Tony Royster Jr. Drum Solo - Drumeo Edge (Solo #4 Of 4)

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Tony Royster Jr Drum Solo - Drumeo Edge (Solo #1 of 4)
Tony Royster Jr Drum Solo - Drumeo Edge (Solo #1 of 4)
Tony Royster Jr. Drum Solo - Drumeo Edge (Solo #4 of 4)
Tony Royster Jr. Drum Solo - Drumeo Edge (Solo #4 of 4)
Tony Royster Jr.
Tony Royster Jr.

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DanielRinerMusic: By far one of the coolest freaking things I have seen/heard.

Elijah W.: Check this guy out!

Angelo Lapresca: I like the footcam for the cameraman!

sh4p31y: the worst part of this video is at 5:47

Jorge Moreno: Simply beautiful, videos like this encourage me to keep learning more and more about drums every day! 

Maurice Jones: Damn

Mike Baker: Freaking awesome!

Ruben Fuentes: Tony <3

ricardo fryson: WHAT drumset is that

IAmTheMetalOne: what a wast of time watch...

elMiko Mikito: holy goddamn freak

OdgeBrown: 0:46 - 0:49 is a sexy ass way to come in to the beat. So smooth

gary bush: amazing

Sione BT: 808

Sad Akey: The opinion was childish is what they meant

coladito1: My ears just had an orgasm!!!

kamarul marul: Lawweeee :D

defdrumz: Phat!!! Wish I had a setup like that, I'd never stop drumming.

smoneill100: MASSIVE!!

John Sourlas: That's because the mode you're in while watching porn can't really appreciate the music.Happens to me too.

Steven Pope: YOU have lost your mind! Tony Royster Jr. is playing before you!

Tom Flieg: me too !!!! what kind are they ? if someone knows please let me know ;)

Tailor Sailor: he's to siick

Raul De La Garza: 2:26 holy crap

Paolo Guerini: grande tony

Jonathan Tatum: It goes around the scales the drums have the mes and the rim triggers and cymbals ether have 2 or 3 diff spots on them

1emoney1: Dope beat!

yovel22221: porn music..

Theedrumguy1000: how cool would it be if there was a band and without a keyboard player or dj and just have all the electro stuff played by the drummer

LiamSKA: All those who criticize Tony, you will not be able to play the drums better than him ... You envy him in silence ....

KingKim Fooka: yeah there was no song played. the notes came out of the drums every time he hits em

IlluminateOfficial: So I'm a bit confused.. is the kit programmed like each hit of one drum will play a certain scale until it comes back around? Or is he just hitting it in a different spot?


冠雄 陳: 哇賽~

erin s: He's probably my absolute favorite drummer.

Jamin Hübner: i think its masterful

SoundArtist: GROOVIN

Johnny Blues: Nah I thinks it's more of him having an opinion on his opinion saying it's childish. If it's boring great but really who cares. why they replied I don't know.

Javier Martínez: ¡freakING AMAZING!

dhjn4214: sick crap

Cheldon Watson: Haahahahaha laughing at all these comments

tdrum21: Where'd the song come from? Did he program it?

SEB LX: This guy is incredible!!!

Quin Bagelchips: Wow... Stunned yet again by TRJ

guitar1238751: INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Riddick: There is Check out a drummer named 'Akira Jimbo'. Hes a Japanese drummer who endorses yamaha and plays FULL songs out on the drums. If you think this is cool when you see his stuff you'll think this is nothing.

Jesse Holiday: 5:23, my kind of crap

Scott Lewis: Tony is so awesome!

Stefano Borgognoni: His drum make the 80%
Tony Royster Jr. Drum Solo - Drumeo Edge (Solo #4 of 4) 4.9 out of 5

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Tony Royster Jr. Drum Solo - Drumeo Edge (Solo #4 of 4)