#Minecraft Redstone (Maroon 5 Payphone Parody)

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#Minecraft Redstone (Maroon 5 Payphone Parody)
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boiardiboi123: well then congratz to you :P

gwind2000: 6 your voice is Awesome on a row?

pannkakesangen: ..

boiardiboi123: *testiclefist* pdp

Vlad Andrei: hahhaha awsome :))

club8303: Your pro at minecraft songs I am a honest subscriber

xxVENOMxx182: Amazing!

Theganstaboy500: i didnt like the video either i thought it was boring since it was all sang in just one room it could be atleast be filmed by some one else by a different veiw but i respect how much work he put in to the video so congrats and these things are just in my opinion

henkiefinger96: Take some singing lessins and your the best :)

Ali3NzGT: No need to apologise, I appreciate the feedback a lot! :)

Randomfrog2424: nah man its cool your last

pannkakesangen: ...

HerrSimonson: awesome job! The lyrics were just awesome... keep it up

shayn sath: cool song and catchy

Gbrox2: Make a compass.

KJ: I DON'T CAAAAARE!!!!! Brofist to those who undestands this XD


whosDiamxndz - #1 Black Ops Zombies and Minecraft Channel: @club8303 Wow you must have brain damage

SmileyXD13: Why u no chop some wood and make a diamond sward DAfuq???

Koen Spierings: your voice is awesome

isis dimacali: I like the lyrics but u were kinda off key at some parts sorry

Steve Tran: this guy sounds like he's having sex

themcbobgorge: Lets see you do better.

osvaldo lopez: worst show ever

xxshroudedxx: your voice is awesome

Blitz toni Brigade: OK

Bound: maybe if you werent just focusing on his damn voice and consider the sound and how it is...its actually pretty good granted some people cant sing as well as others...focus on the video and how it is...great song bro

FishizleGames: Try not to try to hard when singing, it sounds quite silly. But the many parts showed really nice singing. And the lyrics are great. Overall, nice video. Good to see some of MDN's content isnt parkour, minecraft update reviews and cinematics. LIKED

NujumKey (Kingdom Gaming): Not bad

gymnastics77: oh you know that adam lavigne is only one of the JUDGES

MrMinecraftkermit: Not bad

The Skylord: I can sing better with. Good mic.

asdfcarlosasdf: nice vid its apreciated!! keep up guys :3

TheKristinaShow: Hey, does anyone how to get your video on MINECRAFTdotNET?

ryanparslow: First derp

thepodmores: Awesome

Dannydanny780: ur voice is awsome

plmleo: I'm making a redstone related minecraft parody of call me maybe

Robert Hardeman: NOPE, fail.

HapciuGaming: afon

cupojoe789: go to the channel itll tell you

chance646: You should have tryhardninja sing this song. It would be better than all of his other songs

KaiLeoChenevert: well i liked it but not the begining...

Jolan Rensen: Nice idea but please let someone else do the singing

xxtommygun1998xx: This is terrible listen to the Redstone parody of magic

Spongehuntglop: Oh really lets hear yours. Don't talk crap about other peoples singing when your singing is worse.


Dean Winchester.: wow nice keep it up

Randomfrog2424: last

Theganstaboy500: i never said mine was good and im just saying my opinion there is no problem with that
#Minecraft Redstone (Maroon 5 Payphone Parody) 4 out of 5

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#Minecraft Redstone (Maroon 5 Payphone Parody)