How To Replace The Clutch On A Chainsaw

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Wil Mitch: was trying to change oil pump, but couldn't get passed the sprocket took other side of saw apart tried to knock the whole section with no luck, who would think sticking a piece of bloody rope down the piston, so very technical. great production now piece of piss.

Pierpa_76 Pierpaolo: Removing the clutch classic (the one with the big springs just for instance) chainsaw?You serve as a key to open it?
Here in this video clutch it is easy but in my case it is not so ... !!
I await recommendations and solutions.
Thank you in advance and Best regards.

Osama Saad: مشكور خاااااااااال

MsSomeonenew: Jesus, I thought the guy in the shop was just an idiot and didn't know how to do it properly, but you are actually suppose to jam something into the damn cylinder?! What kind of birdbrain design is that...
Anyway good tutorial.

Juantor Tor: Te doy las gracias por un detalle que fue lo de la piola en la bujia para sacar el volante del embriague, no tenia como sacarlo ok

elsmitro: Helped a lot, thanks!

graywriter123: Funny, I never need to remove the sprocket from a nice clean shiny saw like that!  Good tutorial, though.

Moritz P: thank you! now i have learned how to change it :)

Gerard Woodhouse: Fantastic video, replacement of parts very well preformed. Very easy to follow, keep up the good work. 

Arnold Long: Mark I learned a lot from this video , you make it look so easy , I was unaware they made a piston binder , if I were to replace many clutches I would purchase one of these for sure , one of the better videos I've watched , good presentation , ty <> Arnold

MarkyMark: nice tutorial ....   THANKS !!!! 

Ariel Lezen: On my saw, the clutch appears to be backwards; the teeth for the chain are facing outwards and I can't see the inner parts. Help?

Rafael F. Cardona: So nice for those who know... Thanks, very helpful..

Faye Duvall: A great video. Thanks .

backyardbirds: I can't seem to get the clutch/sprocket cover to go back in place on my Husky 345 after cleaning and replacing a chain. can you help?

Gregory Joy: he should have greased the sprocket bearing while he had it apart , or at least made mention of it . I had never seen the cord trick before. It would have good to see it actually done .  

Martin Benfield: Thanks. This was great. Best info I have gotten

Thomas Herbert: Dominic,, who the hell are you talking about ?  the guy in video ? did you work on your saw ? 

willembeton: thanks for the tips !!

Cheryl MacKenzie: Dear Mark,
Thank you very much for helping me rehab our chainsaw! Mystery dispelled, nothing to get hung about.
How to Replace the Clutch on a Chainsaw 5 out of 5

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How to Replace the Clutch on a Chainsaw