Testing Diesel Fuel Injectors

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Diesel Fuel Injector Test (Mechanical)
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55 Used Bosch Diesel Fuel Injectors Put to the Test - How Many Passed?
Testing Diesel Fuel Injectors
Testing Diesel Fuel Injectors
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How to test a fuel injector on a 2005 Dodge Cummins
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Martin M: Can it work on electronic fired injectors

shahid Mehar: Very nice

Tomas Av.: usless video for home users

Rommel Montayre: Where do you send injectors for repair? John Deere 12.5L RE505207.

sz42781: Just put your hand under it, just tickles a little.

Wayne Modz: didnt he say test fluid ? guys are too quick to judge.
 further more why dont you clever people read his disclaimer at the beginning.

highvoltagefeathers: DON'T STICK YOUR FINGER UNDER IT.

You want 2,400lbs/in^2 of diesel under your skin and in your blood?

traviesito77: just wondering.. what injector tester do you use?

AsiAzzy: About repair of a leaking injector. In the old times for trucks and tractors injectors that were leaking, common practice was to lap the surfaces together with an abrasive compound. That process: the out injector, tear it apart, the out the needle and pulverizer, smoke a few cigars and collect the ash, mix it with a bit of water, dip the needle in this concoction and twist it in the pulverizer. Do this for one hour or so and constantly dip the needle in the water-cigar ash solution. Good as new

eesiflo: thanks for tips on what to look for

g0fvt: An interesting video, of course with later common rail injectors it all changes....

hddm3: god u guys are pussies. give him a break, you think he would do anything to hurt him self, couple of sprays is nothing. i forgot you voted for obama again it exsplains alot about your kitty saftey comments

mauriciodegois: Caution!!! The test fluid will leave the nyzzle at sufficient force to penetrate human "tessues"!!!!!

mauriciodegois: Yes, I would also suggest a table black ou brown to catch the fuel spray!! Yes, it is.

KOCH Servisna oprema d.o.o.: we can offer you a wide range of diesel test benches, car and truck diagostic tools and also other garage equipment

Macktruck71: Great Video! I want to replace the nozzles in my VW TDI injectors but what is the process in getting the injectors pop pressure balanced and how close do they have to be with each other?

Joe Blow: Send what for repair< The Engine, or injectors?

TiredIronVideos: @virus56777 This is the exact procedure used in the pro shop where the fuel pump and injectors were rebuilt.

virus56777: so out dated

dieselscience: finger at nozzle with ANY pressure showing in the system = BIG NO-NO!
Testing Diesel Fuel Injectors 5 out of 5

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Testing Diesel Fuel Injectors