUYING THIS PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT, YOU SHOULD SAVE UP FOR AN IPAD/IPAD MINI  EVEN THOUGH THIS TABLET IS $100 IT REALLY ISN'T WORTH IT)

Christopher Jackson: They're very glitchy

anisa myftiu:  just bought it, charged it, but it wont turn on....what can be causing it? i hear sounds from the tablet but the screen isn't showing anything

Jenna Elking: These tablets are so-so cool!! I feel sorry for people that's got duds and did not get replacement plan from wally-world.but these tablets are light perfect for reading books. No they don't feel like plastick. But they are super cool. P.s. there are a lot cooler things when your on wifi!

drift shop: Dont get this TABLET IT SUCKS it frezz and crashes

Maria Brown: Nice universal leather case stand at Walmart $16-&17

Brown Hammer: Guys this tablet is amazing I'm posting this from the tablet I've had it for a day It is the best device I've ever bought!!!!!!!!!!

Hadhemi Laouini: worst tablet on the face of this planet.

Angelica Mazariegos: I have one of those..

Luis Angel: Can u use ur USB cable to charge it

awesome bre (bree): Does it feel plastic 

brandon simmons: has anyone found a case for this ive been looking everywhere but i cant find on

SINDY Desire: i buy my for 104.94 dollar

SINDY Desire: i just got one 

Drew Huggard: For some reason I just bought the 8" tablet which was in the box, all the stats on the back of the box were for the 8" yet the front of the box says 7. wtf?

Psygon: This tablet is so-so; it freezes and restarts way too often which is so tiresome. Also the sound quality is mediocre.

Henry Russo: I bought this tablet 5 months ago, 11/14/2013, on 4/2/2014 it failed. It turns on but does not boot up.

The tablet is basically a toy. Ironically though it crashed and locked up frequently when I used it as such to play moderately graphic intensive games. 

The problem with this tablet, and ANY tablet list priced under $175 is poor quality solid state architecture, and integrated circuitry. I opened the back when it failed, and the circuitry inside was more like a 15 yr old desktop than a solid state smart phone or tablet. I own a 15 yr old laptop with much better solid state design. It was made with far too many wired connections and cheaply tapped components. The charging system was garbage right from the start, with numerous glitches that I believe contributed to its eventual demise.
Nextbook 8 inch Tablet Unboxing (Android 4.1 Jelly bean) 5 out of 5

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Nextbook 8 inch Tablet Unboxing (Android 4.1 Jelly bean)