Installing A 240v Plug For An Air Compressor.

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How to Wire a 240 Volt (220) Outlet for an Air Compressor - NEMA 6-20 - 12-2 Wire - 20 AMP Breaker
How to Wire a 240 Volt (220) Outlet for an Air Compressor - NEMA 6-20 - 12-2 Wire - 20 AMP Breaker
240V install for new air compressor.
240V install for new air compressor.

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soulless one: 240v for that baby air compressor that explains the spaghetti noodle wire

William Miller: every single comment thread on wiring anything on Youtube Begins "wow, you have several major code violations...." like any of this is ever permitted work. Make your own videos geniuses, otherwise go pound sand.

tonymac96: Ummmm...I think I got it...if the equipment is truly 220 volts...the two hot will need for the neutral...However, in a range and other equipment...that they require 120 and 220 volts...these equipment will do require the neutral cable!!!

tonymac96: I'm confused...why there is no a neutral cable for the current return??? ...for example ranges do have two hot, a neutral..and ground...(4 cables).... I guess it has to do a lot with the type of equipment...

Keith Noneya: Ok that is 220vac in what looks like a 110vac outlet. So what happens when I plug my garage tv into it?

Adam Baker: Obviously late to this conversation, but:

While there are several code violations with this installation, one critical oversight is not marking the ends of the white "hot" wire with black or red electrical tape. In the event that someone services the circuit in the future and doesn't realize what has been done this could ultimately lead to a very dangerous if not deadly incident. Hope you see this post and correct, at least, THAT issue, satajet883...

Or perhaps some of you seeing this NOW won't negate this simple step...

MotoTech: What should I do if I already have a 20 amp breaker in the electrical box to power a 60 gallon compressor?

Duane Sather: Why did he mount the outlet so crooked? Sloppy!

dannyjaar: here is running my pc on 230 AC volts main

Sinaloa AirJordan: This is so confusing

Adam Ahmed: The first number is the wire gauge, or thickness. Lower numbers are thicker. The second number is the number of insulated wires in the cable, not counting the bare ground wire. 12-2 is 12 gauge with black, white, and ground wires. 10-3 is 10 gauge with black, red, white, and ground conductors. There's also 12-2-2 that has two neutrals.

G Pierce: I will certainly be saving this for reference. I am preparing to wire a new air compressor for a 240v application.

Dominic scott: baby loud compressor noisy for its size i have a giant fiac airblock 20 and that is quieter than that SCREW COMPRESSORS RULE

satajet883: LOL, I went to Ireland once and noticed how different the wiring was. Higher voltage and much smaller wire. Really must save on copper. Didn't realize that down under uses the European model.

Tera Volt: Geez American electric systems are quite different from European systems. I understand how you use split-phase to get 230V from 115V but colours, plugs, breakers, RCDs (GFIs), breaker boxes, the works are completely different! Down under in oz we mostly follow European practice so I can understand eg UKs standards easily enough but this is weird.

cigarcaptain: I am so thankful that you had time to send such a quick respose. Just a couple questions, I am not familiar with the terminology. so is #12 a cable with 3 wires or four wires. Is this called 12-2? I just want to sound like I know what I am talking about when I go to buy this stuff. I have been around construction for years but never messed with electrics. I am not completly stupid but after wachting the vid you made I think I can do this. Thank you so much, Joe

satajet883: Hey Cigarcaptain, Not sure about local codes in your area. But you should be good with #12 copper UF cable. You can bury that directly in a trench 1 foot deep. You will want to come out of the house with a 1/2' PVC LB And run PVC pipe down into the trench into a PVC 90. And same with entry into the Garage. If you want I can do a quick vid on how I ran a sub panel out to my garage. Much more than 100' feet and you would want to increase wire size do to voltage drop.

cigarcaptain: Love this video, remembered you had put this up. I have to run the exact same outlet to my garage. It is 50' away. So I will be buying 65 to' 75'. I am connecting a knife heat treat oven. I make knives. Oven is brand new, 15 amp and has the same 240 volt plug you put in for your buddy. I just dont know what wire to use, it will have to be buried. I know you are busy but if you get the chance please let me now what type of wire to get. thanks for the videos Cigar Captain.

tomswonderfulworld: thanks for the video
Installing a 240v plug for an air compressor. 5 out of 5

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Installing a 240v plug for an air compressor.