How To Resize A Breitling Watch Bracelet

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Bfhkuh Owhv: Watches are the best, I often treat it as a gift. Watches are the best, I often treat it as a gift.

mark merlon: Big thnxxxxxxx you saved my day

ganimed1976: @breitlingsource Yes, it´s an older pilot bracelet. I bought it for my old 91´s Breitling Windrider Chronomat ( 81.950 / B13047). At the moment there´s a black Breitling Diver Pro strap (with the large BREITLING logo) on it. But that diver pro strap does not look that great on such an vintage watch. So I decided to buy the pilot bracelet for my Chronomat. Okay, the Rouleaux bracelet would fit better in chronological order, but the pilot bracelet looks nicer IMHO ;) Thanx for your help :o)

alexkidca: thank you for letting me know how to change my links on my Breitling Chrono Avenger, i was struggling trying to figure out, keep up the good work and videos you have.

MathiASS88: Hey! Thanks for the video. I was wondering how many links can you remove? I have very small wrist around 6inches.

ganimed1976: A few minutes ago I bought a used Breitling Pilot bracelet on ebay for 360 Euros (all steel version for Breitling Chronomat). I guess I`ll receive it in a few days. But during my research in the web I saw some well made fake Breitling steel pilot bracelets on various sides. How can I distinguish a fake bracelet from an original? Is it possible to identify a fake from an original bracelet?

alexkidca: thanks for showing how to resize

breitlingsource: The Bergeon 160 or 180 work.. they're 1.6mm and 1.8mm respectively.

breitlingsource: @ganimed1976 Visit the breitlingsource website and view the articles section. There are several writeups on fakes including a small section on the bracelet that shows a few indicators.

kasakka: Thank you so much for this video.

Séamus G. O’Dwyer: Where can I buy 2 Links for 15mm Breitling Rouleaux (Bullet) Bracelet?

Chris Williams: There are 4 dots on the clasp. Can those be used for minor length changes? If so, how do you move the pin?

RGEDHU: i want to take 2 links off how do i do that

PatientZeroThree: Cool

ganimed1976: @breitlingsource Thank you very much. Now I know how to spot a fake bracelet from an genuine. The day I receive the bracelet I`ll check it out and if it´s not genuine I send it back to the seller. The point that makes me a little thoughtful is that the bracelet has no visible reference number on it (like 300A, 361A & 358A for the 20-18mm bracelets). There is only a number engraved on both ends of the bracelet that says "14795" and the words "CHRONO. / DOUG" are stamped in.

Skimyworld08: Thanks breitlingsource, very helpfull!

auxmike: Those screws are awful. The threaded part is very thin like a sewing needle. Over time, those screws seize up or rust in place. Then when you try to get them out the screw heads shear right off. I've had this happen more than once on the 18mm Fighter series bracelets. Rolex uses thick threaded rods, a very robust design.

lalotong: I just did it with my Airwolf, it works! Thanks!

aerodan607: A couple of additional tips: placing a piece of clear tape over the edge of your bracelets links while unscrewing the screws will keep you from accidentally scratching the link with the screwdriver. Also, for your own sanity, use a dish or a pan with sides, place a towel or soft cloth inside, then work on the watch - you'll be less likely to loose screws.

FilLearningToFly: What kind and size of screwdriver did you use??

anwarratoor: @breitlingsource I own a high class replica of breitling BT-10 and I am suffering from this rust issue too. But I guess one deserves a bit of issues while dealing with replicas.

thrillafofilla: what size screwdriver are you using?

breitlingsource: Not really - you can find some other metal bracelets that might fit but they're not going to look right. Try to buy an extra link, or buy a leather strap for it.. that will look better than an off-brand metal bracelet.

breitlingsource: @ganimed1976 Ah.. its an old Chronomat/Duograph bracelet.. almost guarantee that its real if that marking is there. They did not make good fakes back then when that bracelet was made.

BiggaNitch: What kind of screwdriver are you using? Can you use the same size screwdriver for all the bracelets? Thanks

chmre: Excellent!

SaxonFraser: Hey look thanks man. I just didn't want to risk messing it up. Glad I checked in.

breitlingsource: Your best bet is to check ebay or one of the watch forums like BreitlingSource and post an ad wanting to buy some if there aren't any listed.

eaglefly23: thanks!

David Green: Just bought an Avenger Seawolf. The dealer, an AD, adjusted the strap but left one screw loose. I also noticed the link next to the clasp had a screw on both sides and wondered if they had 'screwed up' there too. This vid saved the day. Thanks. :)

serialced: I have a navitimer on a bracelet and also have about 6inch wrists. Firts perfectly with all 'extra' links removed. With all of them removed it was a bit small but with easy clasp adjustment it fits like a glove :)

Danish Mohammed: hi, i have the exact same chain as this one but i have managed to lose the screws! does anyone know where can i get spares from. Also what size are the srews? appriciate any help, thanks!

breitlingsource: @martsirt37 I have moved it on my later videos, but thanks for the tip.

breitlingsource: @saucecakes If you adjust a watch more than once in your life, its probably worth it to get a screwdriver... but hey, someone has to keep the jeweller in business!

auxmike: I've only bought one of my Colt's new due to the rapid depreciation making them a much better buy preowned. Anyways, I'd bought a pre COSC Colt quartz chrono on fighter bracelet dirt cheap ($550). This poor watch must have seen LOTS of swimming or something. Broke three of those little screws. I ended up epoxying the bracelet back together. It DID happen. I'd suggest a good freshwater rinse after using in the pool or saltwater.

tahoe350: Yes, those are to fine tune the length to your wrist. To adjust it, just pop them out. Easiest way is a safety pin or a paper clip. Those are regular househld items that would work.

Valentine Anochili: any issue with the braclet potentially coming apart after resizing the braclet? Like should you check the screws from time to time to make sure they stay on tight?

Stanton Haugen: I have the Headwind full 18k gold for many years now and I haven't got any stretching problem ... my only compaint is that I should have got a little lighter weight watch .... this one is pretty heavy ... but it does look pretty nice ..... stan

AngeloMCMXCI: It took me some time to fix the same problem, i would just advice to patiently sit down with the right equipment (like tiny tools). Also it is important to clean your work space en use a placemet zo you won't get confused with the loose parts.

breitlingsource: You're the only person that has mentioned this to me... twice. I've owned several Breitlings, about... 3 dozen maybe, some from 10-15 years ago, which have not had this problem. Maybe with heavy use in salt water this could happen. But then you fail to mention that Rolex bracelets loosen over time and develop flex requiring replacement.

06C6Z06: Very helpful video, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!!!!

AlphaTeaMemberA: I have a metal band Colt and I received it as a gift a while back but now it is too small and I don't know where the other links are. I was wondering if there are any interchangeable bands that will fit it until I either buy another real band or find the links for this one? I don't care if the band is Breitling I just want to wear it again but I can't. Please help!!!

martsirt37: Very useful review thanks. Though could you move the breitleingsource banner so its not so close to the centre of the screen??? just a tip :)

mark merlon: Big thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you saved my day

saucecakes: It can be cheaper to just bring it to a watch shop and have it adjusted for 10-20 dollars, although you have to be really careful if you have a legit watch to not get it swapped for a fake. I've heard 1.6mm flat tip screwdriver will do, but those can cost $30 or more.
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How to Resize a Breitling Watch Bracelet