HTC EVO 3D - Installing Sim Card And Memory Card

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HTC EVO 3D Review
HTC EVO 3D Review
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HTC EVO 3D Unboxing
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Ksfreak Fanpage: Where can I buy SIM card???

DAITCHIE BOYD PONTHIEUX: no no no that is a different kind of phone my htc evo doesn't even look like that....I wish people will tell the truth instead of showing a bunch of bull crap

The1stWNWA: Do you get hspa+ in the US with European version?

KIGHT3: I got this phone but i dont see  where the Sim card go at

warkolaka al: shti iba maikata

Джавид Азизов: Thankfull

Dewayne Spradlin: Now I see description No wonder European version !!! Everything thing is way better or way more freaked up

Dewayne Spradlin: Yea mine is same cdma but was told it had both capabilities for out of country/gsm /roaming but my SD slot is right below where u inserted sim but see no other possible place for a sim although they are a questionable film like toys are shipped with to prevent batteries from making connection so when purchased u just pull film thought maybe its a actual piece of film containing metal contact just to complete circuit idk just a mechanic who turns wrenches not rooting and booting or flashing expert by no means

dhonnyjeep: for some people (virgin mobile users) who dont have sim card the sd card slow will be in the same area you should see a little silver square

HugaЯk™: I have been searching and searching and searching :D

Tore Neverås: crap i need a bigger sim. Thanks for the video.

afroRuben01: wow how come mine doesnt have one

Amphysvena Corporation: LOL the SIM insertion is a bit tricky

justvoorfun: there are htc's evo 3d which dont have a sim slot :)

Adrien Pierre: THANKS YOU !!!

Hakim H.: Is it confirmed that every HTC EVO 3D has SIM Slot? or are there some of them if so which versions please? Thanks

Thomas Sørensen: Thanks dude :) The video is no masterpiece but these kind of videos are more helpful then Gangnam style and other entertain videos :)

donjohnson2: i have a cdma version and the micro sd card slot is next to the camera on the left side, but anyways thanks for the video

Dimecia Ruffin: THANK YOU!!!!!

raptor kulenbrück: thank u god bless u :)
HTC EVO 3D - installing sim card and memory card 5 out of 5

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HTC EVO 3D - installing sim card and memory card