How To Resize A Breitling Watch Bracelet

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How to Resize a Breitling Watch Bracelet
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Ian k: Thank you very much now I can adjust the links.

Chuck Dillon: Good video.@KingKnight I used a slotted (flat head) 1.5. I would also suggest a Wiha precision screw driver set. You need the right tool for the job especially if you are playing around with a $5000+ watch.

KingKnight: What size is that flat head screw driver? 

Watch Addict: how do i REMOVE a link i got tue screws out and dont know where to go from here , do theu just pull off ? Professional 2 on a breitling SA . Let me know 

Bfhkuh Owhv: Watches are the best, I often treat it as a gift.   Watches are the best, I often treat it as a gift.

breitlingsource: Not really - you can find some other metal bracelets that might fit but they're not going to look right. Try to buy an extra link, or buy a leather strap for it.. that will look better than an off-brand metal bracelet.

AlphaTeaMemberA: I have a metal band Colt and I received it as a gift a while back but now it is too small and I don't know where the other links are. I was wondering if there are any interchangeable bands that will fit it until I either buy another real band or find the links for this one? I don't care if the band is Breitling I just want to wear it again but I can't. Please help!!!

breitlingsource: Your best bet is to check ebay or one of the watch forums like BreitlingSource and post an ad wanting to buy some if there aren't any listed.

Séamus G. O’Dwyer: Where can I buy 2 Links for 15mm Breitling Rouleaux (Bullet) Bracelet?

breitlingsource: The Bergeon 160 or 180 work.. they're 1.6mm and 1.8mm respectively.

SaxonFraser: Hey look thanks man. I just didn't want to risk messing it up. Glad I checked in.

lalotong: I just did it with my Airwolf, it works! Thanks!

David Green: Just bought an Avenger Seawolf. The dealer, an AD, adjusted the strap but left one screw loose. I also noticed the link next to the clasp had a screw on both sides and wondered if they had 'screwed up' there too. This vid saved the day. Thanks. :)

mark merlon: Big thnxxxxxxx you saved my day

mark merlon: Big thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you saved my day

AngeloMCMXCI: It took me some time to fix the same problem, i would just advice to patiently sit down with the right equipment (like tiny tools). Also it is important to clean your work space en use a placemet zo you won't get confused with the loose parts.

ganimed1976: @breitlingsource Yes, it´s an older pilot bracelet. I bought it for my old 91´s Breitling Windrider Chronomat ( 81.950 / B13047). At the moment there´s a black Breitling Diver Pro strap (with the large BREITLING logo) on it. But that diver pro strap does not look that great on such an vintage watch. So I decided to buy the pilot bracelet for my Chronomat. Okay, the Rouleaux bracelet would fit better in chronological order, but the pilot bracelet looks nicer IMHO ;) Thanx for your help :o)

breitlingsource: @ganimed1976 Ah.. its an old Chronomat/Duograph bracelet.. almost guarantee that its real if that marking is there. They did not make good fakes back then when that bracelet was made.

ganimed1976: @breitlingsource Thank you very much. Now I know how to spot a fake bracelet from an genuine. The day I receive the bracelet I`ll check it out and if it´s not genuine I send it back to the seller. The point that makes me a little thoughtful is that the bracelet has no visible reference number on it (like 300A, 361A & 358A for the 20-18mm bracelets). There is only a number engraved on both ends of the bracelet that says "14795" and the words "CHRONO. / DOUG" are stamped in.
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How to Resize a Breitling Watch Bracelet