Tony Royster Jr. Drum Solo - Drumeo Edge (Solo #4 Of 4)

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The 80/20 Drummer: His time = perfect

Pugar Restu Julian: suatu saat nanti di acara kawinan atau di restoran mungkin gak cuma ada organ tunggal aja tapi bisa jadi drums tunggal! :P Tony Royster Jr. Drum Solo - Drumeo Edge (Solo #4 of 4)

Jose Rodriguez: ok.. this sht is fire!!!

DanielRinerMusic: By far one of the coolest freaking things I have seen/heard.

jaleel connelly: whoa this sounds awsome good drumming :D

Jason Damico: very cool!

Jim Riley: Tony is amazing talent....I remember seeing him walk around show like PASIC and NAMM when he was like 8 or something blowing everyone way with his talents back then....he has matured in to pro of the highest level and can still amaze the same way he did when he was a kid....Congrats Bro!

Ernest Trisayogo: Roland bole juga yaa haha

Angelo Lapresca: I like the footcam for the cameraman!

sh4p31y: the worst part of this video is at 5:47

ricardo fryson: WHAT drumset is that

IAmTheMetalOne: what a wast of time watch...

Jorge Moreno: Simply beautiful, videos like this encourage me to keep learning more and more about drums every day! 

Elijah W.: Check this guy out!

Maurice Jones: Damn

elMiko Mikito: holy goddamn freak

Mike Baker: Freaking awesome!

Pedro Paulo Morais: Toca muito! Um dia eu chego lá

Sione Bouts Teumohenga: 808

Ruben Fuentes: Tony <3

OdgeBrown: 0:46 - 0:49 is a sexy ass way to come in to the beat. So smooth

gary bush: amazing

Sad Akey: The opinion was childish is what they meant

coladito1: My ears just had an orgasm!!!

kamarul marul: Lawweeee :D

defdrumz: Phat!!! Wish I had a setup like that, I'd never stop drumming.

smoneill100: MASSIVE!!

John Sourlas: That's because the mode you're in while watching porn can't really appreciate the music.Happens to me too.

Steven Pope: YOU have lost your mind! Tony Royster Jr. is playing before you!

Tom Flieg: me too !!!! what kind are they ? if someone knows please let me know ;)

Tailor Sailor: he's to siick

Raul De La Garza: 2:26 holy crap

Paolo Guerini: grande tony

Jonathan Tatum: It goes around the scales the drums have the mes and the rim triggers and cymbals ether have 2 or 3 diff spots on them

1emoney1: Dope beat!

yovel22221: porn music..

Theedrumguy1000: how cool would it be if there was a band and without a keyboard player or dj and just have all the electro stuff played by the drummer

LiamSKA: All those who criticize Tony, you will not be able to play the drums better than him ... You envy him in silence ....

KingKim Fooka: yeah there was no song played. the notes came out of the drums every time he hits em

IlluminateOfficial: So I'm a bit confused.. is the kit programmed like each hit of one drum will play a certain scale until it comes back around? Or is he just hitting it in a different spot?


陳 冠雄: 哇賽~

erin s: He's probably my absolute favorite drummer.

Jamin Hübner: i think its masterful

SoundArtist: GROOVIN

Johnny Blues: Nah I thinks it's more of him having an opinion on his opinion saying it's childish. If it's boring great but really who cares. why they replied I don't know.
Tony Royster Jr. Drum Solo - Drumeo Edge (Solo #4 of 4) 4.9 out of 5

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Tony Royster Jr. Drum Solo - Drumeo Edge (Solo #4 of 4)