GO PRO Training GIXXER Wheelies On Highway

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josh spencer: Its called jungle bu andre nickatina´╗┐

pwpsrspl: the sound of a bike is amazing ;)

08Street14: @lilpulizzi88 i used soundhound on my ipod, its called jungle by andre nickatina thanks for the help

Lor44k95: i like this music

olliethc1: That's freakin gnarly ;-)

state808hawaii .: Nice :D I like dat :D

juicer404: nice

lilpulizzi88: @08Street14 its andre nickatina. idk the name of the song.

08Street14: nice! whats the name of the song?

landry209: your good!

Euric Dinkins: what gear are you doing those and about how much RPM???

BKingAndy: good video :)
GO PRO training GIXXER wheelies on highway 4.9 out of 5

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GO PRO  training GIXXER wheelies on highway