Nextbook 8 Inch Tablet Unboxing (Android 4.1 Jelly Bean)

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Nextbook 8 inch Tablet Unboxing (Android 4.1 Jelly bean)
Nextbook 8 inch Tablet Unboxing (Android 4.1 Jelly bean)
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Luigi Provencher: I just bought one of these POS's for $5 at a thrift store ,lol it's model #NX008HD8G. You get what you pay for with these things. Glad I didn't buy it new. Why are these companies even aloud to make and sell a new item that comes with an old outdated Operating System on them that you can't even upgrade to a newer version?

Sooner Science Nerd: I tried to use my Android jellybean with dual core 441.Chromecast. won't work with my Samsung TV.what Android tablet will work with Chromecast?
I sent Chromecast back.

Pao Xiong: Wow . I have this tablet an it runs perfectly till my little sister drop it and it crack lol

Robert Emons: mine keeps freezing on loading screen will not go to home screen don't know how to get past this!!

xInfinityCat: My god this tablet is just crap! It glitches like hell

Hank Hoskins: This a terrible tablet

Savannah Roberts: this tablet is not good do not get it i have that tablet and it dose not work with in 2 years

Yeci Morales: do. you have a tablet

Yeci Morales: do. you have a

Yeci Morales: do. you have a

Dominic Martinez: this tablet is so glithy

Kyle Weixlmann: It's not that bad after you root it with ShaunMT's custom firmware from FreakTab. Itll let you use more internal space.

AlanaRose22: This tablet is a pice of junk!! I have one

Lola Hammond: Don't get this tablet it lasted for a few months I sent it back and getting another one soon!

Heather Ann Linder: Got the tablet have an SD card in it...try do download from play store and it says I don't ha e enough internal space. I have down loaded apps but moved them to the SD says I have no internal memeroy to download anything

James Rakestraw: Do Nextbook Tablet 8 have a skype?

pro253: 60 dollars at rural king walmart rip off

Dez Mus: This Tablet Glitches a lot and it clicks on apps when you don't even touch it, You have to charge a certain way because something in the Tablet is messed up and iv'e used many Chargers so i know it is the Tablet itself, The screen is perfect size but you have to hold it in certain positions to see the Screen, And the Sound Quality is Horrible if you turn it all the way up you can still barely hear the sound and iv'e only had my Nextbook for a year, (PEOPLE WHO ARE THINKING ABOUT BUYING THIS PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT, YOU SHOULD SAVE UP FOR AN IPAD/IPAD MINI  EVEN THOUGH THIS TABLET IS $100 IT REALLY ISN'T WORTH IT)

mist star: They're very glitchy

anisa myftiu:  just bought it, charged it, but it wont turn on....what can be causing it? i hear sounds from the tablet but the screen isn't showing anything
Nextbook 8 inch Tablet Unboxing (Android 4.1 Jelly bean) 5 out of 5

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Nextbook 8 inch Tablet Unboxing (Android 4.1 Jelly bean)