My Balisong Collection.

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CSharp: I only recently got into balisongs and I'm fascinated by the number of places that prohibit ownership or carry.

Can Am 1000Xmr: No, it's not quality metal nor does it have the thin edge needed for a shaving straight razor.

Isaac ahumada: Hey bad apple does that straight razor blade is it used for actually shaving or not?

Andre Gross: 2:39 The straight razor bali does not run on ball bearings. I have the same handle ccc trainer that started to break in a week. It runs on garbage plastic (not even nylon) washers.

Can Am 1000Xmr: Wow! You are so witty. It must have taken a good part of your day to steal someone else's comment and use it as an attempt to try to bother me. Your comment and your thieving ways are at the same 7 year old level. Thank for the humor.


LegitMuffinX: I also have a Taylor Seto. A slightly different model but very high quality

Susan Byrd: That is a badass knife collection.

Matt: you need benchmades

Noah Doty: Can You Tell Me How Long The Very First One You Picked Up Will Last? I Have It And Dont Know To Much About It.

nevin abraham: @onebadapple76 ye same here there so expensive

ihavepanicattacks: where do you buy them?

Scottie P: that brass auction one its a Pakistan 1980s knife the lock is on the other side is called manilla style.

TheKaniq94: woow, cool ^^ does anyone know, where i can buy expensive butterflies in europe? i mean so up to 300 € i have self 7 knifes, but they re really cheap

Atlas: i kno chances are your not willin to sell any but ive been tryin to get one for a while. can u give me a few prices for them?

lilstuntdude2: @skaterock7734 ohh sryy

lilstuntdude2: ok make sure u dont wip it out in public unless u need 2 cuz they are illegal

max larsen: with one is best quality of the cheap ones ?

alienslasher53: SPY!!!

seth scott: surprised u dont got a jaguar classic
My balisong collection. 5 out of 5

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My balisong collection.