The NitroPlanes' Dynam Spitfire Proved Troublesome For Me!

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The NitroPlanes' Dynam Spitfire proved troublesome for me!
The NitroPlanes' Dynam Spitfire proved troublesome for me!
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NitroPlanes' Dynam Spitfire Revisited.. Try try again!
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ed wood: The real spitfire is heavy on aileron at speed see Peter thorn fly a wooden full scale spit constructed by Clive du cross

Reefer: LOL!! TRIM?? Monstrously tail heavy!!!!! obviously no CG check?

jfingerskeys: nice bird but touchy i just got an ep400 focus and had issues at day 1 replace radio channel dead servo dead redid wing attach screw didnt line up right went to dowels and rubberbands also servo tubes flopp as well as wiring hitting servos now its a beast and the 400 flies like a hawk fast and snappy for a little motor
also battery was crap and died after one charge

A Drone: You know Dave.... like the real spitfires of World War II, the elliptical wing design was to improve top speed and to be an aggressive very nimble dogfighter. Center of gravity in this case is the MAIN PROBLEM!!

Rob Crawford: COG to far back!!

CC3DLtd: looks like the COG is way out 

rallyden: I think there's nothing you can do to make this fly any better.  Planes of this size are the pits.  It's not small and light enough to fly like an ultra micro and not large enough to have good lift out of those little wings.  Plus I'll bet it's a shade heavy.  I'd have to review Reynold's number vs wing size and weight, but the plane looks like it has a problem getting enough lift and it is prone to stalls and takes a delicate touch.  The 700mm Skyraider from Nitroplanes (I think it's the FMS brand) reacts the same way.  I finally retired the plane after a year.  Just not a good flying plane.  A good flying plane of this size is the Eflite Zero.  It's of a similar size but the weight of the plane is much lighter.  Eflite just has a better product overall.

pen mightygun: how could you put the plane into the air without checking for balance? thats the most basic thing you can do. did you forget to check wing incidence to sabalizer as well? how about thrust line? all very basic components of flight design. on you tube even first timers fly the spitfire. 

Mathewson Ramsey: Dynam blows, I bought a j3 cub a while back, screw holes didnt line up, main wing didnt fit on, springs were flimsy. Their recommended cg was waaay off, needless to say it was tail heavy flew like crap never again. Ill stick to parkzone and durafly. 

Jazzman3121: Wow, you can see how far rc foam warbirds have come since this video... May have to get myself a Spitfire, cool plane!

Mach1Airspace: Quite sure the working theory for this particular plane's floppy flight characteristics is that it's scale ratio of main to tail wing size should not have been maintained. It very much looks like because of it's weight and composition the tail wing needs to be enlarged by at least 20-30%. Just a thought.

jonesgerard: Its too scale,  I had a sureflite spit and it was the same, very snappy.

I threw it away.          

matrix49A: Check that the elevator pushrod is not flexing inside the model

Hans Milling: This plane must be some pre development model, it does not at all look like the Dynam Spitfire that I've got. The wing mount is different, it came with retracts and was prepared for flaps. I use a 3300 mAh battery to get the correct CG and much longer flight times and even 4 cell for extra speed. The plane flies great, but with all Spitfires you need to land with a little extra power to avoid wing tip stall.

muddyfunkster77: wheel pans REALLY!!!!

Midnight2534: I tried out Dynam's 1200mm Mustang and first flight up it was definitely tail heavy for some odd reason even with the battery shoved all the way to the firewall. Dynam needs to fix the CG issues on their planes. Definitely going with FMS/Airfield next.

Marty Love: I'll tell you what your problem is, those stupid non-authentic wheel pants!

PyR0Star: calm down, it survived, and I fixed the inverted tail problem. =)

Alex West: The Catalina is a great plane., and Dynam is a great company. YOU are just a bad pilot.

Marilyn Dugan: flies like a dream
The NitroPlanes' Dynam Spitfire proved troublesome for me! 5 out of 5

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The NitroPlanes' Dynam Spitfire proved troublesome for me!