How To Build Home 6x9 Speaker Box Cab

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Whiskey Richard: Video!

Simone Costi l’ installatore audio: what about a box for 6,5" speakers?

Tim Lewis: One of my Nikkai 6 x 9 speakers got a 32 litre box tuned to 48 Hz. They are a bit shrill in the upper mids without EQ due to being cheapo single cap crossovers, but the bass testing only one speaker in the car was really good and punchy on house and techno. I can't wait to make another box.

Joey Langenbahn: I'm a rookie at building this, I have two questions. How do you wire the speakers in the back, do you need an amplifier for these speakers

emaccomputer: Hey Richard...thanks for the video. Cheers from California. Back in the day; 1960's to the 1980's; Vox, Fender, Kustom, WEM used to make column type speakers; which contained (4) 10 inch speakers for their P.A. amps. Would you have any plans on how to build and wire a replica of the old Vox Column Speakers, Model LS40? The dimensions were about 48" tall, 15" wide and 11"deep. I have a classic rock band and would like to add these speakers to our equipment. Thank you, Daniel.

C Trey: hey i already have a box built up just like this alls it need is one more side to complete the whole box i actually have two of them and was wondering could i put two tens in this box if possible, i need help anyways im a roockie and then at the same time i like making crap i have stuff around the house to make crap i have a drill n jigsaw scrap wood i dnt have any speakers i need the whole nine yards really 

William Johnson: Good i like

Roger McNeil: so I see you used what we call plywood which is a couple of layers glued together but from reading...would it not sound better using mdf, because then there would be no voids in the wood

scooteroreo1: Nice car audio without the car!

thepepeaudio: you can agree 2 ports of 2.5" x 4" (tube p.v.c.) per box

waldo alex ramos benavente: i did something similar and it sound well god job greetings from chile land of earthquakes

BILLY B.: that box is a BEHEMOTH. kinda big for 6x9s, but good job

moofushu: These remind me of some speakers I saw a carpenter make out of scrap wood. He used two 6x9's and an L-port cabinet for the speakers and they sounded amazing, but looked terrible because he used plywood from a roof job he finished. Nice job.

Garth Van: COOL! this really helped me THAANNKS!

Chris Shippam: I like using wood for speaker cabinets....even pine boards...with lots of 1x2's for stiffening  and bracing...kind of like ship frames.... 

TuffThong: hahahahahahahaha, im so glad ive got a jigsaw, unlucky mate

Kanwar Puneet Singh Malhi: which speakers did you use?

richardfld: I did try experimenting with different diameter and length of ports but personally I much prefer them as a sealed box, with a port no matter the configuration it just seems to loose the clarity which is amazing and is the thing I love with these cabs/speakers. They still do produce a more than adequate amount of bass though for me.

richardfld: They sound bloody brilliant! I'm using some really, really nice infinity 6x9's but you could just as easily put a couple of nice 6" drivers in and a tweeter (with a xover, of course). I lucked out on the dimensions really :) The sound I am getting is so accurate and pure and pretty good bass response too.

Ed O: They should sound good just need to paint the box or rap in fabric
How to build home 6x9 speaker box cab 5 out of 5

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How to build home 6x9 speaker box cab