Kimber Ultra Carry 2 Disassembly NO TOOLS!!!!

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Carlos Swinney: excellent tip on the spring alignment. works every time! thanks

Lonnie Hart: WOW, thanks. First time I have seen this and I am old.

Gulf Breeze: probably been fired a few thousand times

Gulf Breeze: How the fk did you get the slide stop pin out without being lined up with the notch..?

Funky Daddy: I am glad you posted this because mine didn't even come with the effing tool!  Brand new, the case it came in is 3 times too big, won't fit in my range bag... lol

Travis Hall: I'm glad you posted this because when I got mine I saw how they said to use that little paper clip that they call a tool to strip the gun.  I couldn't quite see the point and now that I watched your video and took my own gun apart and put it back together and fired it a ton with no problems I really don't see the point in that tool.  The dummy that said you'll damage your gun doing it this way is just that.  A dummy.

JackMc012552: excellent...outstanding method. Easy and without that tool.  Mine became misplaced too. Thanks!

maestro8266: Contrary to what sublime187r says this guy is NOT a dumbass and taking your gun down this way does not damage your gun.  This is similar to the H&K45c takedown.  All the tool does is keep the spring compressed.  As long as you don't have bitch hands taking your gun down like this is very easy especially after the recoil spring has been broken in.  I have used this method many times with zero issues.

sublime187r: DO NOT TAKE YOUR PISTOL APART THE WAY THIS GUY SHOWS YOU TO!! This is not the correct way and you can mess up your gun. There is a small tool that looks like an Allen wrench that comes with the gun that is used to correctly take it apart. This guy is a dumbass. Most of the other videos on here show the correct way so check them out.

k soisson: cool,The master

Stephanie Gish: Awesome video, thank you! This is the fastest I've ever cleaned my gun and made this incredibly easy :)) I lost my takedown tool and thought I was going to have to buy a new one, but this made it even easier!

MrFulenwider: Nice !!! I love Kimbers. A very elegant weapon.

nolobede: WTF !?!...10 Seconds without a tool? I've had My Kimber for a year and haven't done it in less than a minute.... if i can find the damn tool ! I'm puling the Kimber back out to do this right now!

luci734: a thousand apologies! I agree, but that's the only camera I had and the first video I made. The next one will be better!

Robert Jensen: Next time, please, PLEASE, (1) go 70% slower and (2) use clearer(such as HD) video. Any video that goes this fast and it is this grainy will only be useful to people who are already experts with handguns. The rest of us.....not so much.

Phil Atencio: Why haven't you made another video? You can't just make one! Come on...

KSTANG: Great video and sweet looking pistol

artinnevada: I just purchased a Ultra Crimson Carry II and was a bit worried, maybe apprehensive, about taking it down the first time. Read and then re-read the manual and then found this video. It worked just as advertised, no tool required just some patience re-inserting the spring assembly. I also found that if I compressed the spring just a bit it would slide in pretty easily. My Kimber is not as easy to break down as my Beretta 92FS but I think this will make a great carry firearm. Thanks for the tips.

Stolte: damn i wished I watched this video before buying NDZ tear down tool. Thank for the upload :)

rkcbva: You don't need any tools. My Ultra Carry II is a little tighter than the gun in this video but the spring assembly does wiggle out to the side of the barrel link. And, to put the spring assembly back in... just compress it before inserting. That's all there is to it... no tools required.
Kimber ultra carry 2 Disassembly NO TOOLS!!!! 5 out of 5

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Kimber ultra carry 2 Disassembly  NO TOOLS!!!!