How To Make Roti At Home (Indian Flat Bread)

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Roti, Chapati (Flat Indian Bread) Recipe by Manjula
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Baiju Pv: Simply wonder how do you make perfect round, I am still in shapes of different continents. Any tips? 

Eat East Indian: Glad you found them helpful :)

Jennifer Heredia: @eateastIndian Thank you. :)

Eat East Indian: @heomak wrap then in aluminium foil and when you reheat them (in microwave i am assuming), then just brush the roti with some water (as if you are applying butter or oil on it), it will be moist. If you are gonna heat it on tawa, then keep it a bit undercooked

CaptainJackSparrrow1: How come my rotis don't puff up? I don't know what I'm doing wrong :(

123entertainer: nice video but title a bit misleading....i was expecting a tip or two for softer rotis...anyways keep up

kanishq ruhil: Lady roti is supposed to be round and not squares and polygons like u are making

mikeytuts: hi! I once worked in the Middle East and I simply enjoyed Indian. Now that am back home I terribly miss it. Most specially - Chana. Would you have a recipe on how to make it? and by the way, what is the difference between Parantha and Roti/Chapati? thanks

Eat East Indian: I'll have to try that Egyptian bread soon :)

pashtonkhan: My rotis get dry and hardens very fast, how come?

Sunil Khurma: hi

izuddin5: i think u have to turn it a couple of times thats what i did n it worked lol, but i am no expert.

mary yehlik: it's not puffing up?

kanishq ruhil: Its considered an art

naseerahvj: Just started making rotis daily again. You are right bread making is an art, it took me a couple days to get back to the quick good quality rotis I'm used to. Now I'm used to the rythem though I I mak yummi rotis for every meal :D

Eat East Indian: @annarell786 I made them as per my skillet/pan size but you can definitely make them big if you want. Usually roti is smaller than parantha. Also, rotis can be of different sizes just like tortillas :)

CaptainJackSparrrow1: I think thick dough may be the problem. I'll try making it a little thinner next time. Thanks for the tip! :)

mikeytuts: Hi, I worked in the Middle East Once and i simply loved Indian food. Now that I am back home, Im terribly missing it, most specially Chana. Would you have a recipe on how to make it? and what is the difference between parantha and Roti/chapati? thanks

Eat East Indian: @romirolv If you add too much flour (dry atta that we put so that roti doesnt stick on the shelf) that can cause rotis to dry. Also, try adding a tbsp of oil in your dough when making it. There's always good old parathas to enjoy too :) Hope that helps!

Geneva york: My roti turned out awesome. Thank you for this video... I always watch your cooking by the way! hehehe... Love it. I think you should post a video on how to make Shahii paneer though, or just paneer in general. Thanks!

Eat East Indian: @liams231 Its whole wheat atta white. Thank you. It was one of my first vids so didnt turn out that great but thnks for watching.. Do check out some other recipes too. Woudl appreciate your feedback :)

skidd31: thanks for all these videos im now not scared to try anymore! !!! these rotis are so easy!

Eat East Indian: Yeah, you are right :)

Eat East Indian: @Ibbygirl19 Yeah..I do have video on dough too. Just shared it with you. Soft dough is definitely oneof the keys to good chapati.

Eat East Indian: @fall4fellatio I personally think as long as they taste great, are soft and enjoyed by your friends and should be considered good. They are more or less round anyways..hehehe...Thanks for watching and taking time to comment.

Eat East Indian: @mikeytuts :) Indian food is definitely unique and tasty. Oh yeah, I do have a recipe for chana..check out my punjabi chole vid (will pm you the link too). I also have a salad recipe of chickpea salad. Roti is unleavened bread simply made on the gridle (much more healthier than parantha b/c its not fried) although its optional to add ghee/butter on top of it once its ready. Parantha is shallow fried in oil (basically cooked in a bit of oil) but so much more yummy..:) I do have some parantha vids

CaptainJackSparrrow1: ha problem solved! turned out great with thinner dough :) thanks again, your videos are very helpful! :D

gemphu1234: @liams231 This is

Dilip Mann: thanq for uploading, these videos, after watching these it seems soo easy now

Eat East Indian: :( Oh no. Their could be few reasons. Make sure you knead the dough well, tawa/griddle/pan should be hot when you add the roti on to it and let one side cook for 2-3 mins before flipping it over and the dough that you put on the tawa should be think not thick. Thinner ones puff up nicely.

Eat East Indian: @pashtonkhan If the dough is soft, roti's turn out nice. Do check out my video on how to make dough to see how to make chapati. You can butter/oil them a bit to keep them soft and when making them don't put too much dry atta (flour)..more flour u put, the drier the chapati gets! Hope that helps. Thansk for watching and do subscribe for more interesting recipes!

naseerahvj: You know roti's are like all other desi cooking, each family has their own slightly different method, it's kind of fun to see. Who makes dough fresh, who adds oil, or uses milk, who uses the flame or just the tava, how tick or thin they are, ect. :)

Eat East Indian: Awesome. Thanks for taking the time to give us the feedback.

gilesmic: Howdo you do that without burning your fingers?

Eat East Indian: @ThriftyWitch You are very welcome. Hope you like it!

Sunil Khurma: hi thanks for the clue will try in the morning .true i been smearin dry atta a lot to dough mainly due to fear that it will not stick to shelf .thanks for the nukta ...will try and tell the result..

Sunil Khurma: hi i make roti but always they r hard what could be the reason ??i ahve tried low heat high heat cant rectify the problem

Raza Butt: Zindagiyaaan Bhain Ji; i'm going to try this and try to make myself rotis as a man.... my wife uses a gas range and when she was in Pakistan in Punjab if there was no fuel she would use fire and wood; this she places roti on the Frame and then it begins to bubble. Like a big balloon it's amazing

Eat East Indian: @gilesmic :) Practice i's not as hard as it looks especially if u grow up eating that stuff! Thanks for watching and all your nice comments!

Eat East Indian: @Ibbygirl19 Hey no problem :) Anytime!

Eat East Indian: It's quite a task to make Rotis everyday. I usually make them in bulk and put them in fridge and heat them when we need to eat them.

Jennifer Heredia: Yummy. do you have a recipe for how to make the dough?? Thank you. :)

Brian Malik: @eateastIndian i agree with you, that is to silly

Anum Hussain: why r they small?!?

Eat East Indian: @mj9949 Yeah..Roti should puff up..I guess I missed filming that part..this was one of my original trial vids..need to redo it sometime soon...taking into consideration things I missed pointing out in this vid..

PersonWConscience: I really want a roti maker form India but I know no one in India.

heomak: @eateastIndian i followed your recipe but how do i prevent my roti from getting hard??? for e.g. i've cooked 6 pieces of roti-and i'm planning to save some for lunch tomorrow but i'm afraid, they're already starting to get hard.

naseerahvj: I just make the dough once a day and then I can just roll out a roti whenever I need. This way they're always fresh. as long as I'm preparing a meal it's not too much extra. I also keep them in a hot pot so they stay warm and moist till it's time to eat. I've never had much success with reheating roti. Egyptian bread on the other hand I freeze and heat up as needed.

liams231: is that white atta or brown? great tutorial btw

ThriftyWitch: Thank you for sharing this recipe
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How to make Roti at Home (Indian flat bread)